How To Remove Accountant Changes Pending In QuickBooks Desktop


An accountant’s copy of your company file has been made, and you are now aware of it thanks to the message “Accountant’s Changes Pending” that shows at the top of your QuickBooks Desktop window. You can work on current transactions with an accountant’s copy while the accountant is working on transactions from previous financial periods. Once your accountant is done, you can import their adjustments into your company file.

This prevents you from importing the accountant’s changes even though you can delete the message. Still, you have the option to manually enter the modifications.

How do I Get Rid of the Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • To access client activities, select File > Accountant’s Copy.
  • To remove restrictions, click.
  • A notice is displayed. Make sure you want to take out the Accountant’s Copy after reading it.
  • Please eliminate the restrictions on the Accountant’s Copy by selecting Yes. Select OK.

Do you Know How to Cancel a Copy in QuickBooks?

  • Click the Accountant’s copy, then Client Activities.
  • Select Remove Restrictions.
  • Click Yes, I want to remove the Accountant’s Copy restrictions and click OK.

How do I Manually Enter Changes to My Accountants in QuickBooks?

How to reconcile changes with an accountant in QuickBooks Desktop? In QuickBooks Desktop, click on the File menu and select Send Company File. Select Accountant’s Copy and then click on Client Activities. If your accountant sent you their changes in the form of a document called “Accountant’s Changes”, select Import Accountant Changes from File.

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    Learn How to Update Your Accounts, Find Out how to Accept and Add the Changes Done by Your Accountant

    Step-1: Add your Accountant’s Changes

    1. Make a backup of your company file if you haven’t done so that you have a save point.
    2. Turn off any active Advanced Accounting features if you use QuickBooks Desktop Enterprises. After you import the changes, you’ll turn them back on.
    3. In QuickBooks Desktop, choose Send Company File from the File menu.
    4. Select Accountant’s Copy, then Client Activities.
    5. If your accountant provides you with their changes in an Accountant’s Changes file, choose Import Accountant Changes from File.

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    Step-2: Review Your Accountant’s Adjustments

    • QuickBooks immediately adds their changes. 
    • Make sure that none of your recent work conflicts with their adjustments.
    • Before continuing, ask your accountant any questions you may have.
    • Select Incorporate Accountant’s Changes when you’re ready to incorporate their changes. Select Close if you don’t want to import their changes.
    • To accept the changes and close any open windows, select OK.
    • Then click OK and Close once again. Your company file will receive a new backup from QuickBooks.
    • The closing date and password might also need to be updated in light of your accountant’s changes.
    • Open the folder containing your company file to review these modifications at a later time. 
    • Every update made by the import will be listed in a PDF.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I update QuickBooks with accountant changes?

      To Update Quickbooks with accountant modification then follow the steps below
      1. From the File menu in QuickBooks Desktop, choose Send Company File.
      2. Choose Client Activities, then Accountant’s Copy. 
      3. Select Import Accountant Changes from File if your accountant sends you their changes in an Accountant’s Changes file. 
      4. Look through the files on your computer.

    2. How can I release a copy to an accountant in QuickBooks?

      After that, you can follow these instructions to remove the copy restrictions placed by your accountant–
      1. Activate the File menu.
      2. Choose Send Company File.
      3. Select Client Activities after selecting the Accountant’s copy.
      4. Decide to remove the restrictions.
      5. Simply click OK after selecting Yes, I want to remove the restrictions on the Accountant’s Copy.

    3. How do you send a copy to an accountant?

      1. You must launch Quickbooks, click File > Send Company File > Accountant’s Copy > Client Activities > Remove Restrictions.
      2. Decide on the suggested choice. I want the restrictions on the Accountant’s Copy removed, therefore yes.
      3. Click OK to finish when you are done.

    4. Can you Reconcile in the Copy of the Accountant?

      While your accountant has a copy of your books, you can reconcile them, but doing so could have some unintended effects. Reconciliations that contain all transactions with dates that fell inside the current period (after the dividing date) are saved.

    5. How can I send the client a copy that my accountant has signed?

      1. After choosing Accountant’s Copy, click View/Export Changes for Client.
      2. Exporting Accountant’s Changes
      3. Go to the Send Changes to Client menu.
      4. Input your name, email address, and those of your client.
      5. If you want to be notified as soon as the client imports the changes, choose Notify me.
      Select Send.


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