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QuickBooks Sales Tax Paid to the Vendor

QuickBooks for Vendor Sales Tax

How To Enter Sales Tax Paid To Vendor In QuickBooks?

The small or the medium sized businesses need to collect sales tax on the products/items they are endorsing for sale to be compliance with the law. The sales tax collected on the items varies according to the sales tax rules and regulations for the business location. The sales tax composed during the business advancement needs to be paid to the relevant tax agency for your specific location. QuickBooks application authorizes the user to add a tax agency as a vendor that would help in maintaining a record and pay the sales tax that you collect to the correct institution.First you can learn How To Add Sales Tax QuickBooks in easy steps a guide by MyOnePro .

Step By Step Process Entering Vendor Paid Up Sales Tax

Steps to Add a Tax Agency as a Vendor

  1. Launch QuickBooks program on your system
  2. Click Vendor Center going to the window top -> The Vendor Center window opens.
  3. Go to the upper left side corner of the window -> Click New Vendor.
  4. Enter the name of the tax agency in the Vendor Name box. Enter the date in the box.
  5. Mention the address and all the other contact details for the tax agency going to the Address Info tab.
  6. Click Additional Info tab.
  7. Choose the Tax Agency going to the drop-down list.
  8. Click OK to save the tax agency information.

You can also e-file Multiple Tax Using QuickBooks check out all types of QuickBooks TAX Forms and its meaning .

Get Help Vendor Sale TAX Record Issue , Problem

For any further query or information you can Contact QuickBooks Support team. The team can be approached through toll free phone number, email support or live chat support. Also you can contact other reliable support agencies like MyOnePro. It houses experienced and competent QuickBooks ProAdvisors who are capable of providing prompt support services to all the queries and solutions reported by the clients. The team assures first call resolution to the users in a minimum wait time. Call to the toll free phone support number Toll-Free +1800.301.4813 and acquire instant support.

9 thoughts on “QuickBooks Sales Tax Paid to the Vendor”

  1. I just have a quick question. We have a check that never made it to our vendor. So we were going to stop payment and cut another check. Can we just reprint the check instead of voiding it and starting from scratch?

  2. I need to do this fix, however I still need to re-pay the same bills and need to the customer account correct for 1099’s using QB 2021 ,if I enter the refund under deposits, which we do. We have been doing it under the original expense account but then it does not show on the vendor acct (just realized) ,so correct vendor acct was already paid out

  3. I was creating invoice for different state, the tax rate is 6.00 when I add tax I add the % and rate went down to 0.06%, how can i fix the rate make it correct 6.00% on QB online

  4. I need little help to record a check came from vendor,Vendor gave a check which not relate to any bills.,We did an agreement for the copier machine and vendor sent a check, I did process through Banking Deposit but it is now showing in the vendor side as a bill

  5. How do I delete vendors so they do not show on my reports since they no longer are vendors? using 2013 Pro,I only use it for my Club so it’s pretty basic stuff,I have it upgraded on a different laptop, but I rarely use it. Guess I should just use that one for input. It’s just my desktop is more convenient

  6. I am trying to change the bank account for payroll and sales tax in QB desktop, as she had to close the account and open a new one. I believe it is QB Enhanced.using QB Pro 2021

  7. i have a Travel Credit on my Visa but have made charges to different vendors…Do i start with the Payment Credit and add the purchases? I never had a credit so i never have an account like “Visa” using 2022 QB

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