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QBPOS 2021 Software

The latest solution by Intuit for retail businesses, QuickBooks Point of Sale 2021 system guarantees both efficiency and effectiveness for managing multichannel inventory, receiving contactless payments, and integrating with ecommerce, simplifying your tasks and boosting your return on investment. As evident, the new version comes packed with new features that focus on increasing the users productivity by simplifying tasks.

You’ll learn more about QuickBooks 2021 Point of Sale system and how its better option for retail store business . Meanwhile if you have business specific POS requirements, feel free to connect QuickBooks POS Support team anytime .

If you have been using QuickBooks Point of Sale, you can download the latest updates by clicking the link below. If you are needing a little assistance with your point of sale program, contact us for free and be connected to our Proadvisor.

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QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0 DownloadQuickBooks Point of Sale 11.0 DownloadQuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0 Download
QuickBooks Point of Sale 18.0 DownloadQuickBooks Point of Sale 19.0 Download

How to QuickBooks Point of Sale Download 12.0 and 18.0 and 19.0

To get a quickbooks Point of Sale download system, you need to follow these steps.

  • Firstly, go to this link downloads.quickbooks.com/app/qbdt/products
  • Choose any one Multi-user mode (Yes, No, or Not Sure)
  • Select QuickBooks Point of Sale, then choose QB POS Edition and Version
  • Click on the Download button.
  • The .EXE file will get downloaded on your system.
  • Find the file and you double-click on it.
  • Here is a pop-up for extracting the program on your system.
  • Make it easy for the program to create a shortcut for easy access. Once that’s done, Quickbooks POS 9.0 will finally be ready to be used.

Features And Review QuickBooks POS 2021 Edition

Both feature rich and efficient, the new POS system has a lot to offer. Below, you’ll find some of the best features included in QuickBooks POS 2021.

What’s New Features Added In QuickBooks POS V21 Version

  • Integrated Solution : As an all in one solution for retailers, the POS system offers a wealth of features directly through the dashboard. Although the features differ according to the version of the software, you still have all the basic features required for managing day to day tasks. With a better version of the software, you can access features such as auto-generation of PO (purchase orders,) associate pictures for individual inventory items, and sales & commission management.
  • Payment Processing : For any retail business, processing payments, including receiving and refunding, is of prime importance. Luckily, the QuickBooks POS system can be integrated with a credit/debit card processing unit to quickly complete a transaction. As with everything else, Intuit ensures complete security of payment processing. The same level of encryption is used as by major banks. Along with EMV, multiple other payment processing options are available to the users.
  • Inventory Management : Staying on top of inventory can be arduous, but QuickBooks 2021 POS system has a solution for this. Firstly, you need to record each item type including its quantity and price. After that, QuickBooks POS 2021 will keep track of the inventory automatically. Simply use a barcode scanner to enter an item and the POS system to record a sale.
  • Integration with QuickBooks Desktop : All the transaction details including quantity and product rate is automatically synced with the QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. The two software work complementarity for retailers. Once the data is synced, you can use it to create reports, which offer detailed analysis along with key insights.
  • Customer Management : Reward programs are lately in vogue and enable you to create a long term relationship with your customers. By creating a reward based program, you can offer discounts to your most loyal customers. This also provides you with a steady flow of business.

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System Requirements for QuickBooks 2021 Point of Sale

Hardware And Software requirements for QuickBooks POS 2021 are provided below:

  • Processor Requirements
    • Single-user: Speed of 2GHz or above
    • Multi-user: Speed of 2.8Ghz or above.
  • More than 4GB RAM
  • Disk Space of more than 1GB + Additional Space for storing the data files.
  • Windows 8 or above
  • Screen Resolution optimized for 1280 x 768 or higher.

Further if you want to integrate the POS software with other programs, then the following requirements must be met:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 or above or Microsoft Office 365
  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier above 2016
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 16 or above.

Also, you may need to install other utility software including Adobe Acrobat Reader for additional functionality.

According to business requirements user can go for QuickBooks 2021 U.S. Edition Download if you are looking for Canadian Edition check out Download Link QuickBooks 2021 Canada Edition.

Download QuickBooks POS 2021

You can download the setup for QuickBooks POS 2021 for free; however, to activate the software, you need to purchase a license for the software. Without this license, you won’t be able to activate the product, which will disable automatically after the trial period expires.

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    To download QuickBooks 2021 Point of Sale, follow the steps provided below:

    1. Go to the Download & Updates
    2. Select your Country. For instance, you can select the United States (US), if you want to download the version for that country.
    3. From the provided options, select QuickBooks Point of Sale.
    4. Select the Edition of the software and click on Search.
    5. Confirm the version of QuickBooks and select Download.

    Wait for the download to finish. Once the download is complete, follow the methods provided below to install QuickBooks 2021 POS. After you install the software, you can install the hardware. IIf the user doesn’t have permission to drive or location then the user can’t proceed to install the process and will receive a QuickBooks Error.

    Install QuickBooks POS 2021

    After you’ve downloaded the setup for the software, it’s time to start the Installation Process QuickBooks 2021 Desktop . Follow the steps provided below for the same:

    1. Launch the QuickBooks POS 2021 setup downloaded in the method mentioned above.
    2. For any prompt during the extraction process, select Yes to All.
    3. Click on Next and the installation wizard will launch.
    4. Agree to the license agreement and select Next.
    5. Enter the product and license numbers, which are required for activating the product. Hit next.
    6. Select one of the installation types:
      1. Only this computer (for single-user mode)
      2. Two or more computers (for multi-user mode). Also, select between:
        1. Server workstation
        2. Client workstation
      3. Click on Install.
      4. Once the installation is finished, click on Finish.

    If you enter the product and license key, the POS software will be automatically activated. However, if you installed a trial version, then you’ll have to enter the license and product numbers to activate the product. Make sure that you activate POS software before the trial period expires.

    If you select to install the software on two or more computers, then you’ll have the following two options:

    • Server workstation: This is where you save your data file. Workstations connect with the server to retrieve data.
    • Client workstation: the workstation is connected to the cash register and retrieves data from the server computer.

    MyOnePro complete instruction and step by step process How To Setup QBPOS Windows 10 .

    QuickBooks 2021 Point of Sale Hardware Setup

    After installing the software on your desktop, you need to install the hardware. To install the hardware, follow the steps provided below:

    1. Launch QuickBooks Point of Sale.
    2. Go to the File
    3. Select Hardware Setup Wizard.
    4. Select the Type of Hardware that you want to install.
    5. Click on Next.
    6. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

    In some cases, users have reported encountering errors. In such cases, you need to reinstall the drivers. For particular POS hardware products, you need to visit the website of the product provider for additional steps related to completing the installation.

    To know more, you can get in touch with MyOnePro team at QuickBooks Support Toll Free Number .

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Will I get the hardware alongside the software ?

      No. You need to purchase the hardware separately. Also, each hardware must be properly installed before it can be used with QuickBooks POS system.

    2. Encountered errors while installing the software. What should I do ?

      Ensure that you’ve installed all the dependencies before initiating the installation process. Dependencies for QuickBooks POS software include the .NET Framework and other such software, which are available for free through Microsoft’s website. Also you can use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool for troubleshooting .NET issue and problem.


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