How To Recover Deleted QuickBooks Invoices

Making business transactions more easy and traceable QuickBooks has features to generate customer invoices to keep track of each transaction. Also, QB users can send customer invoices with a due date stamp or unpaid invoice message with easy QuickBooks Email Invoice Setup. Also for keeping track of business cash flow its necessary to keep track of all debtors , all paid or unpaid invoices as well as inventory items . Due to some reason you Recover Deleted Invoices QuickBooks when customer is no longer active , customer paid in cash or even some other reason you deleted all invoices . Later you need all invoices including which are deleted as well and you may actually be unable to find any method how to undo deleted invoices etc. It’s better if you have backup then you can restore QB on an older date and see all the invoices.

When User Need To Recover Removed Customer QB Invoices

There are many more situation when

  1. Some of QB user accidentally deleted invoices in multi user mode
  2. Old Invoices deleted to speed up QB process
  3. Unpaid invoices creates issue during reconciliation hence deleted
  4. Tax or final balance mismatch error comes due to unpaid invoice so deleted
  5. Clear out junk data which included some invoices templates
  6. Invoices sending Email error and clear outbox email
  7. Move QB to new laptop PC and forget to transfer customer invoices
  8. Customer had changed the payment mode so make new invoices and delete old
  9. During Upgrade or Update QuickBooks some data issue with backup file
  10. Earlier using Google G-suite , Drive , Dropbox or other services and subscription not renewed

Whatever the reason or cause of some or many invoices which were deleted you want to bring back . Whatever you are selling for which you want to receive payments for each purchase from the customer you should have a proper mechanism for invoicing. Your product or service must be paid by client either by cash , card or any other mode . You’re business cash flow with profit and loss can ideally depend upon payments received on the generated invoice . Also don’t leave an invoice just because a customer has not paid such an amount via QB you can send a reminder and also add an unpaid amount in the next billing date invoice .

Moreover you can check Multiple Invoicing Using QB POS which is easy to set up and inbuilt settings .

How To Retrieve QuickBooks Invoices Deleted ?

So lets start work on how to get back client invoices which you are unable to find or might be deleted . One of the Intuit community experts suggested that use the ‘Match’ feature ! Have you heard about it ? If you have no idea let me explain what this method is and how to use it , also after using this method what are the drawbacks and why the team of MyOnePro not recommended this option .
Users must have to use ‘Match’ features which connect Bank all transactions or use to deposit an amount in Bank with QuickBooks . Here you have to clear all Paid Invoices . The main problem with this method is that it’s perfect if you have a problem with one or two invoices but when you go for many or multiple invoices this idea won’t work . Moreover manually matching is a very tidy and time consuming process but it helps for transactions as well which was deleted .

In QuickBooks, the feature to restore deleted invoices isn’t available. However, users can rely on the Audit Log to acquire information about the deleted invoice. Thereafter, the user can create a new invoice with the garnered information. In this article, you’ll learn how to recover deleted QuickBooks invoices.

Now Go For Audit Log Method

Voiding vs Deleting a Transaction in QuickBooks

For most cases, we recommend that you void an invoice/transaction instead of deleting it. A voided transaction does not show up in reports or accounts. Instead, it is only saved for record keeping purposes. Transactions including deposits, purchase orders, vendor credits, delayed credit, delayed charges, or estimates cannot be voided.

Step by step process for How To Void Check In QuickBooks which help to remove entry of unpaid or cancel check from journal entry .

However, deleting a transaction is only recommended if you’re sure that you don’t need a record of the transaction. The transaction is completely removed from QuickBooks, but information related to it is still available in the Audit Log.

Did you lose the Company file ? then follow the instruction Retrieve Deleted QuickBooks Company File step by step.

Get Back Or Recover Deleted Transaction From QuickBooks Audit Log

Acquire Transaction Details from the Audit Log
To recover deleted invoices in QuickBooks through the Audit Log, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to Settings, and select Audit Log.
  2. Click on the Filter dropdown menu, and apply the filters to zero in on the deleted invoice.
  3. Click on Apply.
  4. Select the Deleted transaction. (Press Ctrl + F and type in ‘delete’ to highlight the transactions which were deleted.)
  5. Click on View from the history column.
  6. Look for the required information under the Event

Create a New Invoice QuickBooks

Use the details of the deleted transaction to create a new invoice. To enter a new invoice in QuickBooks, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Click on +New and select Invoice.
  2. Select a Customer.
  3. Enter the Date.
  4. Select a product/service and enter its rate and quantity.
  5. Select the apt Tax
  6. Click on Save and Send or Save and Close.

You’ve successfully recorded the deleted invoice in QuickBooks.

Void a Transaction in QuickBooks

Although users have the option to delete an invoice, it is better to void it. Voiding an invoice will change its amount to zero and the invoice will be retained in QuickBooks for record keeping purposes. However, deleting the invoice removes all information related to it from QuickBooks.

To void a transaction in QuickBooks, follow the steps provided below:

  1. From the main menu, select Sales or Expenses.
  2. Find the Transaction that you wish to void.
  3. Add a description and void date to the Memo section of the invoice.
  4. Click on More and select Void.

The transaction has been successfully voided, and instead of it being permanently removed, the record for the same will be maintained in QuickBooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a voided transaction influence any of the reports I create in QuickBooks ?

No. A voided transaction is only meant for record keeping purposes. These transactions don’t show up in your reports or accounts.

Is there any feature in QuickBooks with which I can directly recover deleted invoices?

Till now there isn’t any such feature. However, QuickBooks provides you with the option to void rather than delete a transaction. Also, the Audit Log can be used to acquire information about any deleted transaction.

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