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QuickBooks Desktop Restore Error

“We can’t say my accounting software has no bug” like other software using Error Restoring QuickBooks Backup File there happen many types of errors. MyOnePro going to take a look at resolving backup restore errors.  Sometimes, our system may get corrupted due to external glitches, so we have to be prepared for the worst situation. In such a situation, the Backup feature is helpful. QuickBooks offers simple methods to back up the company file to protect critical information. Therefore if a particular system failure or any other bad thing happens, we can restore the backup file.  However, if the restore process interrupts in the middle, it would be frustrating. Don’t worry! Here you will get the troubleshooting solutions to fix the error restoring QuickBooks BackUp file.

Why QuickBooks Won’t Restore From Backup ?

The Backup feature allows you to make copies of your company file data, including files, accounts transactions, and charts of accounts.  When users try to restore the backup, if an error pop-up on the screen and becomes a barrier, such an error is known as backup restore errors. It appears like Error: Failed or Error: Restore failed or can’t remove the log file. In this write-up, you will get to know how to access the troubleshooting procedure to fix backup restore errors.

Reason QuickBooks Company File Restore From Backup Failed

What are the causes of the QuickBooks company file backup restore errors?

  • If the special characters ( /<> ! $) appears in the Company file name it will create errors so verify it
  • The same existing company file is used for backup restore.
  • The backup of the QB company file is being restored from a network drive or USB flash drive
  • QuickBooks version conflicts
  • Damaged important files in Company file
  • Trying to restore the wrong backup file

Know the root causes why QuickBooks Backup Not Working or QuickBooks Unable To Backup Company file with some tricks to troubleshoot issue.

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Backup Restore Failed Error?

Method 1- Delete Special Characters in Company file name:

When you are creating a backup file or the file name should not contain special characters. It will trouble while restoring a backup. So whenever the Popup Restore failed on the screen, then follow the steps:

  • The initial thing is to search for the company file location
  • Once found, you can give a right-click on the company file name
  • Select the rename button
  • Now give a name to file with no special character
  • At last press Enter key

Method 2- Prevent an Existing File Overwriting:

  • The user is supposed to save the company file in a location that is simple to access
  • If the file name is the same as any other file within the same company file, a message named “The file name exists. Would you like to overwrite this file?”
  • Hit No
  • Modify the file name

Method 3- Move the Company File to the Local Drive of the System:

If your company file is stored on a network drive or any secondary external storage device, you need to copy the company file to the local storage system. Now start restoring a backup with the new location

Method 4- Make a New Folder for Saving Backup?

  • First of all, create a new folder.
  • Copy the entire company file and paste it on the newly created folder
  • Now try to restore the company file from the new location
  • It will fix the error if it is due to the corrupted folder
  • After this locate the backup file
  • Give a right-click on it
  • Choose properties button
  • If you find the file size is below 6MB, then it is best to delete the file.
  • Make a new backup file

Method 5- Verify the Backup File Format:

The Backup file format is different from the main company file in QuickBooks.  The Backup data files are in .qbb extension. Therefore, if you cannot restore the backup of the company file in QuickBooks, make sure it is in a valid format.

Method 6-Verify QuickBooks version compatibility:

  • Open your QuickBooks
  • Hit F2 to open the Window named Product information
  • Ensure that this is the identical version that you previously used for creating a company file backup
  • If not, then you require to use another version of QuickBooks to restore the backup, or you have to use the upgrade version to restore option

QB Rebuild And Verify Tool For Restore Error

Method 7: Download the Rebuild /Verify Utility to fix the damaged file:

Fix any data errors within the company file with the rebuilt tool. Follow the below steps:

  • After downloading the Rebuilt tool
  • The user is supposed to locate the QuickBooks file menu
  • Click on Utilities & Rebuild data
  • Hit QuickBooks file menu again and then hit utilities, and then click Verify button

Find out ways to troubleshoot QuickBooks Backup Error Rebuild by fixing corrupt and damaged QB files

Support Issue Problems Restoring QuickBooks Backup

That’s all for today! Hopefully, the information helps you to fix the QuickBooks Restore Failed Error. However, sometimes, there might be other culprits behind the issue or QuickBooks Errors Message . Discovering the exact reason might be very challenging to get assistance from the professional if the above method does not solve the problem. Give a call to them at QuickBooks USA Support . They will help you find out the exact reasons and accordingly the best resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. “I have created Backup in 2019 version of QuickBooks” Can I restore in QuickBooks 2018 ?

    No, you need to create the backup file in an updated QuickBooks Desktop version for smooth restore without errors.

  2. Can I restore the read-only company file?

    No, if the company file is read-only, then it will create an error. To fix it you need to change the properties. Here are the steps:
    1. Locate the file
    2. Choose properties and then un-mark the checkbox which says Read-only
    3. After this, give a click on Apply button and then OK

  3. What is the QuickBooks File Doctor tool? Is it helpful to repair Backup failure errors?

    QB file doctor is an Intuit-designed tool to fix the QuickBooks corrupted company files and network errors in QuickBooks. So using this tool will help in fixing basic issues. You can download and run the QB file doctor tool to fix the backup restore error if it is due to the damaged company file.

  4. Why am I getting chaining errors while using the Rebuild or Verify tool while fixing backup restore errors ?

    These errors might be due to the less RAM or trying to use the Rebuild tool from the wrong location. So make sure you are running a tool with enough physical RAM.

  5. What is a QuickBooks file manager?

    It is standalone software designed for QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant and QuickBooks Accountant. It consists of company files and their passwords. The password vault is used for handling complex passwords of the file. Hence, the file manager backup is beneficial in restoring data on a different system and data conversion process.

  6. How can I start QuickBooks File Manager?

    There are three methods available to start a File manager in QuickBooks.
    1. Locate Accountant menu, choose QuickBooks File Manager
    2. Click on the QuickBooks File Manager icon
    3. Use the Windows start option, click on Programs, select QuickBooks, and then hit File Manager.


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