QuickBooks Desktop Performance Issues

Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Performance Issues

QuickBooks is regarded as one of the most user-friendly software. You can easily install QuickBooks on your system and enjoy the benefits. It is designed in such a way that it is in complete synchronization with your system and other web applications. You do not need any accounting background to work on this software. Though it is easy to use software but in certain instances it breaks down and you may encounter some performance issues. There is a situation when QuickBooks Desktop Keeps Freezing when DB not responding within time frame.

Types Of Performance Problem QuickBooks User Face

Problems With QuickBooks Desktop Performance
Problems With QuickBooks Desktop Performance

QuickBooks Performance Issues:

Performance issues are common occurrence in QuickBooks Desktop. There are different types of performance issues which can occur and cause problems for you. Some of them are listed below:

  • Opening a file takes a long time or even QuickBooks Crash while opening a file
  • Due to the increase in number of users, the work regarding any company files lags down (in multi-user scenario).
  • Slowing of QuickBooks Company file with time.
  • Performance issues in the office.
  • Irresponsibility of office workers.
  • Intermittent performance issues as work quality of people vary.
  • Same data or copied data issues in multiple data files. This damages your data files thus affecting your system’s performance issues.

Note: when you are working on QuickBooks desktop software, every time you open your file, your file size will increase. So, you will have to enhance your network as there are chances that your file grows too large. Even QuickBooks Condense Service also helps you .

How TO Increase QB Desktop Performance


Follow the solution mentioned below to resolve performance issues in QuickBooks.


Check that you have installed all the updates for Microsoft Windows as well as any QuickBooks updates. Also, check that you are signed as an administrator on your server computer. If you create a backup file, it will improve your performance as it resets your *TLG (transaction log file). It is generally used to track changes in company file before they are saved in database. Follow the steps below in order to resolve your QuickBooks error.

  • Switch on your computer system.
  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to “Program” menu and select File menu ❱❱ Backup Company ❱❱ Create Local Backup.
  • Select “Local Backup” and go to “Options”.
  • A message showing, “Tell us where to save your back up copies” will pop up on your computer screen then you will have to select desktop or any other desired location to save your files.
  • Make sure you have selected an option “Complete Verification”.
  • Click on “OK”.
  • Select option “Save it Now” and press “Next”.
  • Open “Save Backup Copy” window, and select “desktop or any other location in your computer system”.
  • Click on “Save” option.
  • A new backup file will be created by QuickBooks on desktop or any desired location of your computer system.

Technicians Will Fix QB System CUP, RAM , Memory Slow Performance

These steps are very helpful in the rectifying performance issues in QuickBooks desktop. For any queries or if you want more information regarding QuickBooks software, then contact MyOnePro. They are third-party QuickBooks consultant, who provides QuickBooks assistance worldwide. They have an expert team of QuickBooks professionals who have years of experience in handling QB issues. They provide 24*7assistance, so you can easily get in touch with QuickBooks Support Number by just dialing anytime Toll-Free Number +1-516-494-3146 .


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