How to Merge Customers in QuickBooks


You can combine any duplicate accounts, clients, or suppliers. This eliminates the duplicate and transfers all the data to the desired location. Maintaining orderly lists helps you do your bookkeeping more quickly and efficiently.

Do you require assistance combining two customers in your QuickBooks accounting program? We’re here for you, though. Due to the appearance of duplicate records for two consumers, you can elect to merge them. But before you can merge them, you must remove any payments and deposits that have been recorded against them in QuickBooks. Once you’ve done this, an open invoice will appear, which you’ll need to fix by reprocessing payment to merge customers in QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is one of the most advanced and practical accounting software. QuickBooks, which can be used to handle customer accounts for your company. The full data of every customer can be easily added to your accounts by using this accounting application. You have the possibility to handle all customer business accounts simultaneously with this business solution.

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    In QuickBooks, How to Merge Customers:

    You can safeguard all of your data using the merge option. One individual will be immediately erased when your client, customer, or whatever is merged. The individual with whom the user has been combined will thereafter receive all of the tasks that had been assigned to the removed client. By doing this, your data will be updated to reflect your merged account in addition to being secured. The minimal steps you would need to do in order to combine customers in QuickBooks are listed below.

    Simple Procedures for Combining Related Accounts in QuickBooks

    Keep in mind that account mergers cannot be undone. There is no going back on this. QuickBooks makes use of a set of default accounts for a number of operations. Like accounts connected to online banking, these cannot be combined or deleted.

    If you’re merging accounts that contain reconciliation reports, save those reports first. The transactions remain on the consolidated account and are still being reconciled.

    • The Chart of Accounts can be selected by heading to Settings.
    • You can locate the account you want to preserve. Then select Edit from the Action column’s drop-down menu.
    • Note the Account Type, Name, and Detail Type of the account.
    • The Is sub-account checkbox should be ticked, so make sure it is. If it is related to a parent account, take note of that.

    Let’s know the Methods For Adding Customers and Sub-Customers, as Well as Deleting Customers, Before the Steps for Merging Customers:

    Add a New Client

    The steps listed below should be followed to add a customer to QuickBooks:

    • Select the Customers tab from the Sales menu.
    • Choose “New Customers.”
    • Enter the customer’s necessary details.
    • Select Save.

    Add a Sub-Customer:

    The steps listed below should be followed to create a sub-customer account:

    • Select the Customers tab from the Sales menu.
    • Select “New Customer.”
    • Select “Is sub-customer” in the checkbox.
    • Sub-customer information should be entered.
    • Select the parent account for the sub-customer by clicking the Parent dropdown menu.
    • Select Save.

    Merge Customers in QuickBooks Desktop

    Make sure that both of the customer profiles are parent accounts before merging them. You can accomplish this by simply clicking on the job’s name and erasing the Customer field’s contents.

    Use the methods listed below to merge customer profiles on the QuickBooks desktop:

    • Select Customers from the menu.
    • To merge two customer profiles, right-click on one of them.
    • Then select Edit Customer.
    • Replace the customer’s name with the name you want to keep from the profile.
    • Hit Ok.
    • Click Yes to confirm the procedure.

    How to Merge Duplicate Customers

    The profiles of duplicate customers can be merged. The information from the deleted profile gets moved to the one you choose to keep.

    • Select Customers.
    • You choose and open the customer profile you want to delete.
    • Select Edit.
    • In the Display name field, provide the name of the customer profile you want to keep. The names must exactly correspond.
    • Select Save.
    • If prompted, choose Yes if you want to consolidate the two profiles.

    Note: Make sure neither client has any sub-clients, to be precise. If they do, you must first turn their sub-clients into loyal consumers.

    How to Merge Two Customers in QuickBooks: Steps

    • Open QuickBooks and input your login information. The name of the customer you want to combine with the other customer must then be right-clicked.
    • Make the work a parent customer before merging. To do this, position your cursor on the small diamond icon to the left of the job name and drag it to the left.
    • Next, you must perform right-click on the client’s name and select Edit customer.
    • Here, you must substitute the customer’s name with the new name (i.e., the name of the customer with whom you wish to merge with). After that, press OK.
    • At this point, you must first select “Ok” and then “Yes” when prompted to continue with the merge.

    You will now need to reprocess the payment that you deleted earlier when you have finished integrating the two customers.

    • To begin, select the Customer menu, then select Receive payment.
    • Select the customer from the drop-down menu by clicking on received.
    • Select the invoice to which you wish to apply for the payment by checking the box next to it.
    • Select a payment option in this step, and then click the Save and Close button.

    How to Remove a Deposit or Payment from a Customer Before Merging

    The steps listed below should be followed to remove a deposit or payment before merging:

    • Open QuickBooks and choose List first, then Chart of Accounts from the top menu bar.
    • You must double-click the account and then the deposit to delete a specific payment.
    • To proceed, first, select Edit, then select Line Deletion.
    • You can merge the customers by following the procedures stated after wiping the deposits and payments made to the client.

    In QuickBooks, the keyword removed will appear next to the client name in every transaction related to this customer.

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    Activate a Customer Profile

    Follow the instructions below to activate a customer profile that has been inactive:

    • Select the Customers tab from the Sales menu.
    • To mark it, select Include Inactive from the Settings menu.
    • Locate the customer profile that is inactive but that you want to reactivate.
    • Click Make Active under the Action column.

    The deleted keyword will be eliminated from all transactions containing that customer, and the customer profile will be reinstated.


    I hope you got all the information related to How to merge customers in QuickBooks. But if you do experience issues, get in touch with knowledgeable experts.

    We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to Merge Duplicate Suppliers in QuickBooks?

      Recall that merging supplier profiles has a lasting effect. This cannot be undone later. Follow the steps listed below:
      1. Select Suppliers under Expenses.
      2. The supplier profile you want to preserve can be found and opened. then choose Edit.
      3. Take note of the Display name and Company.
      4. Visit the Suppliers tab once more.
      5. The supplier you don’t wish to keep can be found and opened. then choose Edit.
      6. The display name should be changed to reflect the provider you are merging with.
      7. To confirm, select Save and then Yes.
      By doing this, the two supplier profiles are combined into one. QuickBooks move the duplicate supplier to the supplier you want to keep.

    2. How can I Merge two QuickBooks company files in QuickBooks Enterprise?

      You must first access the Reports menu by clicking on the QuickBooks main menu. Click on the combined reports from different companies once the sub-menu list has appeared, then select Add files. You must now search for and open a different company file; you must repeat the process for all subsequent files. Go to the part where you can choose the reports for combining, the reports, the date range, and the reported basis now. Then look for and choose the option to integrate reports in Excel. After doing so, an Excel sheet presenting the merged data will open.

    3. Will all the Transactions Linked to a Customer Account that I Make inactive be deleted?

      No. Although the delete keyword will appear next to the name of the inactive client, all of the transactions will still be available in QuickBooks. When you reactivate the customer profile, this keyword will be eliminated from the customer’s name.

    4. How to remove a customer profile in QuickBooks?

      To remove a customer from the customer menu, you can render them inactive. All of the transactions related to this customer will still be recorded in your books and appear on reports, nevertheless.
      Follow the instructions below to remove a customer:
      1. Select the Customers tab from the Sales menu.
      2. Choose the customer profile you want to deactivate.
      3. Select Edit.
      4. Make Inactive by choosing.
      5. Selecting Yes will confirm the action.

    5. Is there a way for me to combine two accounts in QuickBooks, and if so, what are the steps?

      To begin, select the Lists tab, then select Chart of Accounts. Take note of or copy the name of the account you want to keep right now. After that, select Edit Account from the context menu of the right-clicked sub-account that you want to merge. Change the account’s name to the one you previously noted or must have copied for your records. Once you are asked to confirm combining the accounts, select yes to proceed.


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