What Is QuickBooks time?


QuickBooks Time was earlier known as the T-sheets time tracker developed by Intuit. It is generally a time tracking cloud-based software for tracking the working hours of the employees. It eases the employer and managers to keep track of the clock in & out via a smartphone. Managers can easily create the schedules of the employee, modify a job code, enter a timesheet, etc. Moreover, it allows tracking of the employee login location, working hours, and location updates throughout the day. Apart from these, there are many other breathtaking features let’s delve into the below post to know more.

What QuickBooks Time is all About?

QuickBooks time is the most powerful and useful time tracking employee scheduling software that allows managers and employees simple monitor, submission, and approve the employees working hours using their mobile devices. It is the best tool used for remotely working teams to simplify the project and job site management. Although when we talk about the productivity mapping of the employee then the QuickBooks Time app is best suitable! It simplifies the complex operations of compiling the timesheets papers and also cut down the gross payroll costs.

How to Set up QuickBooks Time in QuickBooks Online Account?

QuickBooks times allow you ease in time tracking in QuickBooks online plus, QuickBooks online payroll Elite or premium or Advanced. Here is the list of steps for setting up QuickBooks time in an online account:

Step 1- QuickBooks Time Account Launch:

The QuickBooks online payroll Elite and premium contains the QuickBooks. Follow the steps:

  • Open the QuickBooks Online
  • Locate the Apps button
  • Find the QuickBooks Time and then choose Launch
  • Select if you like QuickBooks time Elite or Premium
  • After this insert it to the subscription now and also start a 30-day free trial
  • Next start performing the setup of the same by locating the Time button
  • Click Launch QuickBooks Time
  • The QuickBooks online information will automatically redirect to the QuickBooks Time account. However, you can set up some information manually.

Step 2- Pay period & overtime settings setup:

Follow the below instructions to make sure the data you entered in QuickBooks times is the same as in QuickBooks online. Here are the steps for pay period setup:

  • Open the QuickBooks time
  • Click Company Settings
  • Choose Payroll & overtime button
  • Hit Pay period option
  • Choose the tab named pay period schedule and then hit the Save button

Next start setting up over-time tracking with the below steps:

  • At QuickBooks Time, locate the company settings
  • Click Payroll & overtime
  • Hit Overtime
  • Perform the selections and then click the Save button
  • If you require in-depth overtime policies then choose the Use Pay rate engine for more advanced overtime settings configuration

Step 3- Time mapping and payroll item review:

  • The Review or time mapping button is available if there is an active payroll subscription. The payroll items in QuickBooks automatically mapped to the type of the matching time in QuickBooks time.
  • Review the automatic mapping or perform the desired adjustments
  • Therefore time will start transferring to the linked payroll to the right pay rates. Here are the steps:
  • At QuickBooks time, choose the menu named QuickBooks payroll
  • Click Preferences tab
  • Below other options choose the payroll item mapping tool
  • Click on the tab named Map employees, select the name of the employee
  • Choose one payroll item in each column of the hour type
  • The selections get saved automatically.

Step 4- Add the Time-Tracking and Team Options:

Modifications and additions in QuickBooks Online will get automatically imported into the QuickBooks per minute. The sync log will appear corresponding to the automatic imports.

Here are the steps to add a new user to track time:

  • During the process of adding the new employees to QuickBooks online, they get automatically linked to QuickBooks time. However, you can search for it in the My Team button in QuickBooks Time.
  • For adding the other tracking features into QuickBooks time here are the steps:
  • You can add extra steps for the team members to track time for the billable items, service items, or classes. Follow the instructions:
  • At QuickBooks time, choose the menu named QuickBooks
  • Hit Preferences tab

Perform the selections as below:

  • Customers & sub-customers tab: There is required a customer selection on the time sheets to allow the customer in future
  • Service items: This option is needed for a service item selection on timesheets
  • Billable Yes/No choice button: You can mark timesheets not billable or billable. The Billable timesheets are used while invoicing in QuickBooks
  • The class selection tab is for timesheets: The selections get automatically saved. According to the selected option, the items get imported automatically using the QuickBooks online to QB time

Start Tracking Time:

There are different methods available to track and time management in QuickBooks time. You can choose according to the company.

How Do Set up Employees to Track Time in QuickBooks Time?

Invite the employee to QB time with the below steps:

  • Locate the payroll button
  • Click Employees tab
  • Choose to Add an employee button
  • Click employee for an existing employee
  • Hit the Edit button using personal info
  • Start adding the email address of the employee then choose the checkbox named Invite this employee to track & record the hours via QuickBooks Time
  • Hit Done
  • The employee will get the invitation of the same

Ensure the employee views the invite with the below steps:

After employees invite to QuickBooks time they will require to perform some times before proceeding with time tracking. The following are the four things the employees have to do:

  • Check the text message that appears with the invite
  • Accept the invite
  • Generate a user ID & password
  • Start downloading the QuickBooks time app

That’s all for today!  Hopefully, the post is helpful to set up the QuickBooks time easily. The QuickBooks time tracking app will simplify the time tracking tasks and provides you the core options like mobile time tracking, GPS time tracking, project time tracking, and more. If you have any doubt get connected with a professional team. The team is here for you! Use a live chat, email address, or phone number to reach the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payment schedules do I assign the employees to?

●  Weekly
●  Monthly
●  Semi-monthly
●  Bi-weekly

 Is it need admin credentials to invite employees using QuickBooks time?

Yes, only a primary admin or company admin can invite employees to QB time

What If I need to perform a manual import in QuickBooks Time?

● Click on the QuickBooks dropdown while adding the time tracking options
●  Hit Import tab

How would I activate the time tracking option in the QB app?

● First of all sign in with admin credentials on QuickBooks online
● Choose the single-user option
● Locate the Edit button
● Choose Preferences
● Below preferences choose Time & Expenses option
● Hit on the tab named Company Preferences
● Click on Yes on the option named Do you track time?
● It will display the drop-down list labeled the First day of the work week
● Choose the day on which you begin tracking time each week and then hit the OK button

Can I get a free trial to use QuickBooks time?

Yes, there is available a 30-day free trial plan in QuickBooks time


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