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QuickBooks on Linux Server

Last modified on July 8th, 2021 at 10:52 am

Hosting QuickBooks Desktop on Linux Server

QuickBooks small business accounting software is developed with strong features and tools that makes it the most accepted software across the globe. The software can be installed in different servers. QuickBooks is developed to specially run on Windows and Mac OS. There is no official version for Ubuntu Linux. The free Windows emulation software can be used to access and run QuickBooks software and databases. Linux server is one of them. Also if you want to Install POS on Linux than Consult with MyOnePro experts for this by dialing (8ΟΟ)-3Ο1-4813 Toll Free. Also all steps explained by MyOnePro for Installing QuickBooks Desktop on Windows Server .

The Linux Database Server Manager comprises of the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise database server that saves the QuickBooks company files containing the financial information. The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise users on a Windows client computer can edit the QuickBooks company files to perform QB Enterprise tasks and request data.

Linux Server QuickBooks Installation

How to Install QuickBooks on Linux Server?

Preparing Prior Installing the Linux Database Server Manager: Before preparing the to install the Linux server you need to understand certain things. They are: the important Linux database components (Database server files, qbmonitord daemon, qbmonitord configuration file (qbmonitord.conf), System Requirements ( RAM 1 GB, Disk Space 2.5 GB, Processor 1.2 GHz Intel Pentium 3), Configuration recommendations (Case-Sensitive File Names, Sharing and User Permissions, Host Name Resolution).

Moreover get complete QuickBooks Server Host Requirements which help to check compatibility with your existing server .

Install the Database Server Manager:

  • Be the root user in the Linux server
  • Download the Linux Database Server Manager package
  • rpm -ivh and press Enter, where packagename is the name of the Linux Database Server Manager RPM package.

QuickBooks Microsoft Azure Migration is very easy process and explained by MyOnePro team step by step .

Set-up of the Linux Database Server Manager

Once the installation of the Linux Server is successful you need to follow the process as the root user.

  • Elaborate the file directories
  • Generate a Samba share
  • Start qbmonitord.log logging

You can follow the PDF version of the Linux Database Server Manager Installation and Configuration Guide for the more detailed information.

During this entire process you can also face error messages like:

The qbmonitord daemon uses the Linux syslog utility. All qbmonitord error log messages are output to the /var/log/qbmonitord.log file.

In this scenario you can restart the syslog daemon after you install the Linux Database Server Manager RPM to log in to the qbmonitord.log file.

Technical Support for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise Linux Server Installation

In case you end up with this situation you can immediately connect with QuickBooks Support Phone Number. The QB support team can be approached through toll free phone support number, email support or live chat option.

Also you can call other reliable third party agencies that provide support for QuickBooks software. The in-house support team is highly capable enough to handle the QuickBooks errors and queries in the first call itself. Connect through the toll free phone number +1-516-494-3146 and acquire instant support.

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