QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit 2019

QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit 2019 has been at the top of the market for so long and with a reason. It continues to improve with innovative industry-specific application meant for catering to specific domains.
The accounting needs is a bit different for every niche entity and QuickBooks gives due consideration to these factors in its programs. It keeps updating the software every year according to the changing needs. The non-profit version of QB Premier uses industry-specific terminology in features and reporting; and also includes tools catering to specific and unique needs of the non-profit organizations. Check out QuickBooks 2019 Cost for Upgrade before to find out full details of pricing .

An Overview of QB 2019 for Non-Profits

It’s a full package that includes class tracking, budgets by class or donor, integrates accounts receivable and payable as well in the software. The software also includes nifty features like custom letters for acknowledging donations and fundraising.

  • Includes All Accounting Features Requested By Non-profit Organizations

It includes all the features necessary to thoroughly account for revenue & expenses of a non-profit organization besides integrating the regular General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Payroll application.Also find out how can a user get QuickBooks 2019 Nonprofit With payroll subscription.

  • Includes Donor Records

Keeps track of donor’s information based on the amount donated and the date of contribution. Helps to save the administration time in processing donations, generates giving letters via donation letter management.

  • Fund Tracking Reports

Run donor contribution reports, produces summary reports and track individual donations contributing to the total donations pool.

  • Helps track fund in various class categories

Create end-of-year donation statements, see who are the biggest donors and track their contributions.

  • Expense Management

Statement of Functional Expenses (Create Form 990). Help to make presentations related to expenses in an easy format to be presented to the board members, major donors, and the IRS.

  • Compliance Management

Prepares form 1099 with series of documentation to be submitted to the IRS and treatment of accounts of NFP as specified by FASB in accordance with the GAAP & SFAS (116 & SFAS 117 norms)

  • Bank Account Sync

Syncs bank accounts with QuickBooks to enables downloading, tracking and categorizing of expenses automatically

  • Third-party Integrations

Offers integration with Donor, Paypal and Square invoicing besides doing regular billing and invoicing and Inventory tracking and reporting

Advantages Of QB Non-Profit Software

QB for Non-profits is the easiest accounting software you can ask for:

  • No Training Required To Operate

Anyone can use this App without any previous financial or bookkeeping background. This easy-to-deploy intuitive software has a simple and an easy to use interface.

  • Easy To Deploy And Run

It’s low cost and one of the easiest bookkeeping software free from bugs with a very good all-round tax support structure. Intuit maintains their ever popular consistency across versions which make it easy to transition from one version to another.

  • Scale Up By Adding (removing) Users

The package allows for up to five users to be added. It can run on a desktop and on a networked platform. Its cloud base implementation helps retrieve the work from anywhere and at all the times

  • Easy To Enter The Data, Track Donations And Preparing Reports

Report from a CSV or Excel file can be imported directly to QuickBooks

  • Has Many Features And Options To Customize The User Experience

You can run reports; analyze graphs for trends using some very specific data points

  • Multiple Applications In One

Automation features such as bank feeds connects bank and credit card accounts to QB whereby recurring transactions gets auto-posted and significantly reduce the time taken in manual data entry. It also includes features such as class and location tracking and budgeting in its online version.

Note: Unless you really need the standalone non-profit specific QuickBooks 2019, just get the regular Quickbooks premier version and choose “non-profit” as your industry. This will help get some customized features of the non-profit version and save money too.

Compatibility Check QB Premier With Windows & MAC OS

The software can run on Windows and Mac OS, and also Android and iOS mobile applications.
Supported Operating Systems version(s):
Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, Web browser (OS agnostic)
After three years Intuit finally launched QuickBooks 2019 For MAC software for Apple MAC users.

Get Support For 2019 Nonprofit Edition QuickBooks

MyOnePro is a one-stop shop for top accounting software purchase and support such as the QuickBooks Premier 2019 for Nonprofits. Our 24*7 remote support comes with a plethora of advantages of assisted and enhanced help for 2019 suit in case any QuickBooks Error occurred . MyOnePro all-around support includes live chat support, remote installation support, installation and migration of QuickBooks data, helps set up the bank-to-bank ACH payments and offers support enabling auto payment online option. We have cost-effective offers and some free add-ons.
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