QuickBooks Web Connector Errors

Web Connector Errors QuickBooks

One of the widely used Microsoft Windows applications named QuickBooks Web Connector ensures data communication with other QuickBooks Desktop products. The web service located in a web server may be hosted by a hosting service or locally to establish data sharing. This application is installed in the same local network as using QuickBooks. When accessing web connectors with QuickBooks, users might encounter different types of conflicts or interruptions. No need to worry! MyOnePro compiled with the practical solutions to resolve QuickBooks Web Connector error.

Types Of Issues, Error QuickBooks Web Connector

What are QuickBooks Web Connector errors?

QuickBooks Web Connector

The interruptions happen when using the QuickBooks web connector to allow the web service to establish communication via the common qbXML of both POS and Desktop SDK. Such barrier messages are known as QuickBooks web connector errors. It results in communication failure. You need to analyze the core of the issue before begin the troubleshooting procedure of the same.

QuickBooks Web Connector Application Requested To Abort Error

Why QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector Error: Application Request to abort happening?

QuickBooks Web Connector Stop Working

This issue often takes place when you try to sync QuickBooks Desktop with the house-call Pro. The web connector fails because of the access permission failure. This error is generally seen when you click on the update and hit the Web connector. The primary reason is when a non-admin user tries to configure the web connector. To resolve the update aborted: “Problem locking company file” error of Web connector, you need to verify the QuickBooks user permission and role to access the QuickBooks company file. Let’s explore the other causes and solutions of the web connector errors in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Web Connector Has Stopped Working Error

What are the causes of QuickBooks web connector has stopped working error?

The independent tool QuickBooks web connector may stop working if not properly configured in Windows. Here is the list of causes triggering the unable to work web connector issue:

  • Incomplete installation of QBWC Tool
  • Not updated QuickBooks Web connector
  • The corrupted or missing log file in the tool
  • Users have no administrative right

How To Fix, Solve QB Web Connector Errors ?

How to get rid of QuickBooks Web connector errors?

If the QuickBooks Error occurs when syncing the Web connector with QuickBooks, here are the solutions you need to follow:

  • Make a user and give Administrative rights:
  • If the error triggers the failure of the administrative right, you can make a new user and allot the administrative rights. Here are steps to make a new user account in Windows:
  • First of all, click on the Start button.
  • Hit the Settings option and then select Accounts
  • Click Family and others
  • Hit Add someone else to this PC
  • Choose” I don’t have this person’s sign-in information
  • It will redirect you to the next window
  • Click on “Add a user without a Microsoft Account.”
  • Write a user name with Password
  • Hit Next button
  • After creating the user account, you need to locate the Account Type
  • Choose Administrator
  • Hit OK
  • Now the new users have the administrative rights to configure the QuickBooks web connector.

Method 2- Re-install QuickBooks after uninstalling QuickBooks Web connector:

The incorrect installation of the QB connector tool might create the error to establish a connection with the QuickBooks web connection. Hence to tackle the issue, you can use the uninstallation & re-installation technique. It usually works. For this, here are the steps:

  • Hit the Windows+R button to open Run Window
  • Enter Control Panel in the search field
  • Hit OK
  • Now you need to give a click on Uninstall a program option
  • Click Web connector and then hit Uninstall button
  • In case you fail to discover a web connector from the program list, you require finding the QBWebconnector from the C drive
  • Once found, delete it
  • Start the downloading of the QB web connector installer tool
  • Save it to the easy-accessible folder
  • You need to unzip the installation folder
  • Start the .exe file
  • Now follow the instructions on the screen to complete the task

Method 3- Set permissions for the Windows Log file:

Follow the Below-mentioned instructions:

  • Discover the log file you need to set permissions
  • Give a right-click on it
  • Click on the drop-down to choose properties
  • Select the security button from the top
  • Hit Edit option
  • Click permission from the dialog box<Object>
  • If you need to modify the permissions, hit the group or user name
  • Click on the Allow checkbox

Method 4-Fix QuickBooks web connector .NET Framework error:

Web connector is a Microsoft program; hence it needs the Microsoft.Net framework to work smoothly. Follow the manual steps to resolve the .NET framework issues:

  • Close all active programs
  • Click on the Windows start button
  • Enter Control Panel into the field
  • It will open the Control Panel Window
  • Locate Program and Features button
  • Hit uninstall a program
  • Choose to Turn Windows features on or off tab
  • Discover .NET framework from the list
  • Verify the settings for .NET Framework

Moreover, you can use the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool for fixing fixing errors issue related to .NET framework either its be Unhandled Exception Error QuickBooks or any other.

Here are the steps to repair .NET Framework:

  • Locate the Program and Features Window
  • Click Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Click Uninstall/Change button
  • Choose Repair option
  • Hit Next button
  • Now follow the instructions on the screen
  • Once complete the repair procedure restart the system.

Technical Support QuickBooks Web Connector Problems

MyOnePro covers the important content related to QuickBooks Web Connection errors with effective resolutions. If the methods does not sort out the issue or need additional assistance, please get in touch with QuickBooks professional team. Give a call to QuickBooks USA Support team to talk to the team over the phone or do a live chat to solve the queries immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Name The Error Codes Associated With The QuickBooks Web Connector Error ?

    1. QBWC1005 or 1006 :QuickBooks Web Connector Failed To Run
    2. QBWC1007, 1009, 1008, 1022, 1024 or 1023 : A connection error occurred in QuickBooks Web Connector.
    3. QBWC1030 : When Password is unavailable for the application
    4. QBWC1033 : Initializations of QWCLog.txt file failure
    5. QBWC1048 : QuickBooks Web Connector could not check the web application server certificate.
    6. QBWC1039
    7. QBWC1085

  2. How Can I Verify .NET Framework 4.5 Or Advanced ?

    1. Click on the checkbox to enable .NET Framework
    2. Hit OK to save the changes
    3. Restart the system
    4. QuickBooks web connector cannot remove the application.

  3. How Do I Resolve The QuickBooks Web Connection Error In Less Timeframe ?

    1. Initially, you will require verifying the settings within QuickBooks Desktop.
    2. Locate the Preferences
    3. Click on Integrated Applications and then verify the below:
    4. “Don’t permit any applications to access this company file” hence need to be unchecked as it will block the communication between them
    5. Place a checkmark below ALLOW ACCESS corresponding to the HCPQBWebConnectorService in the application list
    6. Locate the HCPQBWebConnectorService app properties
    7. Click on the checkbox named “Allow this application to read and modify this company file” it should appear to be checked.

  4. How To Tackle QuickBooks Web Connector Cannot Remove The Application?

    Using the remove button sometimes fails to remove the QuickBooks web connector file; hence there require forcibly delete the information. To fix this, you need to delete the entry from the registry. Editing the registry is a complex task, so it is recommended to seek professional help to prevent disaster. For deleting keys from the registry in Web connection, here are the commands:
    1. Registry Key: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Intuit\QBWebConnector
    2. Delete the key entry from the section below the Scheduler and SOAPWebServices
    3. After this, Open QuickBooks
    4. Locate Integrated Preferences Panel to remove the app


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