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Unknown Client Specific Tax Form Printing Error


QuickBooks Unknown Client Specific Tax Form Printing Error

QuickBooks accounting software is specially designed for small and medium organizations. It is incorporated with many exceptional tools and features for the smooth functioning of your business. Though working on QuickBooks is very simple and easy but under some circumstances, you may come across some technical issues. These issues act as an obstacle in your work thus delaying your time. One such technical error is ‘Unknown Client Specific Tax Form Printing Error’ in QuickBooks.

Why Unknown Client Specific Tax Form Printing Error Occurs

Resolve Client-specific Tax Form Printing Error QB

You will encounter this QuickBooks error when your tax table form folders or files are missing from your system or damaged. It may be due to the incomplete download or you may have installed the latest tax table. You should always have an active QuickBooks payroll subscription to print forms. If you are printing state forms or other forms like 940, 941, W-2, and W-3, then the following error message will be displayed on your computer screen:

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Error: Unknown client-specific tax form printing error: 214, 539, 202, or 10508.

You will receive this error message for a number of error codes like Error Code 214, 539, 202, or 10508.

How To Fix Tax Form Print Error Clint Specific


To resolve this QuickBooks error, you will have to follow the solutions mentioned below:

Solution I:

  • Check for active as well as inactive items for invalid characters in the list below:
  • Payroll Item List
  • Employee Name List
  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Vendor List
  • Company Information window
  • The above list should not have any extra blank spaces or have any special symbols like # in characters.

Solution II:

  • Check for latest updates.
  • If any, then download and install it on your system also check Why QuickBooks Update Not Successful .
  • Complete the updating process for your QuickBooks software.
  • After updating your product release, check whether all updates are selected on the Options Tab.
  • You can also try to download your entire payroll update again and then reset it.
  • To do it, you will have to press control key along with Update Tab at the same time.

Solution III:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Go to Employees and then click on Get Payroll Updates.
  • This way you can easily download Latest Tax Table.

Solution IV:

  • Perform a clean uninstall or reinstall your QuickBooks solution in a Selective Setup.

Note: You should have a current subscription to at least one of the QuickBooks payroll services. Therefore, without a subscription, you cannot download the latest tax tables. If you have not subscribed it, then click on Subscribe button or go to Account Info button (in case your subscription has expired) and follow the information provided. After that process, you will have to validate your payroll subscription and download the updated payroll files.

Support Unknown Tax Form Printing Issue QuickBooks

The above solutions are recommended by Intuit experts. If you still have some query or you need assistance, then you can get in touch with MyOnePro. They are third-party QuickBooks consultancy who provides support to millions of QB users. To contact them you just have to call on QuickBooks Support toll-free number to connect MyOnePro team dial now Toll-Free Number +1 800 301 4813 . You can also visit their website and request for Online Chat Support.

6 thoughts on “Unknown Client Specific Tax Form Printing Error”

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  2. i need help in printing w2 forms for my employees. Our past office manager ordered a program to print the documents. Does it have to be on certain paper?

  3. Is there a way to print the W2s and other tax information to a PDF so they can be downloaded and printed remotely? We used to use Google remote printing but Google did away with that. I don’t even use QBs, but I am the office manager., We have Enterprise wholesale… something like that The gal who does our tax stuff works remotely and logs into a computer in our office. Without Google Remote Printing, she said QBs does not let her print to a PDF. Since I don’t use QBs, I don’t know if that is true. I know it lets other reports be printed to PDFs, but she said not tax stuff

  4. QB won’t print my 1099s. At first I couldn’t get them aligned (top one was too high, bottom too low) and now they won’t print at all using desktop 2021

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