How to Clean up QuickBooks Online and Desktop


Users might trigger several types of errors due to the continuously increasing company file size. These errors include data corruption, unable to retrieve backup or trouble downloading invoices, or other issues. In such cases, the QuickBooks cleanup process is a great savior! Fortunately, there is a simple procedure to clean up the QuickBooks Desktop. The below article will help you to learn how to use the QuickBooks clean-up tool to fix major errors.

What QuickBooks Cleanup Tool is all About?

The cleanup company data utility is a powerful tool that assists in rectifying the errors that happen because of corrupted or damaged data. This utility helps in fixing the Point of Sale damage, running data files, data compression and decreasing the file size, and cleaning up QuickBooks to fix transactions. Moreover, it also helps in tackling issues like missing data after applying updates, pulling the report incorrectly or if the program list takes more time than usual.

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    What are the Things you Need to Consider Before Using the QuickBooks Cleanup tool?

    • Create data file backup copy
    • Database compression: selecting this button helps in fixing the” file” damage
    • Never pause the qbpos.exe process

    How to Use Clean up Company Data Utility to Clean up Data?

    • Open the QuickBooks Desktop
    • Hit File button
    • Select “Utilities” tab
    • Click Clean up company data
    • Place a mark on the button named Compress data
    • Click OK on the message that displays on the screen
    • Choose the list you need to remove using the non-history documents
    • It will display the window “History documents & other data”
    • Select the data you need to be removed & the date
    • Hit Next button
    • Click the Cleanup option using Proceed with the cleanup
    • Now wait till the cleanup finish running

    How to Clean up QuickBooks Online?

    To start fresh with QBO account, you can cancel the subscription and then create a new account. If your account is less than 60 days old, Purging is the option to go with. Here are scenario-based solutions to clean up QuickBooks:

    Case 1- If your account is less than 60 days then follow the below steps for QuickBooks cleanup:

    • First of all login to the QuickBooks online
    • Now open the URL change /homepage to be /purgecompany
    • Press an Enter key to display the warning window of the things that the app will delete
    • On the window hit the Yes button
    • Click OK
    • Hit Wipe Data
    • Once you are done with this fill out the company info

    Case 2- How to clean up a QuickBooks account that is older than 60 days?

    Here are the steps:

    • Cancel the active account:
    • Go to the Settings tab
    • Hit Account and Settings
    • Select Billing and Subscription
    • Click the Cancel tab using the QuickBooks option
    • Follow the instructions on the screen
    • Now cancel the account
    • Create a new company file:
    • First of all sign up the QuickBooks online
    • Fill the credentials
    • Again sign in using the worker’s section for Payroll

    Clean up Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Desktop:

    It is a quite difficult task to clean up the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts. This account type contains the “Expenses & Incomes” for the Profit & Loss analysis and determining the liability & assets accounts recorded in the balance sheet. The initial thing is to merge the duplicate accounts for a chart of Accounts cleanup in QuickBooks. Here is the list of steps to follow:

    • Go to the account name and give right-click on it
    • Select Edit button
    • Give a new name to the account name for matching the account selected to merge with
    • Hit Save & close button
    • You will view the Chart of Accounts
    • Click “Make Account Inactive”


    Hopefully, the information helped you to clean up QuickBooks. In case of any queries get connected with a professional team. Use a live chat, email address, or phone number to talk to the experts for further assistance related to QuickBooks clean-up services like Account payable, Accounts Receivable, bank reconciliation, and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the Payroll checklists for QuickBooks clean-up?

      ●  Preparing year-end returns
      ●  Processing w-3 & w-2 forms
      ●  Form 941/W-3 reconciliation
      ●  Check the social addresses and security numbers while employee record reviewing

    2. What types of issues can I fix with QuickBooks cleanup?

      ●  Company file corrupted
      ●  Unable to run Verify data tool
      ●  Slow opening of the program

    3. What benefits do I opt for with the cleanup utility in QuickBooks?

      ●  Quick data file execution
      ●  Data compression
      ●  Removing history & non-historical files to permit larger data files to execute efficiently


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