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QuickBooks POS is an application exclusively made for retail businesses. It offers seamless integration between sales and inventory management. It has many features such as managing inventory along with payment processing. QuickBooks POS tracks and saves customer data records to aid users in tracking their purchase history. Updates are done frequently, making it easier to add new features to the system.

What’s New About QuickBooks Point of Sale Updates?

  • Make sure to update your QuickBooks POS Server Workstation first. All other workstations on your network must exit Point of Sale during the update to the Server Workstation.
  • Point of Sale ensures that your company data is secure before it updates the Server Workstation.
  • Find out which QuickBooks POS updates will increase your business and install them while you are not busy. QuickBooks POS updates automatically sync with each other so they can take some time to fully complete the installation.
  • (Multi-Store) All work stations in every store need to be updated so they can work together as well as within different stores. Many stores use the same update procedures and schedule.

How to Update QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale

Apply Latest QuickBooks POS Update Patch

There are two ways through which you can update your QuickBooks POS to the latest version:

Turn the Automatic Update on to allow QuickBooks Desktop POS to download the latest release. It doesn’t matter whether the software is running or not.If you still are running an old version of POS than find out easy steps for QuickBooks POS Upgrade 2018. If you want to keep this feature turned off, it is suggested that you go for QuickBooks Desktop POS Manually as and when the update is available.

QuickBooks POS Update Includes These Steps:

1. Set Your Update Preferences:

From the Help menu, select Software Updates > Updater Preferences and select how you want to be notified of available updates:

  • Let me choose when to install updates. Point of Sale automatically downloads updates in the background whenever you are connected to the Internet so you’ll always be up-to-date.
  • Checking for updates is one of the features of Point of Sale. We make this feature simple, easy to use and available at all times.
  • I update my applications myself. If a new major release comes out, I can download it and point of sale will not need to be updated for me.

If You’re Connected to Multiple Networked Workstations:

Consider enabling the Shared Update tab, this way only one workstation needs to be connected to the Internet at a time. Once downloaded, it can be available to all workstations. Learning more is easy and the process can be done on the QuickBooks POS Update tab in Preferences.

Note: Each workstation must be able to share the files they download.

  • If QuickBooks POS updates are not downloaded automatically, select Software Updates > Check for Updates from the Help menu at the Server Workstation.
  • Point of Sale will check your QuickBooks POS Update. It will also display information about what it includes and how long it takes to download, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Select Update Now (on automatic downloads, select OK when notified).
  • Restart or downgrade to make sure you have the right software application installed.
  • Install the update by following the on-screen prompts.
  • After your QuickBooks POS update is installed, you will need to restart the POS.
  • Install the update to additional workstations when applicable.

To review the QuickBooks POS update history on a workstation, select Software Updates > View Installed Updates from the Start menu.


Is There Any QBPOS Update Available Right Now ?

QuickBooks POS Update

Find out the latest version of the QuickBooks POS

  • Click on the Help and then click on the About Point of Sale.
  • Now, in the QuickBooks POS window, check the latest available version.

Do You know when you see the warning message on their screen during POS update Quickbooks Update Not Successful, either you follow the instruction mentioned here or get in touch QuickBooks USA Support team for experts help.

For QuickBooks Desktop POS 18.0 Version

It comprises certain improvements in features, bug fixes and recently needed changes. More information find out what’s new added features in QB Point of Sale 18.0 edition.

The changes in QuickBooks Point of Sale editions: QuickBooks POS BASIC, PRO and MULTI-STORE with the releases:

  • Release R5
  • Release R4
  • Release R3
  • Release R1

For QuickBooks Desktop POS 12.0 Version

It is available from Release R15 to R4 (From the latest to the oldest available Version)

To Download QuickBooks Point of Sale and Install it

For Manual update:

  • Click on the Downloadsand then click on the Update Web page.
  • Now, go to the Drop-down,click on the Product and then select QuickBooks POS.
  • Go to the Edition Drop-downmenu, click on the edition that you want to download and install.
  • Now, go to the Version Drop-down,click on the version that you want to select.
  • Click on Search.
  • Now, the latest update download will start and wait for the download to finish. Save the downloaded file in the desktop or your desired location.
  • Now, to start the installation process, double-click on the file. Once the installation completes, restart your computer.
  • Use your network to install the manual update by
    • Using Flash Driveto copy the installation file and then to another system or workstation.
    • Installing the file to another computer through remote access of the computer having downloaded file.

MyOnePro Also posted earlier what’s difference between QuickBooks POS 2013 Vs 2018, So you can decide Do you go for new edition .

Automatic Update:

Method #1: Use QuickBooks Desktop POS Update Feature

  1. Go to the Help Menu, click on the Software Update and then click on Check for Update.
  2. Click on the “Radio Button Update Now” and then click on
  3. Now, wait for the update to complete. The message will appear, close QuickBooks POS from your Desktop and then restart your system.

Method #2: Go for Automatic Download for Future

To schedule your future download in automatically download system, check these steps.

  • Go to the Help menu, click on the Software Updatesand then click on the Updater Preference.
  • To turn the Automatic Updateon, click on the General Tab and then click on the Radio Button to get all the updates automatically.
  • You can also share automatic updates with other Systems or Workstations via Network.Click on the Download Tab (shared) and then click on Yes.
  • Now, click on

What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 19.0

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 19 brings both new and improved features and a hardware refresh. Here’s what’s included in the release.

New features

E-commerce integration

The integration e-commerce with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 19.0 helps online sales grow and keep you on top of your monthly goals.

Using the e-commerce integration, you can:

  • Keep track of your inventory in real-time with our automatic syncing feature.
  • Add products quickly and easily to multiply your sales.
  • We offer inventory that is automatically updated so you can see the latest prices.
  • Get orders shipped faster by printing shipping labels and packing slips from one place.
  • Get financial insights on overall business performance and make channel-specific decisions.

Hardware Refresh

QuickBooks Point of Sale 19.0 hardware gives a sleeker, more modern look and smaller footprint. Color options are available to fit the look and feel of your retail store. Learn more about what hardware is compatible with QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Enhanced Payment options

Contactless payments and mobile payments are now available, along with the Ingenico Lane 5000 PIN Pad. This allows your customers to pay in a variety of ways including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

Get Help For Update Install QBPOS V18,V13,V12

To know more, you can connect with QuickBooks POS Support team of MyOnePro at Toll-Free Helpline Number +1-516-494-3146

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. For Which Business Do You Use QuickBooks?

    QuickBooks POS is made for retail businesses with point-of-sale systems that helps them manage inventory, sales, and more.

  2. What are Some of the Features of QuickBooks Point-of-Sale software?

    QuickBooks POS gives you the tools you need to manage inventory, return processes, and payment options. Plus, it tracks customer data so your company is reporting accurately.


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