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QODBC Driver QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise QODBC acts as a fully operative open Database driver used for accessing QuickBooks account-related data files through the SQL queries. This connector is independent of currency support that permits you to operate Reckon Account information directly through software like Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, and several other ODBC support applications. MyOnePro will discuss on QODBC drivers in QuickBooks.

To execute this driver need an ODBC front-end tools including Microsoft Excel, Python, PowerBuilder, .NET, ASP, PHP, Jitterbit, and more. These applications let reading & writing QuickBooks account files in the same manner as other documents installed on the system. Moreover, you can browse the official QuickBooks SDK interface to explore the compatibility of QCDBC with entire QuickBooks file formats.

Data Base Connectivity Tool QB Enterprise

Several programs have built-in ODBC support which can be used automatically in the QuickBooks software or Reckon Account information along with wizard ease after the driver installation in it. This QODBC supports Singapore, New Zealand and Australian editions of QuickBooks including 2008/09, 2006/07, 2005/06, 2007/08, and 2003 premier, pro, enterprise and Accountant and 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13 without multi-currency support. QODBC v20 is not compatible with QuickBooks.

ODBC And QODBC Drivers For QB Enterprise Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise Editions:

The general features of the QODBC’s read-only desktop edition have been selected as a QuickBooks Enterprise edition 2020 product located on the file menu below Utilities.


It is referred to as Open Database Connectivity recognized as a specification created by Microsoft to permit windows programs to access multiple database systems via a single method independent of several file formats. SQL acts as an effective method for accessing information via ODBC.You can also follow this process for SQL Integration With QuickBooks Desktop .

ODBC driver vendors follow the recommendations for ODBC so that any ODBC compliant software can be used to access data via driver. Users of ODBC applications do not require perfect knowledge of SQL language to read and write the database files. They can be represented on the system for the users to perform manipulation tasks with icons and wizards.


QODBC is known as an ODBC driver (DLL) designed for QuickBooks Accounting format files. The accounting software QuickBooks stores its entire content into a specific proprietary DBMS file format. You can use QODBC drivers to access accounting files present in QuickBooks identical to any other ODBC specified database.


QODBC operate through SQL commands entered from front-end application with the help of ODBC interface. Those commands are then transformed into navigational XML commands and then Accounting DBMS which in turn record sets are returned which strengthens the query outcomes. MyOnePro also provide QuickBooks Programming assistance if you are looking to make custom API .

This driver is neither a client nor a server product. It directly interacts with the QuickBooks as it executes without modifying its database. This driver is known as a wrapper surround with the Intuit SDK so that users can access data through a standard database program.

How & Why Use QODBC For QuickBooks

Things users can do with QODBC driver:

QODBC is widely used database connectivity software that opens up with the various QuickBooks accounting files designed through several custom programs. The appearance of all database file formats is same as in windows environment.

 Following are the things users can do with this driver:

  • Users can use Microsoft Excel to directly transfer company accounting information including transaction and invoices into spreadsheet and then also generate a chart of it
  • QuickBooks Accountings files permit merge of customer mail and Microsoft
  • QuickBooks Accountings files let the Crystal Pro report writer create multi-file reports.
  • ODBC drivers transparently operate the same as other vendors of ODBC drivers. This driver allows their users to directly access their critical information.

Perks of QODBC:

  • Quick installation
  • No knowledge required
  • Transparent process
  • ODBC level 2 technical support
  • ODBC & SQL need corporate-based data access
  • Read-Write, Read-only & internet versions availability (some fields of QuickBooks database are restricted to write)

Nowadays users are very sophisticated need each data files for making important decisions. They do not want a long procedure of waiting for the senior department to submit a request for accessing accounting data. Thus, QODBC is an excellent solution for all QuickBooks users who require data access instantly.Get more details connect now QuickBooks Technical Support Number now .

Advance features in QODBC (2020):

With new advancement in QuickBooks, Intuit has introduced new improvement/enhancements that user needs.

Some of those features with regards to the QuickBooks database are introduced in the Intuit’s development kit. Following is the enhancement in QODBC version (2020):

Table and field features:

  • A table named Build Assembly Component Line is introduced with lot Number and serial number
  • Enhanced a new stored procedure named SP_TABLESUSAGEINFO to track the usage of the table
  • User can easily get notified the waiting status of a response from the QuickBooks through QODBC
  • Integrated Custom fields in Item Receive, Bill & Inventory Adjustment
  • Enable/disable the option to display & verbose Optimizer Status through a system tray
  • Modified QRemote Server to disable automatically minimization if failed to bind to port/IP address
  • Better support for utilizing function in the Group through SQL statement
  • Better notification of “QODBC Server edition required” through integrating a help hyperlink
  • Great performance of loading tables through ODBC 3.8 and Power BI
  • Ideal feature to verify QRemote Test connection
  • Permit firewall protocols integration and verification
  • Permits DSN if a user wants an auto-login of QRemote and QODBC
  • Verify difference between QuickBooks version and QODBC version
  • Loading of SQL commands directly rather than navigating via Wizard
  • Resetting and rebuilding of optimizer file

QuickBooks Enterprise QODBC Setup & Settings

There are various tools designed to characterize the data in different QuickBooks table so that you can get the required information. A series of SQL functions that are compatible with the QODBC driver used to interface with QuickBooks.

Front-end Application: Microsoft access setup of ODBC:

  • Locate Microsoft Access and Create new table
  • The Microsoft access permits users to use their QuickBooks files in the same manner as used in other databases. To access the data you need to choose the tab File/new
  • Pick black Access Database and then hit on OK
  • The default database name will display in the field, which you can further edit into preferred name and then save the changes and file
  • Select create button
  • Locate new option , choose link table and then click on OK
  • Modify the type of file from the list and set as ODBC database
  • Choose the QuickBooks based DSN you previously set up through QODBC driver which refer as the pre-installed DSN
  • The next step is to select the multiple QuickBooks table to embed to Microsoft Access project and then hit on OK
  • The QuickBooks tables serve as a part of external linking files of Microsoft Access project
  • Qodbc driver is used for accessing the data files located in the QuickBooks table instead of importing. To do this you need to click on any of the listed table names to display the data grid view. You can perform record modifications like adding and deleting of new records in QuickBooks table.

Get Help QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC Driver Errors, Issues

Hopefully, MyOnePro covers the information about the QuickBooks Enterprise QODBC driver. In case you need further assistance regarding QuickBooks errors You can even do a live chat with the professionals or send an email with questions to get better assistance.


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