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QuickBooks On Windows Server

Install QB On Windows Server

Windows Server refers to a group of different operating systems created by Microsoft which is compatible with enterprise-level management, applications, data storage, and for communications. Windows server permits QuickBooks desktop setup which use database file manager to interact with company files. This article is rounded up with information related to QuickBooks on Windows Server, system, and browser requirement.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager permits company files sharing with other systems across the network. It helps the organization to monitor their employee through a multi-user network. During network configuration, there require QuickBooks Database Server manager executing so that users can easily access their company files.

During this process there required a Database server manager to execute multi-user access to permit multiple users to operate on one identical company file simultaneously.


Process For Migrating QB on Win Server

Check Windows Server Compatibility to Run QuickBooks Desktop
Download QDSM
Installation Of Database server Manager
Setup Intuit QB Database server Manager
Firewall Settings To Allow QB

MyOnePro also gives step by step instruction for Installation QuickBooks on Linux Serves which gives some insights details .

System requirements for QuickBooks Desktop:

You can check below What Are System Requirements For QuickBooks Desktop to run latest version .

Operating system:

Required native Windows without any Virtual box or emulator

Following are compatible windows:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1-10 (All editions of 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2011, Essentials, and Standard
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016

Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz

RAM: Minimum 4GB, Recommended 8GB

Server RAM needed:

  • For 1-5 users minimum 8GB RAM
  • For 10 users minimum 12 GB
  • For 15 users there needed 16 GB
  • For 20 users there require minimum 20GB

Disk Space: Minimum 2.5 GB

Screen resolution: Optimized display with 1280 x 1024 or higher

How to install the Database Server Manager in QuickBooks Desktop?

You can also check out troubleshooting guide of QuickBooks Server Connection Error .

Following are the steps:

Step1-Database server Manager downloading:

The database server manager is an element of the QuickBooks Desktop file.

Step 2-Database Server Manager Installation:

  • Ensure you are accessing the server system
  • Install database server manager
  • Server system host the company files
  • Close all active programs on server system including QuickBooks
  • Locate a downloaded installation file named Setup_QuickBooks.exe.
  • Now you need to read the instruction displaying on the screen and discover license or product key
  • If the dialog box appears asking you to select an installation type then choose Custom or Network tabs then proceed with Next option
  • You are not permitted to choose Express
  • Select the preferable option to perform network setup and then click on Next. Both options let you install the Database Server Manager. In case QuickBooks is already present on the server system, the existing company data is not overwritten
  • If you need QuickBooks Desktop or Database Server Manager on the Server system, choose I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on the system and storing
  • Read and follow all instructions displaying on the screen
  • Once you are prepared, choose Install
  • After this windows might need your certain permissions. Provide permissions to the users to access the folders with company files. The permission list will display system-level permissions

Step3-Database Server Manager Configuration:

Follow the steps:

  • Locate windows start button
  • Navigate services through the search bar and then open Services
  • Choose and open a specified version number
  • Discover General option and then search for the Service station option and check whether it is executing, then click on Stop
  • Go to drop-down named Startup type and then choose Automatic
  • Locate the login option and choose the Local System account tab
  • Search for Recovery option and then choose to Restart the services named First failure, Second failure and Subsequent failures listed in the drop-down menu
  • Discover General option and then choose Start to restart Database Server Manager

Step 4-Apply firewall permissions:

Ensure you have given access to Database Server Manager to execute Server system

Step 5-Update Database Server Manager:

It is an automatic process.

You can monitor by following instructions:

  • Locate QuickBooks Desktop
  • Press Ctrl+1 to display product window
  • Monitor current version & release

Support For QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise Windows Server Installation

This topic covered QuickBooks on Windows Server. In case you need further information on the use of Database Server Manager, accessing company files, or any other errors. MyOnePro Contact Number;. The QuickBooks USA Support professional team is skilled in operating QuickBooks software. In case you failed to reach through phone number then use the other two medium i.e. sending an email or do a live chat with one of the professionals. They will provide you a resolution on time

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