QuickBooks POS Error 175305

QuickBooks Desktop Point Of Sale Error Code 175305

With QuickBooks POS, each and every function that you carry out in your organization becomes simple and easy. However, when you use software, you must be prepared for the good it offers along with the side-effects. The same is applicable for QuickBooks POS. As a user, you come across a lot of technical issues while working on the software. One such error is the POS Store Exchange Error 175305 QuickBooks.

The error is normally encountered when users work on QB POS version 10. For more details on the error and the effects, you can contact QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number and MyOnePro experts and they will help you be aware of the different aspects of the issue.

QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error Code 175305
QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error Code 175305

Causes & Reason Behind 175305 Error QB POS

The causes include:

  • Processing error, which is displayed in theSending Files dialog
  • The interference of the Windows Firewall with the process of Store Exchange
  • You’re not signed in as Administrator
  • QBT file damaged/corrupt
  • Compatibility problems
  • You may be trying to send mailbags (term to refer data sent between stores) from different headquarters

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The reason can be any but the side-effect affects the overall functioning of the organization by impacting the working of the software.

How To Fix Error 175305 QB Point Of Sale ?

Solution 1: Identify the error and change the settings accordingly
Step 1: Check for error messages

  1. On the error dialog box, click OK
  2. Select View Log
  3. Identify the errors listed
  4. Go to the next step

Step 2: Reset Multi-Store Store Exchange settings

  1. Open QB POS
  2. Go to Edit. For version 10, choose Filemenu in this step
  3. Click Preferences
  4. Choose Workstation. For version 10, select Companyin this step
  5. Choose Store Exchange preference
  6. Ensure the email configuration and communication method settings are correctly done
  7. Choose Configure
  8. Type the License number
  9. Highlight the number and press Deleteon your keyboard
  10. Click OK
  11. Click Save
  12. Go to Edit. For version 10, choose Filemenu in this step
  13. Click Preferences
  14. Choose Workstation. For version 10, select Companyin this step
  15. Choose Store Exchange preference
  16. Choose Configure
  17. Re-enter Licensenumber
  18. Click OK
  19. Now Save

Solution 2: Set the Communication Method configuration

  1. Go to Filemenu
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Click Company
  4. Choose Multi-store
  5. Choose Store Exchange
  6. Note down the current preferences
  7. For each option, you get Not Usedoption
  8. Click it and Save
  9. Now open Company Preferences
  10. Input the original company preference settings
  11. Click Save
  12. Try store exchange

Solution 3: Delete .QBT file
For Headquarter Store

  1. Browse to the file location – C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale x.x\Stexon the server
  2. Delete .QBT file
  3. Begin with next cycle of store exchange i.e. sending mailbags

For Remote Store

  1. Search for all .QBT files in the system
  2. Press Windows + E
  3. In the Windows Explorer search box, type Windows + F
  4. Enter *.QBTin the search bar
  5. Press Enter
  6. Delete all .QBTfiles
  7. Perform another store exchange cycle

Technical Support Error 175305 Troubleshooting On QuickBooks POS V18, V13, V12

In case, you face any difficulty in following the above-mentioned steps, you can connect with QuickBooks Support Number and get assisted by MyOnePro QuickBooks experts +1-516-494-3146 .


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