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Things to Know About Accountant File/Copy QuickBooks

Before you create an Accountant’s Copy, it is important that you decide the dividing date. The transactions for the current period can only be entered. This can be any date right after the dividing date for the creation of Accountant’s Copy. The transactions will be created on or before the dividing date. You may face restrictions on the copy of Accountant’s Copy. The important point is that don’t remove any restrictions without having been made changes in your Accountant’s Copy/File.
 Accountant's Copy QuickBooks

How to Create an Accountant’s Copy?

QB Create  Accountant's CopyIt is completely your decision on how Accountant’s Copy can be delivered to the accountant. A file can be created which you can send to the accountant through e-mail (Let’s assume that the file is too large). It can be into a storage device. An Intuit Web Service can be used.

To Create an Accountant’s Copy/File:

  • Click on File –> select Accountant’s Copy and then click on Client Activities.
  • Click on Save File.
  • Now, confirm that you want to create Accountant’s Copy. Now, select Next.
  • Click on the dividing date.
  • Now, select Next.

An Alternative: You need to change the location of the file. Now, for the Accountant’s Copy, select the filename as per the QuickBooks suggestion. There should be a .qbx extension.Save QB QB Create  Accountant's Copy

  • Click on Save
  • Give a name to your Accountant’s Copy (.qbx) and then continue to your work.

Limitations for Existing Accountant’s Copy/File

Once you create an Accountant’s Copy, you may face certain limitations with it. These restrictions are somehow necessary to prevent your tasks that be conflicted with Accountant’s Tasks.

Send QB Create  Accountant's Copy QB

  • It is easy to add a new account, but you are not allowed to have any subaccount added to the existing account at any cost.
  • If there is an existing account, it can’t be edited, merged or even you can inactive any existing account.
  • If you are making a new account, the account can be edited or inactive the account which you just created and the Accountant’s copy is already with the Accountant.


  • If any transaction is dated after the dividing date, it can only be worked on.

List except Chart of Accounts:Send Back QB Create  Accountant's Copy Client

  • Items can be sorted, edited or you can inactive the item.
  • The items can neither be merged nor be deleted.


  • The account can be reconciled even if the accountant holds your Accountant’s Copy.
  • Current period’s transactions that cover all reconciliation (Post Dividing Dates) can be saved and you can’t undo those transactions.
  • If the reconciliation has been undone or it is done by an accountant for a specific time period, the reconciliation that you have done will automatically be undone when you try to import changes in the accountant.

Issue Solving QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy Problem

Get in touch with the Support team for any errors and problem while working with Intuit QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy, either you are facing an issue while creating, exporting or doing something else, lets connect to Chat Support or even dial toll free phone number anytime +1-516-494-3146 .


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