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QuickBooks MAC 2021 Edition

QuickBooks Mac 2021 has been designed with power users in mind. The new accounting software powers you to boost your cash flow, increase productivity, and maximize returns. For years, users have relied on QuickBooks to keep their finances and accounting data organized, but now you can do even more. In this article, we’ll look at the system requirements and features of QuickBooks Mac 2021. Also, you can get details improvement in the 2021 edition in comparison to QuickBooks For MAC 2020 edition.

System Requirements for QuickBooks For Mac 2021

Every software has some system requirements that need to be met. If your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirement, then you’ll experience poor performance from the software. The system requirements for QuickBooks Mac 2021 are mentioned below:

  • macOS X v10.15 (Catalina) or above
  • Product Registration Details
  • Internet Connecting to Install and Download updates

Check with QuickBooks MAC Support team, whether you can run 2021 edition in your old MAC laptop or PC or need to upgrade the OS.

Users seldom use QuickBooks alone. There are many dependencies and addons on which users rely for access to more functionality. Here are the requirements for the basic addons of QuickBooks:

  • Email:
    • Microsoft Office 2016 or later or Microsoft 365
    • Apple Mail
  • Spreadsheets
    • Microsoft Office 2016 or later or Microsoft 365
    • Apple Numbers v3.5 or above
  • Conversion is enabled for
    • Both way for QuickBooks Windows to QuickBooks Mac 2021
    • One Way conversion from QuickBooks 2018 – 2021
    • One Way conversion from QuickBooks Online
  • Payroll Subscription

Do you know whatever OS running on your laptop you can access QB software directly without any compatibility issue, learn more advantages of using QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for business and personal use.

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Mac Features

QuickBooks 2021 is tailor made for users with little accounting knowledge. The software itself guides you through complex processes and helps you in keeping your data organized. Reporting is a tool available to all users, enabling them to analyze financial data for insights into business.

Here are some new and exciting features in QuickBooks Mac 2021:
1. Payment Reminders : QuickBooks 2021 has an inbuilt automatic payment reminder which sends an email to the customer to remind him or her of the due payment. This way, you can ensure that you always collect money on time. Further, a payment link can be attached with the invoice for receiving payment digitally.
2. Codes for Sales Tax : Tax season can be a real mess for users who need to calculate taxes manually. However, QuickBooks users have an upper hand in this case, as they can record the sales tax codes and save the calculations. The tax can then be applied on each product, ensuring compliance with the current rates.
3. Bank Feeds :Batch editing and enhanced rules have been added to the new version, enabling QuickBooks to automatically record and categorize bank transactions. The bank transactions can be imported and categorized instantly. Instead of spending hours manually entering data, users can focus on the real accounting work.
4. Automated Receipt Management : Instead of manually entering each expense receipt, you and your employees can simply snap a picture of the receipt and upload it to QuickBooks. Thereafter, the transaction is automatically recorded and the captured receipt is saved alongside it. This creates a solid audit trail and ensures that the data is authentic.
5. Customer Groups :Customers with common criteria including same location, balance, status, etc can now be linked together. This enables you to work with the whole group instead of working with each individual customer.
6. New Customizable Forms :In QuickBooks, users have always had the option to customize forms like invoices and reports. But now, even more customization options have been made available to the users. You can customize your receipts, estimates, invoices, statements, and purchase orders. Via customization, users have the option to add a company logo and style the form to suit the brand image.

Once you create an email template, you can save it within QuickBooks and use it later . A preview of the email will automatically be displayed before you send it to the customer.
7. Security Features : Administrators now have even more power to restrict access to certain data in QuickBooks. Customized data level permissions can be created and applied to each user separately. This means that each user will only have as much access as they require to get the job done. Such granular level permissions will enable better security in QuickBooks 2021 for Mac.
8. Inventory Management :Users will now have access to better inventory management tools and features. Some of the new features include prices on barcode labels, data access levels, and improved landed cost calculations. Users can also create an alternate vendor report for better insights into their retail business.
9. Payroll Liability Reminder :If there are any upcoming liability or payroll tax payments, then QuickBooks will remind you automatically. All you need to do is set up the dates once and leave the rest to your accounting software. A reminder will be displayed not only on your desktop but also on your mobile phone and laptop. Check more features of QuickBooks For MAC Payroll.
10. Automatic Reconciliation of Merchant Payments :Instead of manually reconciling accounts, you can now rely on QuickBooks to automatically match and then reconcile all merchant payments. This means that a majority of transactions recorded in your company file will automatically be reconciled. Further, it won’t take long to reconcile the rest of the transactions. Now, ensuring that your accounting data is error free is as easy as pie.

Download & Install QuickBooks MAC 2021 Software

MyOnePro makes it easy for users to download and install 2021 QB Desktop MAC edition , user can check the guidelines and process for downloading QB MAC with the following links .Both Canada and USA QB users can find below direct link to download and install 2021 QB MAC on their laptop , desktop or workstation .

Deciding upon which version of QuickBooks to select is an arduous process and requires assiduous effort. However, the features included in QuickBooks for Mac 2021 make it the best option available for all users.

To know more, you can get in touch with our experts at QuickBooks Technical Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have QuickBooks for Mac 2018. Would I be able to import my company file data into QuickBooks for Mac 2021 ?

Yes. Once you open the company file in the latest version of QuickBooks, it will automatically upgrade your company file. However, create a backup of your company file before upgrading it, as downgrading isn’t an option available in QuickBooks.

Is there payroll available in QuickBooks for Mac 2021 ?

Yes, but you’ll have to purchase a subscription for the same and then enable the feature in QuickBooks for Mac 2021.


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