QuickBooks POS 2013 Vs 2018

Compatibility QuickBooks 2018 & QuickBooks POS 2013

When a software product is used for organizational purposes, its compatibility with the system and other software installed in it needs due consideration. With the advanced features of QuickBooks 2018, business owners are upgrading to the latest version.

However, besides the QuickBooks 2018, QuickBooks POS is also being upgraded to the latest QuickBooks POS 2013 in the organizational systems. Now the question that arises is about the compatibility of QuickBooks 2018 & QuickBooks POS 2013. Also we had posted all about you need to learn about QuickBooks Upgrade 2018 preparation and steps .

How to Upgrade to QuickBooks POS 2018 from QBPOS 13.0
How to Upgrade to QuickBooks POS 2018 from QBPOS 13.0

If you consult MyOnePro, the experts on for QuickBooks POS Update or even want to check system compatibility , will tell you that QB 2018 is perfectly compatible with QB POS 2013. Along with that, you will also be made aware of the features that both of these completely compatible products offer users.

QuickBooks 2018 – Features

Bar-code scanning
For mobile inventory, bar-code scanning feature is available. This does not only simplify the data entry functions, thereby ensuring accuracy, but also fastens the pickup process. You can convey the sales orders to workers on the spot and thereby scan inventory in the warehouse and therefore transfer the relevant data.

In fact, if you have a stable Internet connection available, the feature enables working simultaneously across various warehouses.
Better sales order management
Whether it is a pre-ordered material or an urgent order, QB 2018 lets you manage records easily. The sales order data is maintained properly and at the same time, they are fulfilled across multiple warehouses without any hassle.

As a result, the pickup service becomes speedy.
QuickBooks Priority Circle loyalty program
One of the unique features of QB 2018 is the Priority Circle. It is a loyalty program that has been introduced for the loyal or most valued customers. It is free of cost program that provides selected customers an access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

With the help of this feature, the experts will work in collaboration with you to understand your business needs and formulate strategies to help you achieve your objectives.


  • You can customize stuff and tailor it according to your prerequisites
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Simplified inventory report creation
  • You can scale up to 30 users without losing access or control
  • You can work from anywhere at any time through any device

QB POS 2013 – Features

Naming Convention
Earlier QB POS versions followed version number specifications for identification. QuickBooks POS latest 2013 version has changed the tradition.

With this product, you can have a new naming along with the yearly version names.
New Logos & Icons
The new Point of Sale system from QuickBooks offers new logos and icons along with multiple times better navigation. Plus, the user interface has also been taken care of. As a result, you get an awesome look and feel as soon as you enter the POS systems.

You get the main screen in the middle of the screen along with all supporting tools placed in the left and right pane of the window.

Quick Picks

Choosing buttons is easier in the version of QB POS. It enables users to enjoy access to products easily through buttons directly from the Sales Receipt screen. Adding inventory, setting up mobile syncs, etc. has been simplified in the upgraded version.


  • You get a sample company along with the practice mode feature
  • Version protection is available
  • Faster and simpler Payments Signup

Get More Help For QB Point of Sale Desktop

MyOnePro QuickBooks Support team experts will make you aware of so many other features that you may find while using QuickBooks 2018 as well as QuickBooks POS 2013 versions. In case, you have any QuickBooks-related doubt,either opt QuickBooks Chat or you can call on our helpdesk number Phone Number +1-516-494-3146 for further support and assistance.


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