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Reprint or Print W2 in QuickBooks Desktop Online


An employer is required to provide Form W-2, also known as the Wage and Tax Statement, to each employee and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at the conclusion of the tax year. The annual salary of the employee and the amount of taxes deducted from their paychecks are both listed on the W-2

What do Reprint or Print W2 in QuickBooks Mean

  • A statement of pay and taxes, commonly referred to as Form W-2, is something you must annually provide to your employees. 
  • W-2s need to be handed out or mailed by January 31 of each year. Only workers need to prepare W-2s; if your company hires independent contractors, you should instead prepare 1099s for them.
  • W-2s may have a little bit of a different format, but they all contain the same data: paid wages, taxes withheld, benefits deducted, etc. 
  • The specifics of the information included on the W-2s your business provides to employees depend on the structure of benefits and compensation in your organization. 
  • Consult your accountant if you have any concerns about what should be included on the W-2s for your employees.

Use Steps Below to Access the W-2 and Reprint A Copy Of It

  1. Select the Employees option.
  2. Choose Process Payroll Forms after choosing Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s.
  3. Select the Annual Form W-2/W-3 – Wage and Tax Statement Transmittal under the File Forms tab, then click the Create Form button.
  4. Choose the employee’s name and the filing period in the File From window.
  5. Press the Submit Form button to carry on printing.
  6. To open the Print W-2 and W-3 Forms window, press the Print/E-file button.
  7. Print the Form.

Even, There is An Alternative Way to Reprint a W2 in Quickbooks Online

  1. Go to the Payroll Tax Center (PTC) in QuickBooks File and then click Employees, followed by Payroll Center.
  2. Next, pick View/Print forms & W2s from the File Forms menu.
  3. Enter your payroll subscription service PIN, then click “OK.”
  4. A list of the employees is now required on the W-2 page. You must select View/Print W-2 forms for all years if you don’t want to.
  5. To open the W-2 form, click the employee’s name from the list. If it still won’t open, click the employee’s W-2 while holding down CTRL and ALT.

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    Benefits of Electronically Receiving Form W2

    1. The W-2 statement can be accessed earlier than with typical paper delivery thanks to online delivery.
    2. Online distribution eliminates the possibility that the W-2 statement may be missing once the employee receives it or gets lost, misdirected, or delayed during delivery.
    3. Weekends included, employees have access to their W-2 statements 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
    4. Employees are free to print additional copies as needed.
    5. Employees are helping to reduce costs (forms, printing and postage expense).
    6. W2 declarations will be accessible for several years online.

    The Most Common W2 Errors & How to Prevent Them In A Easy Way Follow The Steps Below

    • Incorrect or missing name or SSN–The IRS requires that employers fix errors in an employee’s name or Social Security number (SSN). When an employee’s name or SSN is left blank or displayed as “000 00 0000” or “applied for” after a valid SSN has been obtained from them, errors can occur.
    • Working with a payroll provider that provides a single, cloud-based solution is a wonderful way to be proactive about W-2 errors. There are three advantages of use a centralized database:-
      • Errors cannot occur because information is only entered once.
      • The data is accurate since it is synchronized between payroll, HR, attendance, and benefits.
      • A safe, centralized database is used to store the data.

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    Conclusion & Data Reconciliation for W2

    Annual payroll reporting requirements comprise more than just printing and filing W-2s and other yearly forms. Even if you utilize QuickBooks Payroll, it’s imperative that you always reconcile W-2 information with your quarterly payroll forms (941s and state tax forms). Usually, before distributing W-2s and submitting them to the IRS and your state, everything will be in order and no revisions will be necessary. The time you will save by identifying modifications before you file the forms, however, will be immeasurable.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who Needs to Complete the W-2 Form?

      If an employee’s personal or financial position changes and they need to change their withholding allowances as a result, they can complete a new W-4. W-2 form: Every year, by January 31st, you must submit a W-2 for each employee. The W-2 includes information from the previous year.

    2. In QuickBooks, How do I Report W-2 Income?

      Is it necessary for me to enter my W2 income into self-employed Quickbooks
      the following steps:-
      1. In the upper right corner, click the Gear symbol.
      2. Select Tax Profile from the Taxes menu.
      3. Enter the net pay in the Your yearly W2 Income box on the Tax Profile page.
      4. Click Save.

    3. How can I Obtain a W-2?

      Some Steps to be follow below to retrieve w2:-
      1. In the left navigation bar, select the Taxes tab.
      2. At the top of the page, select Payroll Tax.
      3. From the drop-down menu, pick All Employees or a specific individual.
      4. Select the link for W-2, Copies B, C, and 2.

    4. Is a W-2 Equivalent to a Tax Return?

      Employers fill out Form W-2, which contains crucial data you need to finish your tax return. It lists your annual earnings as well as the amount of all taxes withheld from your paycheck on a federal, state, and other level.

    5. What will Happen to My Taxes if I Don’t Include a W-2?

      Even if you neglect to submit a W2, you will still get paid. However, if your tax return was filed incorrectly and you will now owe more money in taxes, you must file an amendment and pay the additional money by April 15. You face the risk of collecting late fees and penalties if you don’t do this.

    6. Why do We Get our W-2 in Several Copies?

      Beginning with the Federal. Multiple copies are required because some people choose to mail their returns rather than file them electronically, and a copy of the W2 is necessary to send with the return when it is mailed.

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