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The point of sale is an important element for the development of retail business. It is a system through which clients do payments for the product and company can accept those payments and also record them. POS serves as a central hub for business development operations including inventory management, sales tracking, and more. It helps to monitor customer’s requirements and status which in turn results in relationship improvement. This article will help to provide you with complete guidance of QuickBooks Point of Sale with Windows 10, POS issues, and their quick fix. Looking to move POS system to Windows Upgraded version consult with experts QuickBooks Support Number to avoid any issue .

Point of Sale Software Intuit QuickBooks

POS acts hardware or software designed for transaction management. It includes transaction records, credit, and debit card processing. It is most appropriate for a small business organization like shoe stores, sporting stores, clothes stores, and stationery shop. POS delivers customer management software, tools, planning, tablet support POS, Cloud-dependent, on-premise deployment, returning process, inventory management, and more.

MyOnePro posted earlier about QuickBooks Setup On Windows 10 which gives all compatibility issue related question answer .Also know why QuickBooks Won’t Open After Window 10 Update with troubleshooting process .

Significance of POS in a Small Organization:

The POS system permits customers to do transactions and streamlines all daily business processes. This software can manage the transaction logs, records product IDs, and customers  balance calculation. Organization use POS systems to monitor the status of their sold items, deductions, and more. This POS is applicable in hospitality or Retail Company which require immediate delivery of their products and goods.

Type of POS:

Some physical components linked with the POS system are cash drawer, credit card reader, bar code scanner, or tablet, and more. These physical elements vary with the purchased POS. This system usually comes in two categories i.e. On-premise and Cloud-dependent.

  • On-premise POS: You need to purchase its license to install it on your system
  • Cloud-dependent POS: This software you can access through the internet. Each internet-enabled system permits cloud-based POS access.

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How To Choose Right POS For Retail Shop

The thing needs to consider to select Point of Sale for QuickBooks:

The POS system is an effective tool to cover business-specific requirements. It can be more challenging to characterize the specific need from POS software.

 Follow the Few Things:

  • Verify the POS integration with accounting software, if you have any existing software to ensure that POS sync is completed properly or not.
  • Now check the payment mode. Consider payment method which helps your business development
  • Verify POS is user-friendly; check the features for this you can sign up for free trial, read reviews, watch tutorial videos, and more.
  • Check POS contains great customer support; verify the level of a support team, you can read reviews to inquire about it.
  • Verify the cost of POS; decide your budget and accordingly verify it, there might be different price range according to the system
  • Determine whether you require on-site or cloud-based POS .if you need more data security then go for a cloud service provider
  • Check the POC scalability, if you require POS for long-term then the system must permit the addition of features and capabilities

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    Running QuickBooks POS On Windows 10

    For Window 10:

    • At least 4 GB RAM
    • 1 GB minimum disk space
    • Display required: Optimized for minimum 1280×768 screen resolution
    • Single user: Minimum 2.0 GHz processor (2.8 GHz recommended).
    • Multiple users: Minimum 2.8 GHz processor (3.5 GHz recommended). Multi-core processor and 8 GB RAM for better performance
    • 4X DVD ROM drive needed for DVD installations

    For data importing and exporting & Microsoft office:

    Microsoft office 2010-2016 or Office 365

    QuickBooks Version:

    • Enterprise Solutions Versions 17.0, 18.0, 19.0 and 20.0
    • Intuit QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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    Issues & Error Running QB POS on Windows 10

    Windows 10 comes with improved features and various enhancements. When POS software is installed in window 10, you might get some following issues:

    • Company file loop problem
    • Not supported hardware drivers
    • Improper configuration of Firewall settings

    How to Resolve QuickBooks POS Errors That Arise While Using Windows 10?

    When you have installed windows 10 operating system in your system, then you might need to perform some settings for the appropriate installation and functioning of the Point of Sale hardware or software. If you are upgrading your Operating system to Windows 10, don’t forget to take a backup of Point of Sale company file before installation.

    You can save the file into an external drive like a hard drive or USB flash drive. Through Backup you can protect the company file from the future issues that might encounter while upgrading Windows 10.

    Below-mentioned is the list of the solution of the QuickBooks Errors that take place after installing Windows 10:

    Solution 1- Hardware drivers not supporting:

    Windows can consequently refresh and download device drivers. The upgrade of Windows 10 may need supporting drivers to be manually downloaded for below-mentioned hardware devices to work effectively:

    • Metrologic SP 5500
    • Star TSP 100
    • Zebra LP2824 Tag Printer

    Window 10 automatically detects the default driver and installs it like Bar Code Scanner, PinPad, Cash Drawer and more

    Steps to install compatible hardware drivers for POS:

    • Install POS
    • Locate File option and then choose Hardware Setup Wizard
    • Choose the hardware type and then hit on Next
    • Follow the instruction appearing on the screen and perform setup and testing accordingly
    • Reinstall the driver:
    • Navigate C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0\Drivers.
    • Search for the driver folder you need to install
    • Execute the .exe file associated with driver
    • Follow the instruction and accordingly reinstall them

    Read This: Download QuickBooks POS

    Solution 2- Improper Configuration of Firewall Settings:

    Sometimes there might be issues caused through the firewall. When you upgrade Windows 10 then firewall creates connectivity problems, it usually blocks the interaction between company data and workstations. Then, you require a firewall configuration to fix this error.

    To Resolve to Follow the Steps:

    • Navigate Control Panel
    • Locate and set the view as Small Icons, then choose Windows Firewall
    • Choose Advanced Settings and then select Inbound
    • Hit on New Rule
    • Click on Port and then hit on Next
    • Write the port numbers and then hit on Next
    • Choose Allow Connection and then Select Next
    • Write firewall rule and then choose Finish
    • Make a new OutBound rule
    • If you still face the error then you need to fix the multi-user errors

    Solution 3- Solving Company file loop issue:

    This problem is due to the service named Intuit Entitlement Service being blocked through the operating system. In this POS Company operations, display loops and clients are failed to log in their company files. Intuit entitlement service need to allow the POS software to access data file but due to windows update, this service unable to execute.

    How to Access data file in Point of Sale software in QuickBooks:
    • Firstly you need to close POS software
    • Open Run Box through pressing Windows + R buttons from the keyboard
    • Enter services.msc and hit on the enter button
    • Choose the Intuit Entitlement Service v8
    • Perform a right-click on it and choose properties from the listed menu
    • Locate properties window, search for drop-down named Startup type and then choose Automatic
    • Execute the service, if it is not prepared then go to start button
    • Hit on Ok option to close the properties window
    • Now click on X located in upper right corner to close Services Window and then reopen POC program.

    Stop Waiting for Microsoft to Integrate QuickBooks Point of Sale with Windows 10

    After you upgrade to Windows 10 in order to easily integrate QuickBooks Point of Sale with Windows 10, you might have to make some changes around Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. QuickBooks 2015 and 2016 can run on both Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and 3.5, with the exceptions of a few features that might require installing Microsoft Framework 3.5 to work without problems. To use these features, follow the instructions below to Integrate QuickBooks Point of Sale with Windows 10.

    Step 1: Turn it on the Microsoft .NET Framework

    • Get to the Menu on your Windows 10 PC.
    • Turn Off or On Type features in Windows.
    • You will see an option to turn Windows features on or off, click on that.
    • Now your computer will get an option for .NET Framework 3.5. Make sure you select the correct option.
    • If not enabled, click on the white checkbox and then click on OK.
    • Then reboot your PC.

    Step 2: Configure the Internet Explorer browser on Windows 10

    Remember that there is a default user default browser, which is Microsoft Edge. Follow the instructions on how to configure the default user’s browser in the settings tab in order to open the Internet homepage.

    • On your Windows 10 PC, access the Start Menu.
    • Type Default Browser.
    • On your start menu located at the bottom left corner of your screen, click on the link offering a default web browser
    • You will see the Settings window, click on the Default app.
    • Now find the Web browser on the eighth side of the screen.
    • Then click on the icon.
    • You will be able to choose an app and make it your default browser.
    • Click on OK.

    Support QuickBooks POS Installation on Windows 10 Machine

    Expectantly, MyOnePro explained about QuickBooks Point of Sale with Windows 10 and the errors associated with window 10 update. If you face any difficulty in implementing the above instructions and need further information to operate If you fail to call and need other sources of connection don’t worry you can do a live chat with a professional team or send an email to MyOnePro with your question. The QuickBooks USA Support will serve you without any delay.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is Windows 10 compatible with QuickBooks?

      QuickBooks is compatible with Windows 10. There’s an Intuit FAQ that has details of what you need to make sure your Windows 10 app will work properly for you.

    2. Which Windows 10 version works best for QuickBooks Desktop?

      Windows 10 version 1809 (latest):
      Version 1809 is the latest version of Win 10 that is guaranteed to work perfectly with the newest releases of QuickBooks Desktop 2021 and QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

    3. How do I install QuickBooks on Windows 10?

      Download QuickBooks. Open the file and follow onscreen instructions . Select Next when you accept the software license agreement.


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