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The lifeblood of every business whether small or medium is getting paid. To get a reliable income there should be advanced tools including a trending accounting solution with a dedicated invoicing system. Maintaining accurate cash flow there requires proper payment records. Thus invoicing plays a significant role. As we know that manual invoice creation can become a great hassle or time-consuming. QuickBooks comes with the effortless method of generating invoices but the question is how to get paid faster? In this Microsoft invoicing integration in QuickBooks can become a great time saver. The below MYOnePro will discuss Microsoft invoicing QuickBooks and describe all the process you have to learn to QuickBooks Send Invoice By Email .

What Is Microsoft Invoicing?

Microsoft invoicing is one of the smarter tools providing a single interface to handle all complex work. This utility is a full-featured solution to let you ease in tracking bills, managing invoices, and receiving payment effortlessly. It allows sending quotation to the customer and then converts it to invoice. It is pretty simple and sending the same through an email address.

Advantages Of Microsoft Invoicing And QuickBooks Integration

  • Ease of Payment processing, Online payments, invoicing, and customize invoice
  • In a single go, you can do invoicing
  • Simple path for processing payment
  • Improve the appearance of the invoices by customizing
  • You can centralize the complete invoicing system
  • The invoicing integration let the customer receive quick invoices and process their payment
  • Automation of Invoices with QuickBooks online jobs and invoices, customer items
  • The Microsoft invoicing in QB reduces error, decreases duplicate data entry, enhances productivity, in turn, helps in better forecasting.
  • Better visibility of the running business
  • Easily run A/R analytics
  • Simplify collection of outstanding balances
  • Prevent the irrelevant follow-up steps
  • Evaluating Quick sales commission on received cash
  • Accurate and time-saving forecasting

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How To Integrate Microsoft Invoicing In QuickBooks?

There may be tools available to connect invoicing system with QuickBooks. The DBSync is the best tool you can begin with pre-built workflow and enhance customization. It let you easily make scalable integration workflows on demand via any accounting or ERP. This tool works with QuickBooks as below:

  • Integrate with Inventory
  • Integrate Invoice to Invoice
  • Integrate with inventory
  • Integrate invoices from Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Accounts, with Quickbooks Online Customers Invoices, Items, and Jobs
  • Monitor cash & A/R analysis
  • Integrate standardized objects to perform functions such as expense, A/R, A/P, and timesheet integration.

Microsoft Invoicing Connector For QuickBooks

Microsoft Invoicing connector is a powerful element of Microsoft Invoicing. It allows you to easily share data via office 365 in QuickBooks. It keeps everything and keeps changes in both the applications up-to-date. You can even manage data connections between QuickBooks and Microsoft invoicing. Hence whenever there require sharing data of the invoice including customer name, contact details, the postal address you can easily share between the application. The shared items are marked as taxable and shared as non-inventory. It allows applying the right tax amounts in the tax settings.

Here are the things you can do with the Microsoft invoicing after integrating it into QuickBooks:

  • Easily check the status of the connection like databases and companies
  • Share any data you need
  • You can even link new company files of QuickBooks and share data between them
  • Block data sharing with the company files of QuickBooks desktop.

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Errors In Microsoft Invoicing QuickBooks:

Microsoft invoicing and QuickBooks integration is generally reliable and stable. However, in rare scenarios, there may encounter Errors QuickBooks . You need to locate the basic errors and troubleshooting them same. It contains several issues like incorrect configuration, sync errors, wrong browser settings, wrong email preferences, or wrong MAPI32.dll, etc. Follow the below fix to resolve the errors which interrupt the working of invoicing in QuickBooks:

Sync errors:

These issues mainly happen when the particular account period has been closed or failed to update the records via QuickBooks service API. It interrupts the payment or invoice sync. Therefore there are two methods to fix the sync issue after Microsoft invoicing and QuickBooks integration. You can fix this by manually re-sync the invoice or update the bill issue date.

Resolve duplicate name error:

Sometimes the name of the client or employees already exists. In such cases use the different name or re-sync the bill or modify the vendor name

Object not found issue:

Verify the fields with customers, vendors, accounts, or accounts or update the version of QuickBooks

Unsupported QuickBooks feature:

Fix this by downloading updates

How To Fix QuickBooks And Microsoft Invoicing Integration Error

Other troubleshooting steps to fix integration errors:

Change the admin privileges some errors occur in the software because you are not running it with administrator mode:

  • Close the QuickBooks software
  • Click on the Start button
  • Enter QuickBooks and then right-click on the icon
  • Choose Open file location
  • Open the file named QuickBooks.exe and then clicks on the Properties tab
  • Hit compatibility button
  • Choose to unselect the option which says Run this program as administrator
  • Check the button is grayed out; then choose show settings for all users to make the option visible
  • Hit on Apply button and then click ok

Check the Internet Explorer email preferences:

  • Reset the email preferences with the below steps:
  • First of all close the QuickBooks
  • Open the IE
  • Choose the Tools tab then click on the Settings option
  • Hit Internet options
  • Click on the tab named programs then choose set programs
  • Now click on set your default programs
  • Choose the email service you need to use
  • Hit Apply and then click ok

Help To Connect MS Invoice To QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise

Microsoft invoicing is advantageous for all types of businesses! Hopefully, the guide to Integrate Microsoft invoicing connector With QuickBooks is helpful. If you face any issue or other error then connect QuickBooks professional team or use a live chat. Moreover, you can use an email feature to send your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Create An Invoice In Microsoft Word?

    In Microsoft, there are many invoice templates. The main benefit of choosing the template is to improve the appearance.

  2. How Can I Fix The Error: Duplicate Payment Transactions Display In QuickBooks?

    1. Now disable the bank feed sync in QuickBooks
    2. Make a workflow that says disable synchronization of payment
    3. Delete the duplicate categories manually

  3. What System Requirements Do I Need For Microsoft Invoicing QuickBooks Integration?

    Supported Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1

  4. What If I Need To Delete The Microsoft Invoicing Connector?

    Here are the steps:

    1. Delete the File named connector_language_code.msi file
    2. Click on the start button
    3. Select Control panel
    4. Find the Microsoft invoicing connection
    5. Hit on Remove or Add
    6. It will display a dialog box
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to delete the program
    8. Click on Microsoft invoicing connection in the installed application
    9. Select Remove
    10. Hit Yes button

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