QuickBooks Pro Vs Premier

The manufactures use the term QuickBooks “Pro” to indicate the upgraded technology with the better reports, budgeting, forecasting, etc. Of course, the Pro version is more expensive than the Premier one.

Which is better? QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier?

The two popular kinds of QuickBooks desktop versions: Pro and Premier are designed incorporated with different features to meet the requirements of small and medium business. While the Premier is for the established and growing small business, the Pro is for the newer and existing small business. So it is very important to specify the kind of your business carefully before making the virtual purchase. QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier 2013 versions are widely offered by Intuit for the business field.

The basic data file format is the same for both QuickBooks Pro and Premier, there are a number of features included with Premier that are missing from the less-expensive Pro. The introduction of QuickBooks 2011 further changed the list of differences between Pro and Premier.

Quickbooks Pro vs Premier Chart

Quickbooks Pro vs Premier Comparison Chart
Quickbooks Pro vs Premier Comparison Chart

For new features introduced QuickBooks Pro version does not:

Allow more than 3 users in a multi-user configuration
Track balance sheet by class
Allow multiple company files from the same version to be open at the same time

QuickBooks Pro Edition

QuickBooks provides a different level of features and information. QuickBooks Pro version is perfect for businesses in the service industry, as they allow you to track sales and create invoices. This allows you to identify the received money. QuickBooks Pro allows you to pay bills and write checks directly from the software and even download your payment transaction from your credit card or bank. This version of the QuickBooks comes with two pricing options.

QuickBooks Premier Edition:

The QuickBooks Premier version is on the higher end for large businesses which allows you to track inventory, back orders, purchase orders, sales orders and create invoices. It even allows you to create a company data file which can have up to 5 users and has a built-in, easy to access report which can be used to track financial data separately by profit center, department and location. The upgrade to Premier also gives you the ability to choose from a General Business version to five different Industry Versions that include Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Professional Services and Contractor Editions. Each version gives you access to specific template reports that are geared specifically for that industry. Other features in QuickBooks Premier versions allow you to bill and track clients by time, date, product, or percentage completion. You can even create and print deposit slips, and import data from previous versions of QuickBooks, such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Quicken and many more.

Restrictions of QuickBooks Pro Edition

Generally QuickBooks Pro does not:

  • Record sales orders, which provides for product availability (backorder) tracking
  • Support inventory assemblies
  • Support unit of measure
  • Support price levels by item
  • Support billing rate levels
  • Provide the ability to view unbilled time and expenses on 1 screen
  • Support converting items on an estimate or sales order to a purchase order
  • Provide a list of already recorded general journal entries while recording a new journal entry
  • Identify general journal entries as adjusting
  • Support creating a forecast
  • Support creating a business plan
  • Provide access to previous bank reconciliation reports
  • Include industry-specific reports

The Above Features are Included in the QuickBooks Premier Version.

Knowing the key differences between QuickBooks Pro and Premier figuring out which version fits your requirements of your business the best way.

How to Buy Quickbooks Pro or Premier version

If you want to buy Intuit® Quickbooks® Premier or Pro version , Contact us here or CALL US 1-800-301-4813

Installation of Quickbooks® Pro, Premier

Quickbooks Phone Support is available for you to assist you in any matter regarding the Installation , Upgrade , Quickbooks Error, Data Recovery .

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