QuickBooks POS MIT Error

QB POS Transaction Failed MIT Error

QuickBooks POS MIT Error or QuickBooks POS Message 140205: The Database Connection Issue with QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale).

The Error Message, in general, comes due to Damaged/Corrupted POS (Point of Sale) Certificate. It may also occur due to some issue with your Workstation. If you are running an eCommerce business, then check out QuickBooks Shopify Integration guidelines or connect with MyOnePro for more information.


Ways To Fix QB Point Of Sale MIT Error Message

In order to make the solution, we are mentioning, work in your QuickBooks Accounting Software, you need to follow all the steps carefully; otherwise this error can also be accompanied by various other QuickBooks Errors.

Here are some of the Solutions, using which will help you solve the error from your software.

Solution #1:

  • Check the connection between the QuickBooks Desktop Software and the Point of Sale (POS). Refresh if you find it unconnected or not connected properly.
  • Now, in your QuickBooks Desktop Application, go to the Edit Option and then go to the Preferences.
  • Now, select the Integrated Application and then select the Company Preference option.

Here, you need to remove the Integration.

  • Go to the QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale) and then select the Remove. If it shows multiple items listed on the screen, remove all.
  • Now, select OK.
  • Try to reopen the QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale)

The above solution shows how to refresh and set up a new connection between QuickBooks Desktop and Point of Sale. However, there are many probable situations and out of which there is one probable situation where you are still unable to set up a working Financial Exchange between QuickBooks and Point of Sale (POS) and it is very important to get rid of such cases.

Follow all the steps we are mentioning below:

Point to be Note: All the steps we are mentioning below have technical significance. Follow all the steps in the sequence we are mentioning.

  • Start a fresh Integration of QuickBooks Desktop and Point of Sale (POS)
  • Now, before you open Point of Sale in QuickBooks, you need to close all the open Dialogue Boxes.
  • Now, go to the Point of Sale (POS) File Menu –> open Preference option –> open
  • Click on the option “Financial.”
  • Now, you will see a box “Use with QuickBooks Software,” uncheck the box.
  • Click on the
  • Now, click on the Financial Center in the Financial Menu.
  • In the Summary option, set up a new connection for Integration between QuickBooks and POS (Point of Sale)
  • Now, follow all the on-screen instruction of the Connection Wizard.
  • Check whether the Financial Exchange is running or not.

Solution #2: Run Point of Sale (POS) Connectivity Tool in QuickBooks

  • You need to download the POS (Point of Sale) Connectivity Tool. The Tools will help you locate the real cause of the issue. Whether the connectivity issue is in your QuickBooks or it is with your Network.

Support MIT Error Troubleshooting QBPOS V18,V13,V12

It’s important for retail business owner to check regularly POS software to avoid any transnational error. Also, its very pathetic when during the wee hours when a number are people in the store and POS not works. This not only increases the line on queue, but also a possible buyer may step out or even reputation of business goes down. With the help of MyOnePro USA QuickBooks Support team not only you can consult with experts which QBPOS version suited for your business, but also MyOnePro team will make setup for both single store or multi store also happy to serve your business 24/7 in case something goes wrong with your QB Point of Sale Software.
To know more about QuickBooks POS MIT Error, contact MyOnePro team on QuickBooks POS Technical Support Number or via Toll-Free Number +1 800 301 4813 or go to Live Chat Support



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