Square QuickBooks Integration

Square QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks and square integration let you ease in sync with square sales transactions within a few minutes. It helps in a quick reconciliation process and has many optimized benefits. As we know Square is the best platform for online transactions. When it is connected with QuickBooks, it helps in smoothening both transactional processes and accounting operations such as tax filing, payable management or receivable, etc. As a result, it enhances flexibility in business tracking. The below article is rounded up with information regarding square integration with QuickBooks and its benefit. Meanwhile, if you require experts’ advice then get connected to professionals. Let’s delve into the below section to know more.

What is Square all About?

The Square is one of the best apps that helps to trade, buy, and send money using the Android device or iPhone. There available three free apps i.e. Square wallet, Square cash, and Square register. These all are introduced to simplify the payment methods. It eases in acceptance of cards or digital payments. The integration of QuickBooks and Square helps level up the business performance. The integration allows using the advanced features of QuickBooks collectively with Square to boost the transaction tracking system.

How Does Square Work With QuickBooks?

Sales in Square get imported as payments and invoices into the accounting books. During payout to the bank account, the deposit gets created with fees associated account. On the transactions there apply the default square customer. The Sync with Square tool has been introduced to process QuickBooks online integration using Intuit. Using this free program all sales-related transactions on Square are automatically imported into QuickBooks Online.

What are the Significant Benefits of QuickBooks and Square Integration?

  • It helps automatically create invoices, all sales-related item details, product categories captured, or item details.
  • Simplify account reconciliation
  • There are multiple payment options available for processing daily payments like Apple Pay, Credit Card, Cash App pay, Card on File, etc.
  • More secure payment mode with inbuilt protection protocols like Dispute Management, Payment card industry security standards, etc.
  • Customized Checkout as per marketing strategies for customer satisfaction! It includes itemized refunds, customized item grids, item modifiers or item import, etc.

Connect to Square Perks:

  • No manual data entry is required like fees, tips, or sales
  • All sale receipts are created automatically
  • Select Sales data for you to import individual transactions or a daily summary
  • Supports multiple locations

How to Integrate the Square App With QuickBooks?

Use import/export transactions to integrate QuickBooks with Square:

You require transactions exported from Square before integration. Follow the below steps to export data from Square:

  • First of all login to the Square account
  • Click on the left menu to choose Sales and then hit Transactions
  • Choose all the transactions you need to export
  • Once chosen all the required transactions, then hit on Export tab
  • Click Transactions CSV

Import Transactions to QuickBooks:

Here are the steps:

  • Initially login to the QuickBooks account
  • Locate Files option
  • Choose Import
  • Click Transactions and then select Sales Receipts
  • Below the Import Sales Receipts tab
  • Hit on the button named Import From Square
  • Choose the file you are exporting from Square and bank connected with the Square account
  • Click on the transaction tax rates you have chosen and ensure that they match the tax rates you have set up on the Square account
  • Once you are done with this hit OK Option
  • Click Import

Integrate Square and QuickBooks Using Connect to Square App

  • First of all login into the QB account
  • Find Connect to Square App. Next, follow the below instructions:
  • Open the Left menu
  • Choose Apps and click the Find Apps tab
  • Click on the field named Search Apps, and find App named Connect to Square
  • Hit the Get App Now option
  • Next, install the App which says Connect to Square, and then integrate QuickBooks and Square
  • Hit the button named Get App Now
  • It will display the installation wizard
  • Next, follow the instruction process
  • Ensure that you have the Square account access


Hopefully, the information helped you in integrating Square and QuickBooks. It also discusses the key features of the QuickBooks Square integration. Moreover, it helped you with the techniques of importing the transactions between QuickBooks and Square. In case of any doubt feel free to reach the professional team. Use a live chat, email address, or phone number to talk to the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Benefits do I Get with Square & QuickBooks Integration?

    ● Ease in importing the sales invoices, taxes, discounts, and automatically
    ● You can perform bank statement comparisons, payments, fees, and refunds to keep track of the transactions
    ● It lets invoice creation of all transactions. Moreover, all sales-related data are securely entered and monitories

  2. What Type of Transactions Does not Supported by Square?

    ● Multiple location compatibility
    ● Importing customer details including email address or name
    ●  Specific import of the daily sales transactions
     Existing invoice connection

  3. How do Transactions Get Imported in Connect to the Square App?

    The one-way integration lets you import the sales transactions to QuickBooks from Square. It includes quantity sold, shipping charges, fees and taxes, and discounts.

  4. Where Would I view the Square-Related Data in QuickBooks?

    The Square info is displayed in the banking section on the App transaction. You can verify and edit the data before embedding them in the accounting books.

  5. What is the Connect to Square app?

    The app is a one-way integration that imports your sales transactions from Square into QuickBooks Online daily. Once activated, the app monitors your Square account for all transactions, including sales, refunds, taxes, tips, and discounts.

  6. What If I am Unable to Find Connect to Square app?

    ● For this First login to the QuickBooks Account
    ● Find the Connect to Square App with the below steps:
    ● On the left button, click Apps then hit Apps
    ● Click on the field named Search Apps
    ● Find Connect to Square App
    ● Hit tab named Get App Now


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