How to void a check in QuickBooks

Void Check When Its Already Recorded

QuickBooks accounting software allows the users to void the checks in QuickBooks application. While the user is paying invoices, clients and associates using QuickBooks program, there are times when unexpectedly you might make mistakes like entering the wrong amount on a check or issuing a check to the wrong person. In such scenarios you have the privilege to use QuickBooks to void a check before finalizing the transaction.Customer want to consult with our QuickBooks Bookkeeper they can contact us via form . This follows with the voided check remains within the application’s registry, but the check’s amount changes to zero. The check’s number, payee and date also remain on the registry as a record of the voided transaction. This is a very helpful feature to the QuickBooks users that gives a chance to mend the mistake made unknowingly or in a hurry.

Process to enter a voided check

Voiding a Check in QuickBooks
Voiding a Check in QuickBooks

To enter a voided check there are two processes that can be followed by the user.
Go to Plus Sign (+) -> Checks
Complete the following fields
Bank Account:
Date: (with date check was issued)
Note: Choose the exact expense account or random account as it is a zero dollar transaction it will not affect the balance.
Click more on the bottom center -> Select Void.
Confirm Are you sure you want to void this check? By clicking on Yes.

Voiding a Check within QuickBooks

Click Banking -> then Use Register
Click on the account the check was written from.
Click on the check number/entry you want to void to select it.
Click on Edit -> then Void Check
Click Yes.
(When you get a notifying message asking- if you want to void the check in the current period. This updates your company’s journal with the date you are voiding the check on, and changes the check’s amount to zero.)
Click No
(If you just want to void the check using the date the check was originally written on. This does not update your company’s journal, but does show the check as voided).

Get Help For Void or Delete a check QuickBooks

At QuickBooks Support 800 Phone Number , we not only solving the technical issue but helping the customer for managing their bookkeeping account into QuickBooks . We have skilled & certified Intuit Proadvisor who have a number of year managing USA/ CA customer QB accounts . The process mentioned for voiding the check shows complete process but in case customer feeling inconvenience following all the instruction or having some quarries in the mind they can dial our 24×7 Customer Support Number +1-516-494-3146


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