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You may produce your 1099s using the data you already have in your accounts thanks to a time-saving feature in QuickBooks. If you decide not to e-file with Quickbooks while preparing 1099 forms, you’ll need to print copies to mail and finish your filing with the IRS, as well as print and send a copy to each of your contractors.

I have the 1099s from the IRS printed out. unable to locate the location to print the employer’s or company’s copy of the 1099.

Follow These Steps to Print Your 1099 Form In QuickBooks

  1. Select Print/E-file 1099s from the Companies menu.
  2. Click Get Started and choose 1099 Wizard.
  3. Select the companies you want to receive your 1099 in the window that appears.
    1. Requires an updated 1099.
    2. Wasn’t printed on the previous 1099s
  4. Verify the data is accurate in the window that appears after you verify your companies’ information, then click Continue.
  5. Click Continue after verifying that the payment accounts are successfully mapped.
  6. Check your payments, then go on.
  7. Verify the 1099 inputs, then choose Continue.
  8. Choose Print 1099s under Choose a filing method.
  9. Select Print after checking the printer’s settings.
  10. Put an X in the Corrected box at the top of each printed copy of the form.

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Print Your Own 1099 Form in Quickbooks Online

  1. Select Expenses from the menu.
  2. Choose the Companies category.
  3. When you reach Step 5 – File, click Prepare 1099’s and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Please choose. I’ll file myself. Follow the instructions on-screen to align and print the forms.
  5. To finish printing your 1099 forms, click Print then Print.
  6. After finishing, click Next, then click Done.

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    Reprint a 1099 Form in QuickBooks Desktop

    1. From the main menu bar of QuickBooks, select File.
    2. Select 1099s from the list after selecting Print Forms from the drop-down menu.
    3. Click Print 1099 after choosing the contractor for whom you wish to produce a 1099. 1099 instantly opens in preview. Deselect the Alignment box and choose PDF to view the form’s extensive data.
    4. To read the data on the form, select Preview > Open PDF.
    5. To print the filled-out 1099 form, click Print.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What Should I Print on Preprinted 1099 Forms?

      1. Using Pre-Printed 1099 Forms for Printing. Documents 1096, 1098, 1099, 5498, and other pre-printed forms are handled easily using 1099Express.
      2. Use the “Print on pre-printed forms” submenu under the File menu.

    2. Can QuickBooks electronically file 1099s?

      With QuickBooks, E-filing your 1099s is simple. We will automatically fill up the appropriate fields on the forms and submit them to the IRS on your behalf if you utilize our paid one-time service or sign up for a monthly payroll subscription.

    3. What Does Reporting of 1099s Accomplish?

      The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) receives non-employment income reports on the 1099 form (IRS). A taxpayer (other than a business) who received non-employment income during the tax year must receive a 1099 form from their employer.

    4. Does QuickBooks Create 1099 Documents?

      Yes. Go to Companies, then Prepare 1099s, in QuickBooks Online. Before moving on to the 1099 e-file routine, if contractors have not yet been added, add them first.

    5. Where in QuickBooks can I find 1099?

      This is how:-)
      1. Activate the Reports menu.
      2. Enter 1099 Transaction Detail Report in the search box.
      3. Choosing the Customize button
      4. Select the box next to “Type of Contractors” by clicking the Filter drop-down arrow, then make your selection from the list.
      5. Choosing Run report


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