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Set Up Credit Card Account QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks fulfill all business essentials to make their clients happy whereas ”Set up credit card account in QuickBooks ” is one of the best options which gives an opportunity to borrow the funds, paying all expenses and bills. In this blog, you get complete knowledge about the benefits of credit cards in QuickBooks and complete guidance on how to set up credit card account in QuickBooks.

How To Set Up A Credit Card Amount In QuickBooks?

To set up a credit card amount in QuickBooks, the user makes sure know about these steps:

  • Mark your first click on the “settings” and then next on “Chart of Accounts”
  • Choose the Account and select the “New” option from drop-down preferences
  • Then choose “Credit Card” from all the available options and proceed with “Continue” click
  • After that, go forward and click on the “Add new account window”
  • Then write the credit card name. In any case, if you want to set up a sub-account then first you need to check and make sure about the sub-account and choose Parent credit card account from the drop-down options.
  • Then choose an option that comes under the “When do you want to start tracking your finances from this account in QuickBooks?”
  • After performing all the above steps, enter the account’s balance
  • To end the process, click on Save and Close

MyOnePro gives detailed instruction & guide for How To Reconcile Credit Card QuickBooks in correct way .

Enter Credit Card Charges In QuickBooks

How to enter the credit card charges in QuickBooks?

To put all amounts that you owe in the credit card account, you must follow these steps

  • First of all, go to the banking menu and then choose the “Enter credit card charges”
  • Then select the credit from the available options and then click on the appropriate account and select it
  • After that charges you pay should be selected automatically. In any case, if you want a refund or to record a credit you received via credit card then choose the credit/refund option
  • Then choose Purchased and go forward with the selection of Vendor
  • After entering all the necessary information, the user must be sure about the details are correct
  • Mark your next click on the items tab or on expenses and enter on that expense or track you want to track
  • To end the process, click on Save and close.

Pay Credit Card Charges QuickBooks

How to pay credit card charges?

To pay all credit card charges through the “Write check window”, you need to know about these basic points:

  • Go to the Banking menu first and choose the “Write checks”
  • Then choose that particular bank which you want to use for paying the credit card charges
  • Make sure about all details and choose the date of your payment
  • Then go to the “Pay to the order of” and choose the name of your credit card company from the available options
  • After that, enter the total amount of your payment
  • Then the user needs to choose Expenses Tab and also select the credit card amount. If you create all the payments for subaccounts, fill a line for each account then write the total amount you have to pay. Your selected total account is the same as the total amount which is reflected for the parent account
  • And then click on save and close.

Also you can access all transaction of card via QuickBooks Bank feed which helps you quick check each transaction .

Help For Adding Credit Card QB Pro,Premier , Enterprise

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