How to Fix QuickBooks Database Maintenance Repair Is In Progress Error?


Ensuring the server’s seamless operation, QuickBooks database maintenance and repair are crucial in addressing any issues. Occasionally, when trying to access the company file, you might encounter an error message stating, “QuickBooks database maintenance repair is in progress.” This typically occurs when another user is repairing a damaged file. Recognizing the importance of data integrity, it is essential to follow a recovery process as soon as you become aware of any damage to your company’s data. This blog aims to provide guidance on how to eliminate such error warnings in QuickBooks effectively.

Reasons Why Display QuickBooks Database Maintenance Repair Is In Progress Error?

In both versions, the user might get an error “QuickBooks Database Maintenance repair is in progress”. This error can be seen in both the versions i.e. QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Even though we can see this error there are significant errors which cause this error. For instance, if you are getting this error message while opening the company file in QuickBooks Desktop, this means that the server hosting the company file in the given local network is having some issues. If you get the error message while accessing your QuickBooks Online Account, then it means that QuickBooks servers are currently being updated and your service will resume after the servers are repaired. 

Here we have stated certain reasons that can cause to display QuickBooks database maintenance repair is in progress message in QuickBooks Desktop. 

  1. The server designated to host the company file in the network is not fully configured for multi-user access.
  2. While you are accessing the company file from your workstation, another user in the network is already running server updates.
  3. The QuickBooks company file you are accessing is either damaged or corrupt.

Steps to Get Rid of Quickbooks Database Maintenance Repair is in Progress Error?

We have listed several ways to resolve the “QuickBooks database maintenance repair is in progress” error message.

Method 1: Utilize an auto data recovery tool

To resolve the QuickBooks database maintenance issues:

    1. Attempt to repair the damaged QB business file using the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool.
  • Ensure you have the following files:
      • The Transaction Log file (.TLG) in the same location as the corrupted QBW file.
      • The corrupted QuickBooks Data file (.QBW).
      • Any previous QuickBooks Data file backups (.QBW, .QBB, or .QBM).
  1. Once the data recovery process is complete, use the recovered files to resolve the QuickBooks database maintenance issues.

Method 2: Using the QuickBooks Verify & Rebuild Data Utility

To maintain data integrity, QuickBooks Verify & Rebuild Data Utilities work together to identify and resolve data issues.

  1. Start the process by clicking “Start”.
  2. From the menu, select “Close All”.
  3. Select “Utilities” from the “File” menu, then choose “Verify Data”.
  4. If a message appears saying “no further action is needed,” your company record file is in good condition.
  5. However, if the message “Your database has lost integrity” appears, be aware that your data is corrupted and must be repaired immediately using the Rebuild Data utility.
  6. Next, select “File > Utilities > Rebuild Data”. You’ll be prompted to create a backup of your company file.
  7. After completing the backup, the Rebuild Data utility tool will begin repairing your corrupted company file.

Method 3: Check the Server’s Company File Hosting Preferences

  1. Start QuickBooks on the hosting server to initiate the process.
  2. From the File menu, choose the “Switch to Multi-user Mode” option.
  3. Return to the workstation computer and reopen the corporate file.
  4. Should the error message persist, proceed with the following troubleshooting method.

Method 4: Check that no other user is working on the server using

In a multi-user QuickBooks environment on a large network, it’s possible that another user might be updating the server simultaneously. In such cases, it’s essential to wait until that task is finished. Once the task is complete, you can attempt to restart the server. If you encounter a QuickBooks database maintenance repair is in progress error, it’s important to wait until the process finishes. Afterward, try reopening the company file to resolve the issue.

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