How to Enable Customer Credit Card Protection in QuickBooks?

How to Enable Customer Credit Card Protection in QuickBooks

QuickBooks, a prominent accounting software, has emerged as a valuable resource for small and medium-sized business owners. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, QuickBooks offers secure methods for maintaining financial records within organizations. Its capabilities extend beyond managing credit cards to tracking both outflow and inflow of funds. With remarkable accuracy and precision, QuickBooks records and manages accounting data, minimizing the risk of errors. Discover how to enable customer credit card protection in QuickBooks to enhance the security of your financial transactions.

Now when you’re financing, credit cards always come in handy and are considered to be safe. Credit cards offer convenience in fund management, but there are potential security concerns. Surprisingly, credit card security is often easy to crack, which can be a significant source of stress. A secured credit card can provide a stress-free process and better financial management. To ensure secure payments and protect users from fraud and scams, consider feature to enable customer credit card protection in QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks Credit Card Protection?

In QuickBooks, you have the option to enable a security measure known as Credit Card Protection. Activating this protection comes with certain requirements, including the creation of a more complex password for yourself. Additionally, any other user who wishes to view credit card data will be prompted to seek permission from you. Furthermore, you’ll be required to update your password every 90 days to maintain the security of your financial information.

What are the Main Functions of QuickBooks Credit Card Protection?

Regarding the Credit Card Protection feature in QuickBooks, let’s discuss its functions:

  1. Encryption of Cardholder Data: It ensures that credit card information stored in your company data is encrypted, safeguarding it from unauthorized access.
  2. Strong Encryption Process: The encryption used adheres to industry standards, providing a robust layer of protection for sensitive card data.
  3. Automatic Key Regeneration: Once a year, the keys used to encrypt card data are automatically regenerated, enhancing security by regularly updating the encryption mechanism.

Manual Key Generation Tool: In case of suspected security breaches, you can manually generate new encryption keys using the provided tool. This allows you to promptly address security concerns and minimize potential risks.

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What Are the Steps to Enable Customer Credit Card Protection in QuickBooks:

  • To begin, access your QuickBooks account using the correct username and password. Then, update your password protection settings as required.
  • This feature allows users to create strong and complex passwords.
  • Edit your password to include at least seven characters, one uppercase letter, and one lowercase letter.
  • QuickBooks allows you to change your password within 90 days or at any time for security reasons.
  • From the QuickBooks menu, click on the “Customer” option and enable credit card protection.
  • A dialog box stating with the option “Enable Protection” will appear. 
  • In the dialog box, enter a complex and secure password following the suggested conditions. Keep a confidential copy of the password for your records.
  • Users can also add additional security options to strengthen and enhance passwords and security.
  • Once completed, click “OK” to set a new secure password.


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