QuickBooks Upgrade Errors

Resolve QuickBooks Upgrade Errors

QuickBooks Update errors are common QuickBooks Errors that the users encounter usually downloading the product updates released by Intuit. When the users encounter the update errors the QuickBooks application fails from getting updated and thus the issue occurs and the new features released by Intuit do not get installed. Its mandatory user to follow all QuickBooks Desktop Upgrade Instruction to run smoothly QB software.

The QuickBooks software updates are released quarterly, monthly or half-yearly by Intuit. These product updates when downloaded, installed and upgraded it ensures that the errors faced by the users are easily fixed which the involvement of the technical support executive. But there are some unexpected situations the user might end up encountering critical issues in downloading the updates that might not be the fault of the software. Also MyOnePro QuickBooks Upgrade Support team warned the user about the latest issue & problem .

Common Reasons Error During QuickBooks Upgrade

There are number of reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of the error. They are as follows:

  • Internet Connectivity issues
  • Hindrances from the Personal Firewall or Internet Security.
  • One or more QuickBooks Desktop items for the similar version and year both of which are installed together on one computer system. For e.g. QuickBooks Desktop Premier Edition 2016 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 16.

How to fix the Intuit QB Desktop Upgrade Errors

Web Stability and Connectivity Issues indicates different error codes like 12157, 12045, 12038, 12037 along with error messages that indicates the exact cause of error. MyOnePro posted separately QuickBooks POS Upgrade Problem earlier .

Solution 1 – Improper Time and Date Settings on the Computer System:

  • Go to task bar.
  • Click on the time displayed.
  • Select Adjust Date / Time.
  • Choose Change Date and Time option
  • Go to Today’s Date and Time tab.
  • Thoroughly verify the date are correct is correctly set up.
  • Click on OK when prompted twice.
  • Close your QuickBooks software then restart it again.
  • Update QuickBooks software again.

Solution 2 – Configuration of Internet Connection

In order to check the internet connectivity of the system that encounters errors go to www.intuit.ca [or connect QuickBooks USA Support team for help] . In case the web page fails to open, immediately contact service provider because the issue is from the internet back end. And if the wen page opens follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Select Help -> Set up Internet Connection tab.
  • Choose use my computer’s internet connection settings to create a connection while the application accesses the Internet ->select & click on Next.
  • Go to Advanced Connection Settings -> Click on Advanced option.
  • Select the Restore Advanced Setting option.
  • Click Ok once done.
  • Attempt to Update your QuickBooks Desktop again.

Configuration of Firewall and Internet Security Settings

Sometimes the default settings and restrictions configured by the user for Internet security software and personal firewall might interfere and restrict the software from downloading the updates. The reason might be that it may cause some problem to the computer system. Recheck your settings and verify that is not the case.

Multiple QuickBooks Desktop Versions on same computer

At times there are many QuickBooks desktop versions of same year on the same system. This causes confusion and might create the issue in installing the updates. For this you might have to manually update the QuickBooks software.

Troubleshooting Upgrade Issue QB Pro, Premier , Enterprise

For further assistance on updating the QuickBooks Desktop software, you should immediately get in touch with the Intuit or QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number. Also you can choose to connect with third party QuickBooks consulting companies. MyOnePro is one such agency that that roofs highly competent QuickBooks experts who assure quick resolution of issues in minimum wait time. You can call to the toll free garner best QuickBooks services.


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