Recover Form 940 In QuickBooks


The 940 form you wish to retrieve, the year it was produced, and the date it was removed from your company file are just a few of the factors that go into whether you can. Each year, employers must submit the Form 940 to the IRS. This form aids in comparing the value of unemployment benefits tax that the business must spend for a given fiscal year for both the IRS and the company.

Because there are numerous versions of QuickBooks payroll, the procedure for locating and viewing the form 940 differs depending on the edition and license. There are distinct processes for the payroll assistance and improved functionality even while utilizing the desktop version.

In this post, you’ll learn how to recover 940 forms in QuickBooks Desktop and Online.

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What is Form 940?

Small firms with staff are required by the IRS to file Form 940, which is used to calculate the amount of government’s annual unemployment tax that the business incurs. The computation is measured by the annual salary quantity, which is the sum paid by the company to its autonomous partners and subcontractors.

The Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) is computed based on the first $7,000 in salaries provided to workers, such as the firm proprietor. The business can quickly evaluate the sum of FUTA tax that must be given for a given year while completing out the one-page paperwork.

Steps to Recover Form 940 in QuickBooks

Based totally on the program you’ve registered to and the system on which you’re utilizing employment, there may be different procedures for locating the appropriate 940 form. Payroll options are provided in QuickBooks’ desktop and online versions. Therefore, we have specified how to locate the tax information on each program.

We’ve provided steps to recover Form 940 in each version of QuickBooks with Payroll. Choose your platform and service, then proceed with the steps.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted

You may locate and retrieve 940 forms in QuickBooks bookkeeping application if you have an existing account to the pc payroll assistance feature. Most of the physical and tedious activities that you must perform are handled by guided payroll. The improved version doesn’t have access to this functionality.

To recover Form 940 in QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Pick Payroll Center in the Employees option.
  2. Hit View/Print forms & W-2s under the File Forms section.
  3. Inside the Payroll Tax Center screen, submit your payroll password after entering it.
  4. Then select Filed Documents.
  5. Select the documents you want to retrieve, then select View Print Or Save.

You can follow the procedure beneath if you already wish to check up the relevant payouts:

  1. Select Employees & Payroll from the Reports option.
  2. Select Balances of Payroll Liability.
  3. Enter the time frame to focus your search.
  4. First from choices presented, select the payroll transaction.

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QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced

Additionally, you can produce various tax forms using the upgraded version. These forms can be delivered personally or online.

Follow the procedure underneath to locate and restore a 940 form in QuickBooks Desktop paycheck augmented:

  1. Select Payroll Center by clicking the Employees menu’s link.
  2. Activate the File Forms option.
  3. From the Filing History section, select the Save Filings or E-Filings option.
  4. Select the preferred form, then select view.

To view a specific payment, take the following actions:

  1. Select Payroll Center by clicking the Employees menu’s link.
  2. A pay liabilities tab should be selected.
  3. Navigate to the All payments or E-Payments tab.

When you access the form, you can also use the print feature to tack a print out of the form or to save an external copy in PDF format on your system.

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    QuickBooks Online Payroll

    The Intuit payroll management solution features a fairly straightforward user experience that you can utilize to easily locate payment papers that you’ve previously produced.

    If you or Intuit completed and submitted the document through the web payroll tool, you can restore it by taking these guidelines:

    1. Payroll Tax can be selected from the Taxes option.
    2. On the Filings section, select.
    3. From the area labeled Upcoming Filings, select Archived forms and filings.
    4. To display the page as filled out, select Preview.

    But at the other hand, follow the instructions below to locate your Form 940 if you utilized a non-assisted facility or individually filled the federal tax return:

    Follow the below instructions to Archive the information.

    1. Go to the taxation menu and select Payroll Tax.
    2. Select one of the two possibilities:
      1. Yearly papers
      2. Monthly papers
    3. The Form 940 that you wish to view should be chosen.
    4. Enter the liability duration, then select Archive.

    To access the form, adhere to following steps:

    1. Payroll Tax can be selected from the Taxes menu.
    2. Then select Filings.
    3. Underneath the submitting Resources section, select Archived forms and Filings.
    4. Select the preferred form, then select View.

    You may see the overall tax form, complete with all the filled-in information. Going to the Tax payment record, which allows you to obtain all the documents and transaction information in the web application, is the simplest approach


    I believe I was capable of fixing your problem and direct you to the tax return you needed. The methods to find the form 940 in QuickBooks online are identical to those in Intuit payroll service. so that you can act appropriately. To learn more about the different tax forms that are offered by your accounting systems, you may also report information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I View my Tax Forms After Payroll Subscription has Expired?

      Yes, you can, if you’ve stored your data locally. However, if your data was on servers or machines not owned by you, then you may not have access to your tax forms or payment information until you resubscribe and activate the payroll features once again in your accounting software. This can spell trouble for companies that forgot to export all their payroll data before the expiry of payroll subscription.

    2. How do I Access Payroll Reports to Find the Form 940?

      Payroll statements are accessible through the Business summary option. All of the common dashboards and reports, particularly payroll reports, are available in the summary area. To view the forms and billing details in your accounting system, select the pay stubs, enter the necessary criteria, and then click Start Reports.

    3. Can QuickBooks be Used to Print Out Archived Tax Forms?

      You can, indeed. You have the option to print the desired tax form once you’ve located it. You can even change the print settings to simply obtain all the data listed on the tax form.


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