You may get Sage 100 Printer Not Activated error code 30 on your screen when you try to print a PDF file or other documents. Outdated versions of Sage software or missing drivers can be the major causes of this error. It is important to fix this error as it will keep interrupting your printing process. If you have no idea how to fix this, you can use our guide to help you.

Have You Seen the Following Error Messages?

The error messages are typically one of the following:

  • Error Code -41
  • Error Code -30
  • Unable to process the lock file
  • Printer not activated

The driver used for the paperless functionality, AMYUNI, is frequently replaced or modified by a Windows update, either to an incompatible version or to remove some important registry folders that can cause this error.

Reinstalling the paperless driver on the impacted computer is the quickest way to fix paperless errors (s).

You must be logged into Windows as a user who belongs to the local Windows administrator group on the computer you are reinstalling in order to be able to reinstall the paperless driver.

What Causes the Sage 100 Software error code 30 “Printer Not Activated”?

The main cause of Error: “-30 printer not activated” is due to a corrupted printer driver updates from Microsoft (Windows).

The Sage 100 software’s printer not activated error code 30 can occur for a number of different reasons. Here, we provide the best possible list of the factors that lead to these interruptions:

  • The Amyuni driver has not been upgraded.
  • Something must be wrong with the Sage PDF converter.
  • The printer’s settings are incorrect.
  • The printer driver you are utilizing is incompatible.
  • User Account Control is activated.
  • There may be some issues with the PDF converter.
  • Sage 100 error code 30—printer not activated—can also be brought on by a damaged email writer.
  • Your PDF converter’s drivers are out of date.

You might not be able to create PDF files for printing due to these above mentioned reasons.

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    Error Code 30: Sage 100 Printer Not Activated on Windows 10

    Sage 100 PDF converters should be reinstalled if you are having trouble printing using Sage print converter. Giving it full control access also allows you to update the printing drivers and modify the Windows Registry permissions.The necessary DLL files can be double-checked to eliminate printing glitches. If nothing else works, you can perform a Windows system restore to get rid of Windows 10’s Sage 100 printer not activated error code 30.

    Solution 1: Reinstalling Sage 100 PDF Converter

    The PDF converter may produce errors because of outdated drivers. Error code 30: Sage 100 printer not activated can be fixed by reinstalling the Paperless Office Advanced Options PDF converter. Let’s look at the procedures to carry out the reinstallation:

    • Open the “Sage” program in administrator mode.
    • Then select “File” from the menu.
    • Choosing the “Run” button.
    • Enter the “PL AdvanceOptions UI” option at this point.
    • Press the “OK” button after that.
    • Select the default date by pressing “OK” once more.
    • Once finished, select “Install Converter.”
    • The “Paperless Office Advanced Options” screen can then be closed.

    Try printing your documents after you’ve finished the above steps. We have additional solutions if you continue to run into problems.

    Solution 2: Update the Drivers of the Printers

    You might also experience Sage 100 printer not activated error code 30 on Windows 10 if your printing software is damaged or outdated. You can check for new driver updates and update them to solve this issue. For the same, you can take these steps:

    • Open “Device and Printers” on your Windows computer.
    • Next, choose “Sage PDF Converter.”
    • Click the “Printer” option after that.
    • Choosing the “Properties” tab
    • Tap the “Advanced” tab.
    • The “Amyuni Document Converter” option is available here.
    • Choose “Check for Update” and then click.

    You can wait while your Windows system looks for the new updates for your PDF converter. Install any available updates as soon as possible on your computer. You can try printing the file to see if the issue has been fixed after Sage PDF Converter has been properly updated.

    Solution 3: Set Windows Registry Permissions

    You might be unable to carry out specific actions in the Sage 100 software if your Windows registry permissions are incorrect. On a Windows computer, the issues with the Sage printer can be resolved by changing the permission in the registry. Take a look at these actions:

    • Choose “Start” from the Windows menu.
    • Next, select “Run” from the menu.
    • Choose “Regedit” from the menu.
    • Find the “HKEY CURRENT CONFIGSoftware” registry key.
    • On the “Software” key, click right.
    • Once finished, choose “Permissions”.
    • Select “Full Control for Users” from the list of options.
    • Press the “Apply” key.

    We advise you to reinstall the PDF converter using PL AdvancedOptions UI on your computer once you have set the proper permission for Windows Registry. You can proceed by doing the following for this:

    • Start the “Sage” program.
    • Then select “File” from the menu.
    • Click the “Run” button after that.
    • Select “OK” from the menu.
    • Choose “Install Converter” from the menu.

    You can start printing your documents as soon as you restore your Windows system and install the PDF converter once more using PL AdvancedOptions UI. If you are still having issues, try the following strategy.

    Solution 4: Check the DLL Files

    Always verify that the valid DLL files are correctly installed on the workstation and server if you experience Sage 100 printer not activated error code 30 on Windows 10. The following DLL files are listed below, and you should check them:

    • On your server, the “..MAS90Home” directory should contain the CDINTF.dll file.
    • On the workstations, the CDINTF300.dll file must be present in the “C:WindowsSystem32” directory. This is for 32-bit Windows. The “CDINTF300.dll file” for 64-bit should be located in the “C:WindowsSysWoW32” directory.
    • The CDINTF300.DLL is a copy of the CDINTF.dll file, so take note of that. 300 here denotes the workstation. Both 32-bit and 64-bit have sizes of 3436 KB and 3744 KB, respectively.

    You can carry out the Following Actions to Register the DLL Files on Your Server and Workstations:

    • Select “Open with” after clicking the file.
    • After that, begin looking through the “..WindowsSystem32Regsvr32.exe” file.

    You can quickly check the DLL files in the directory and register the files as necessary by following these steps. This will enable uninterrupted use of the PDF converter.

    Solution 5: Restore the Windows system

    In some circumstances, Windows operating systems can be problematic. If the printer not activated error code 30 in the Sage 100 software still bothers you after using the best solutions, you should restore your system to fix it. The steps to manually restore the system are as follows:

    • Restart your Windows computer first.
    • You can start the “System Tools” option after the system has restarted.
    • Next, choose “System Restore” from the menu.
    • Select “Restore My Computer to the Earlier State” when a new screen appears.
    • Go to the subsequent tab and check the restore point there. Depending on your needs, you can choose the restore points here.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How can a printer error be fixed?

    1. Here are the steps –
    2. Ensure you have the correct printer
    3. Install the drivers and software
    4. Add printer
    5. Check that paper is installed (not jammed)
    6. Clear the printer queue
    7. Secure the connection
    8. Check your printer’s error lights
    9. Play with the cartridges for the ink

    How do I resolve Error 41: Printer not activated?

    A hardware component that was removed after the driver was loaded or a problem with the device driver itself are the two main causes of error 41. You can choose to use method 1 or method 2. Method 1: I advise you to remove the printer drivers from your computer and then manually reinstall them from the manufacturer’s website.

    How to Install and Configure Sage PDF Converter:

    1. On Windows, select Start.
    2. Enter UAC and hit Enter in the search text box.
    3. Slider: Set the value to Never on the left-hand side of the screen.
    4. Restart the computer (required)
    5. Right-click the Sage 100 PDF Converter or the new Sage PDF Converter from the Printers and Devices menu.

    In Sage 100, how do I set up a printer?

    Click Printers under Settings on the Start menu. Click the Add Printers icon twice. The Add Printer Wizard’s instructions should be followed. Note: For more details on installing printers, consult the documentation for your operating system.

    How can I modify my quick print preferences?

    1. Select Tools, then User Preferences, from the application’s level menu. A screen for user preferences appears.
    2. Click Printing in the link bar. The form for printing appears.
    3. Fill in the fields as necessary to configure printing in the manner you desire. The table that follows gives descriptions of a few fields. Field.


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