How to Handle Inventory with QuickBooks?


QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software for small and medium size businesses in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. QuickBooks Business Management Software has an inventory module built on its Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions. Where Inventory management is a basic part of any business it serves uninterrupted production, sales and customer service at minimal cost. Inventories comprise of goods, raw materials and finished goods. As these elements are equal to money for the business owner, the management of the assets/goods is very essential for profit-making and having optimum stock items in your inventory. Business owner have to check out the all Quickbooks Errors which they might get while installing first time .

QuickBooks is a great accounting tool incorporated with inventory management system tracks sale, purchase and payments related to the assets of inventory. Inventory management consists of many factors. Your business will use inventory management to replenish stock, track costs of inventory, track profits, forecast inventory, forecast prices, forecast demand and more. The inventory process involves tracking orders, shipping, costs, stock and sales. It also involves the software that may be used to predict inventory status and track materials. All of these factors will help keep costs in check, maintain a proper merchandise assortment, set targets and monitor profits efficiently.

Primary Elements of Bookkeeping

Software that tracks inventory activity. Inventory management software helps create invoices, purchase orders, printing, payment receipts and more. If your business operates in the cloud or in multiple locations, you should strongly consider a cloud-friendly inventory management system for ease of use.
Policies and a plan surrounding all inventory management procedures.

QuickBooks is a very smart accounting application but it lacks many features businesses need to track their inventory, such as barcode scanning, part tracking and advanced manufacturing tools. Even QuickBooks Enterprise version, with its advanced accounting tools and features, isn’t enough to meet all of your small business logistical needs. You need something to add-on to effectively manage your single largest expense – your inventory. The condition is that the new add-on solution should work with QuickBooks.

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    QuickBooks helps businesses find the best way to track inventories.

    Inventory management software and accounting software are both important when running your business. However, with today’s technology, these can be very expensive.

    QuickBooks users can enjoy an accounting system that works for them and rudimentary inventory control without paying hundreds of dollars extra each month.

    The inventory management capabilities of QuickBooks are just supplemental features that don’t exist on every plan. This does not mean that it is not well-covered, though. The Plus and Advanced plans from QuickBooks Online allow you to track inventory in addition to tracking income, expenses, cash flow, and invoices. It may be a supplemental feature, but it works well with the whole platform.

    QuickBooks Online is both affordable and functional. It works well with businesses of all sizes, whether they have a couple of sales or a hundred. The inventory tracking feature alone offers enough to help companies stay successful.

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    QuickBooks Inventory Pros

    QuickBooks is not designed specifically to manage your inventory, but it provides you with all the basics you need. QuickBooks has a few flaws that make it not the best solution for your business.

    QuickBookes sets you up with features that other brands have by default which can make it more difficult to sell online. Although the inventory management side of QuickBooks does integrate with many popular eCommerce apps, there are some limitations.

    There is no multichannel tracking on QuickBooks Online. Multichannel tracking is available on other versions of QuickBooks like QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

    QuickBooks is one of the most popular companies in the world. They have many features that are not available on many other accounting software. But they aren’t great for companies that need to be able to spread their software across multiple locations and users. There have been lots of reports about companies who have paid extra to make these features work; it may be worth exploring your alternatives before you spend any money.

    QuickBooks Inventory Cons

    QuickBooks is a very powerful accounting software. It contains many different features, but inventory management isn’t one of them. We can understand why this would be the case.

    QuickBooks can’t track inventory levels and is pretty much only available for small businesses with fewer than ten employees. You don’t get manufacturing features like bill of material generation, either.

    For example, while QuickBooks is great for managing your personal finances, it doesn’t work as well with a business. You can’t have multiple users updating your records simultaneously (like they need to in case of multiple warehouses).

    QuickBooks tends to produce more negative inventory than most providers. This means that too much of your inventory is on the shelves when it’s not being sold, which is usually a result of mistakes in reporting order fulfillment.

    QuickBooks acknowledges that there are common problems with their products, which may affect everything from profit and loss statements to cost of goods sold.

    Fishbowl Inventory

    is the QuickBooks inventory management add-on solutions for the business owners are seeking for manufacturing and warehouse management software and it easily adds to your current system. The software prides itself on being speedy and accurate, with easy reordering and receiving processes. It smoothly integrates with QuickBooks filling-in the gap that left by QuickBooks. Fishbowl has all the features to add on to handle the inventory plus many more.

    With QuickBooks and Fishbowl Synchronization you can avail the benefits of Inventory Management:

    QuickBooks Inventory management

    Software gives you access to essential tools to grow your business. You can save thousands of dollars and stay with the accounting software. A well-managed inventory is essential because businesses rely heavily on these items to make a profit. Even if you don’t need an inventory tracking system initially, it may become critical as your business grows in the future. Without a carefully balanced and managed inventory system, your business could suffer from a lack of organization and may lose revenue as a result.

    Key features of QuickBooks Inventory Management

    Basic features

    Managing inventory in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop is relatively simple. Although the platform doesn’t offer much more than basic tracking of inventory levels and shipments, it still gets the job done.

    • Track products
    • Track cost of goods
    • Receive low inventory notifications
    • Create purchase orders
    • Manage vendors
    • Review best-selling items

    QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Features

    QuickBooks’ Enterprise plan helps organizations manage their inventory effectively. It also offers advanced features like the ability to create a sales order and automatically send it to an online store.

    • Manage multiple warehouses
    • Pair your QuickBooks account with a barcode scanner
    • Print labels
    • Track items by bin number
    • Manage sales order fulfillment

    The features, however, are not available to QuickBooks Desktop users. Because they’re only available on Enterprise plans, the cloud solution is a significant drawback.

    QuickBooks features some advanced features to help accounting. Its integration with other inventory management systems is what makes it stand out from the crowd.

    QuickBooks inventory management is a good software for small businesses, but it has a lot of limitations behind a paywall. What’s not great about this is that you have signed up for the next plan or add-on service, which is what makes this software imperfect. But for basic organization and combining it with QuickBooks accounting, it works well with tracking invoices and automating quantity adjustments. In case customer want to install , upgrade or use the QuickBooks inventory tool, they can call Quickbooks Support Number ☎ +1-516-494-3146

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is QuickBooks inventory management?

      Intuit offers both cloud-based software and desktop software to help you keep track of inventory. QuickBooks offers a subscription-based Enterprise plan that includes inventory management features, but it’s only available through the Desktop installation of QuickBooks.

    2. How much does QuickBooks cost?

      QuickBooks software costs vary depending on the plan you choose. A QuickBooks Online Simple Start plan costs $30, Business Plus Premium $100, Enterprise Desktop $1,566. These prices are substantially lower than what small-business owners usually pay for their inventory management.


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