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How to Create a Portable File in QuickBooks

QuickBooks business management software is an effective tool for to manage accounting and financial tasks of the business. The application use QuickBooks portable company file (QBM) to save the company financial information. It accords an efficient copy of the crucial financial data of your company. It helps in sending the company financial data by email or portable media like a flash drive. Just like a QuickBooks backup file (QBB) or a QuickBooks Company file (QBW), it does not comprise of letters, logos, images, and templates. It does not include a transaction log (.tlg file) that can be used to restore all the transaction data. The customer support is available in case required. User can check full list of QuickBooks File Extension for more information .

QuickBooks portable company file Create /restore
QuickBooks portable company file Create /restore

Portable company files are more condensed and compact when compared to backup files. This helps in easy email as attachments or copied onto another computer. But they do not involve everything that backup files do. They do not involve letters, logos, attachments, images and templates. You need to be sure to create a current backup before you begin to move your file.

How to save a QB Portable Company File?

❍ Click on File
❍ Create Copy (you can do this to copy any kind of file, actually).
❍ Select Portable company file
❍ Click the Next button. In the following window, you’ll browse to a location for your file.
❍ QuickBooks will already have entered the name and will save your data in .qbm format.
❍ Click Save -> Click OK when QuickBooks tells you it must close and reopen your file first.
❍ Click OK again when you’re told that the file has been created.

Open In Different Location

❒ Once you are all set to open the file at another location
❒ Click File -> Open or Restore Company
❒ In the open window that opens
❒ Select Restore a portable file
❒ The Open Portable Company File window opens
❒ Ensure the location of the file is displayed in the Look in: field -> Click Open
❒ QuickBooks prompts to restore the file.

❒ Rename your file unless you want to overwrite your current company file.
❒ You can add a date or some other identifying information like a version number.
❒ Click Save.
❒ QuickBooks will convert your portable file to a standard company file with a .qbw extension.
❒ QuickBooks makes it easy to create copies of your data, but an error here can threaten your company’s future.

How to create a Portable QuickBooks File?

❐ Open QuickBooks application
❐ Go to File -> Select File -> Create Copy.
❐ Select Portable company file (QBM) -> click Next.
❐ Click the Save -> select Desktop.
❐ Click Save -> OK two times.

How to Restore a Portable QuickBooks File?

❏ Open QuickBooks program
❏ Go to File -> Open or Restore Company
❏ Select Restore a portable file and click Next.
❏ Select the portable file and click Open.
❏ Click Next.
❏ Select the location where you want to save the restored file.
❏ Click Save.

Technical Help Support for QB Portable File Problems

For further assistance and support you can immediately approach QuickBooks support. The support executive can be approached through phone support, email or live chat. They are 24*7 active to according solutions.
User can resolve following Issue

  • QuickBooks Portable File Won’t Open
  • QuickBooks Portable File Failed
  • QuickBooks Portable File Not Valid
  • QuickBooks Portable File Too Large Email
  • QuickBooks Unable To Create Portable File
  • Cannot Restore QuickBooks Portable File
  • You May Not Have Sufficient Permissions To Create A Portable Company File From This Computer
  • Unable To Open QuickBooks Portable File

Otherwise, you can connect with other QuickBooks consulting agencies like MyOnePro that employs experienced and capable QuickBooks professionals who accord prompt resolutions to QuickBooks errors and QuickBooks. They assure quick resolution of the errors. Call to the toll free phone support number +1-516-494-3146 and garner immediate solutions.


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