How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables: Download, Install and Verify?


Are you looking for a simple way to download, install, and verify the payroll tax tables for QuickBooks? Your search is finally over; read on to start the full walkthrough for downloading, installing, and verifying QuickBooks payroll tax tables. It is strongly advised that you update the software to the most recent version, as every update includes the most up-to-date and accurate rates and calculations for the state and federal tax tables, payroll tax forms, and e-filing and e-payment options that are supported. Every time the employees are paid, it becomes necessary to update the tax table.

Overview of QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

Let’s take a quick look at what it actually means before you download, install, and verify the QuickBooks payroll tax tables. The payroll tax table is essentially a chart with various columns that helps you identify appropriate taxes to suspend from an employee’s paycheck. The important thing to remember is that withholding taxes are typically influenced by a wide range of variables, including the worker’s income, marital status, and payment schedule, among others. There are a number of additional details regarding the payroll tax table, which we will go over later in this article.

Before Updating the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table, Keep These Things in Mind

You must abide by the following requirements before we can update the QuickBooks payroll tax tables:

  • If you intend to update the tax table, you must have an active payroll subscription. Also make sure you have the most recent QuickBooks release.
  • The payroll tax table should be updated with an active internet connection.
  • It is advised that you download the tax table no later than 45 days from now, or that you update it each time an employee is paid.
  • Additionally, if you want to automatically receive the payroll tax table updates as soon as they become available, you must enable the automatic updates feature in QuickBooks desktop.

What New Data is Displayed by Payroll Update?(June 23, 2022)

Updated Tax Tables

This tax table introduces a new tax tracking type to track employers’ paid leave obligations under the terms of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

Updated Forms

There are no updated forms as a result of this payroll update.

  • Federal: The IRS has updated Forms 941, 941 for Reporting Agents, and 941X to theVersion from June 2022.
  • Minnesota: The Report to Complete UC Quarterly Tax Return Form UI QTD Report has been updated to the present iteration.
  • Nebraska: The most recent edition of Form UI 11T, the Combined Tax Report, has been released.

E-filing and Pay Update

This payroll update does not include any e-file or pay changes.

Nebraska: The Unemployment Wage Report and Automatic E-file for Nebraska State Unemployment Insurance have been discontinued. Using the newly added “Create State E-file” procedure is recommended for businesses as of May 2022’s Tax Table Update 22211.

It should be noted that, if auto-update is not enabled, you must close and reopen QuickBooks after downloading the tax table updates in order to finish the installation.

How to Check the Payroll Update for the Current Period

The following actions must be taken in order to check your most recent payroll update:

  • Select the Get payroll updates option after selecting the Employee’s tab.
  • Verify the number next to the version of the tax table you are using.
  • Observe the Most recent payroll news and updates to determine whether the version is accurate or not.
  • To learn more about the tax table version, you can also select Payroll update info.

Using QuickBooks Desktop to Download the Most Recent Tax Table

Follow the instructions below to update your QuickBooks desktop with the most recent tax table:

  • First, you must go to the Employees menu.
  • Then select the Get payroll updates menu item.
  • Select the checkbox for Download the entire update.
  • Select the Download most recent update link.
  • Once the download is finished, a window will appear to let you know that it has succeeded.

You Must Activate Automatic Updates in QuickBooks Desktop in Order for the Payroll Tax Table to be Updated Automatically.

Information about the most recent payroll tax table version and how toconfirm its existence. It should be noted that the payroll version in use right now is:

11630003(QuickBooks desktop 2022), released on June 14, 2022, will go into effect on July 1 and remain in effect through December 31, 2022.

Follow the steps below to verify the version being used:

  • Choose the My Payroll option for this in QuickBooks’ Employees menu. Select the Tax table information after that.
  • The first three numbers under “You are using Tax Table Version” will now reflect the Tax Table Version and should read “11230003.” It’s possible that you already have this version if you updated the product earlier this year. It is advised to update the product in order to implement bug fixes and other pertinent improvements.

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    Download the Most Recent Tax Table From a CD

    You should take the actions listed below if you use the disk delivery service. If you have already configured the service keys, you can move on to the next step.

    Step 1: Type the Service and Disk Delivery Keys in the Box.

    You can use the automated service and disk delivery key tool if you don’t have the service key. Additionally, you can log in using your Intuit account login. The procedures applied in the following steps:

    • Visit the Employees menu in the inception.
    • Decide on the Payroll tab.
    • Enter the payroll service key as well.
    • On the screen asking you to sign up for QuickBooks service, select the Add option.
    • Select Next and enter the Service key.
    • The desk delivery key must be entered before pressing the next button.

    Step 2: Install the Updates From Your CD.

    A confirmation message will appear on the screen following the installation of the new tax table:

    • Place the payroll update CD first into the CD drive.
    • Navigate to the Staff menu.
    • Pick the Get payroll updates option.
    • Select Install update from disk, then click Install to finish.

    How do Automatic Updates Work?

    When it comes to QuickBooks’ automatic updates, the program itself downloads payroll updates whenever you are connected to the internet. It should be noted that this information is general in nature and is not meant to serve as legal or tax advice.

    After Updating the Tax Tables, Correcting Errors with the Payroll Update

    It is important to keep an eye on the following indicators if the TD1 amounts have not updated despite the installation of the most recent tax table update:

    • Check whether it says “ON” or “After the tax table effective date? Consider an easy example to make the point clear. If you downloaded the tax table on June 14, 2022, you won’t see the updated amounts until the tax table goes into effect on July 1, 2022.
    • In order for the TD1 amounts to update after the effective date, which is July 1, 2022, after the product has been downloaded with the new tax tables, you will need to start a payroll or open and close QuickBooks desktop.
    • The new tax table will not replace any manual adjustments made to the TD1 amounts made after setting up the employees or at any previous time. Moving forward, you will have to manually update the TD1 amounts.
    • Additionally, see if any of the employees have their TDI setup above the minimum amounts. Only the basic amounts for the previous tax tables’ TD1 amounts are automatically updated by the QuickBooks software.

    Check if the Downloaded Tax Tables Update was Installed.

    • After updating the tax table, you might need to make sure Download QuickBooks 2022 desktop has downloaded and installed the update. After a successful download, you might not need to install the tax table update because QuickBooks desktop typically installs the update. Follow the instructions below to see if the tax table update was downloaded and installed correctly.
    • Click the link to go to the Payroll Support window where you can find the most recent update to the tax tables that are available. When viewing the Intuit QuickBooks payroll news and updates pane, scroll down to the summary for the most recent payroll update.
    • Go to QuickBooks’ Employees > Get Payroll Updates section and then check the version with the tax table.
    • You can see the version in the Get Payroll Updates window’s very first line, which reads, “You are using tax table version: ####.” Additionally, click Payroll and then click Payroll update info to view the changes and summary information.


    You can see the version in the Get Payroll Updates window’s very first line, which reads, “You are using tax table version:” Additionally, click Payroll and then click Payroll update info to view the changes and summary information.


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