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Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employment & Self Assessment Tax Software

QuickBooks Self Employed is especially designed to benefit freelancers and independent contractors with their taxes. The software comprise of strong estimated quarterly tax calculator feature, deductions tracker, invoicing, a few reports, and the ability to separate personal expenses from business expenses. These features are beneficial for self-employed business owners as few other companies create a complete product designed for freelancers or contractors.

Software Highlights
Finds and tracks tax deductions
Estimated quarterly tax support
Turbo tax integration
Designed for self-employed
Separate personal and business expenses

Features of Self Employed Finance Management Tool

How to Work QuickBooks Self Employed
How to Work QuickBooks Self Employed

QuickBooks Self-Employed is tax software comprising of few add on bookkeeping tools. This software supports an average freelancer particularly.
Dashboard: QuickBooks Self-Employed offers a user-friendly interface. The dashboard is divided into charts for profit and loss and banking accounts.
Invoicing: QuickBooks Self-Employed provides invoicing. Invoices can include contact name, address, email, invoice date, due date, item description amount, etc. Also you can accept payments online using Intuit’s credit card processor.
Tracking Expense: QuickBooks Self-Employed makes quick and simple to differentiate between personal and business expenses that users usually find difficult. You can categorize expenses and set rules, having the option to import expenses manually or allow live bank feeds.
Scan Receipt: By using the QuickBooks Self-Employed app you can take a picture of your receipts to record expenses instantly.
Reports: QuickBooks Self-Employed offers kinds of three reports: Profit and Loss, Tax Summary, and Tax Details. The frame of time can be customized for each report.
Deductions: QuickBooks Self-Employed users save an average of $4,340 a year in tax deductions. The software offers a wonderful deduction features and can help you detect tax deductions that you may not be aware of.
Tax Support: This feature of QuickBooks Self-Employed helps in calculating quarterly tax as an independent contractor or freelancer is not fun, to say the least. The software also supports Schedule Cs, and the Tax Bundle plan adds a Turbo Tax integration, which lets you pay quarterly taxes online and complete one federal and one state filing online directly. Read more QuickBooks Tax Form to find how many taxes user can fill.
Import & Export: The software allows you to import expenses from a .csv file; this is actually a step up from QuickBooks Pro, which only accepts .qbo files. You can also download and print invoices and most reports for your records.

QuickBooks Self Employed software Customer Support Service

If you have employed QuickBooks Self Employed software to your business and are facing some query or problem you can report it to the QuickBooks customer support number without any delay. The ProAdvisors are experienced and hold expertise in according assistance instantly. You can fetch customer service and support through the below mentioned modes:
Support Form: Contact QuickBooks Self-Employed by filling out this simple form. You can expect a response within an hour.

Intuit QuickBooks Self Employed Help

Community Forum: The best support service QuickBooks offers is a community forum. Both Intuit employees and fellow customers can answer any questions posted in the forums. New questions are answered quickly.
Small Business Center: The small business center features advice on various small business tasks like accounting, taxes, cash flow, etc.
Self- employed Center: This tool showcases helpful articles about running a small business and filing self-employment taxes.
QuickBooks Blog: QuickBooks has a blog that features updates and news for all QuickBooks products.
Social Media: The Facebook page of QuickBooks features updates and helpful advice articles. The customer’s comments are answered and are helpful. There is also a general QuickBooks Twitter feed, as well as one specific to QuickBooks support Twitter.
Feedback Forum: This forum opens avenues for customers to request and vote for new features.

Contact us dialing our toll free help desk number +1-516-494-3146.


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