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Set UP Payroll In QuickBooks

Payroll Setup Step By Step In QuickBooks


How To Set Up Payroll In QuickBooks?

Let’s admit the fact, managing finance and accounting is undoubtedly one of the most labor-intensive and time-taking tasks for almost all types of businesses. QuickBooks Pro Payroll widely used software which is easy to manage and user friendly .

Managing payroll effectively is one of the areas where many small and medium-sized businesses do not excel at.
If you are a small or medium-sized business owner and want to eliminate loopholes in your payroll management system without having to dedicate a lot of resources, you have come to the right space.

Here, you can learn about the benefits you get by using the payroll management system in QuickBooks and how to set it up for your business. If just downloaded QB software or purchased CD or you are about to start using QB after installation , then QuickBooks Setup Guide will help you so you can easily manage expense and earning .

Setting UP Payroll QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Enterprise

Why do you need to set up payroll in QuickBooks?
If you do not have a dedicated accounting team in your business or your start-up, manually managing payroll can be very time-consuming and laborious.

But by using QuickBooks for payroll management, you can steer clear of the manual work involved in making sure that there are no discrepancies. You need to go for QuickBooks Credit Card Setup which help to make payments and record each transaction .

The accuracy in payroll management that QuickBooks offers not just helps you improve your business’s work culture and employee experience but also helps you lower the odds of accounting loopholes.

With intuitive automation, QuickBooks-based payroll management also helps you save a lot of time.

Instruction Enable Payroll Option QuickBooks

Things to Know before Setting Up Payroll in QuickBooks
Payroll management isn’t just reserved for QuickBooks Online as it is available in QuickBooks Desktop as well.

To make sure that you can take full advantage of all the payroll management features that QuickBooks offers, it’s a must to have a premium QuickBooks account.

Another important factor you need to consider is to have all the payroll set up information in place. Ensure you are equipped with all the important information, including prior payrolls, tax information, company information, employee information, compensation and benefits, direct deposit, and liability information.

You can connect with experts QuickBooks Support Phone Number to get assistance with which Payroll version best for your company , how many employee payroll you can manage , how can payroll local taxes , about EIN number , vendor and employee setup and more !

Steps To Set Up Payroll in QuickBooks

QuickBooks offers three options when it comes to setting up payroll:  Basic, Assisted Payroll, and Enhanced.

We will not cover the first two options here as the Basic option is suitable only if you have a dedicated accountant or an accounting team. The Assisted Payroll option is not a do-it-yourself option.

There are separate steps you need to follow in order to take full advantage of the Enhanced option.

  • Step 1 – The first step is to click the pay and file payroll taxes button to choose the Enhanced Payroll option.
  • Step 2 – Once done, choose the See My Plan option, and you will be able to view features and pricing in detail.
  • Step 3 – Choose the number of employees you need to include in your company’s payroll.
  • Step 4 – The final step is to choose whether you want the payouts to be done monthly or annually.
  • Step 5 – Once you have decided this, click the Buy Now button.

What To Do Payroll Setup Failed in QuickBooks Desktop

Well its quite easy process and just clicking few option user can setup and enable payroll option but after ward user need to do some extra settings like QuickBooks Direct Deposit Setup for employee salary and QuickBooks TAX Form so company can pay local , state and federal tax smoothly .
We have simplified QuickBooks payroll setup steps to the bare bones. However, if you do happen to face any issue, call MyOnePro experts at +1800.301.4813 .

5 thoughts on “Set UP Payroll In QuickBooks”

  1. I am using Quikbooks desktop. I have been paying payroll liabilities from the “Pay Liabilities screen” and then quarterly. Looks like I am paying twice? I did not set this system I need to worry about the Pay Liabilities screen?

  2. I am trying to enter retroactive pay for an employee. I have set up the payroll item but am not sure how to enter it with his current paycheck. Does it have to be done in a separate payroll?

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