Fix QuickBooks Error Message: Connection Has Been Lost?


When opening a company file or using QuickBooks the users often triggers one error named “QuickBooks connection has been lost error”. The occurrence of a connection loss will force you to close the QuickBooks immediately. It in turns results in the loss of unsaved data. It might be because of several reasons such as corrupted QuickBooks files, antivirus conflicts, or permission errors. The below article is rounded up with the guide to resolve an error named connection has lost QuickBooks.

What are the Causes of the QuickBooks Connection Has Been Lost Error?

  • Damaged QuickBooks file
  • Third-party system/Antivirus system contradicts with QuickBooks system
  • The company file folder may require extra permission

How to Rectify QuickBooks Connect Has Been Lost Error?

Some quick hacks to resolve connection errors are below:

  • Restart the database server manager
  • Start moving the company file to another location
  • Set the power-saving option to never.

If the error persists then the following are the methods to fix the QuickBooks connection has been lost error:

Method 1- Use the QuickBooks Tools Hub to Run QuickBooks:

You can resolve basic errors using the tools hub. Here are the steps:

  • QuickBooks tools hub downloads and installation
  • You will require closing the QuickBooks to access the tool hub. Here are the steps:
    • Firstly close the QuickBooks
    • Next download the advanced version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub
    • Now save the file with ease to access the location
    • Open the downloaded file and then follow the steps that appear on the screen for installation and agree to the terms & conditions
    • Once installation completes then perform a double-click on the icon displayed on the Windows desktop
    • Choose the program

Use the Tools hub to run the Quick fix my application and now follow the steps:

  • Choose Programs problems in the QuickBooks Tools Hub
  • Click on Quick fix my application

Method 2- Use the Server Power Management Settings:

  • Click on the system with the company file
  • Now open the Windows control panel
  • Click on the power management settings
  • Open the keyboard then hit the Windows key
  • Enter the power options button then choose Power Options using the results
  • Next turn off all standby, sleep & hibernation modes on the host system
  • Hit the Windows key on the keyboard

Method 3-Re-create & delete .nd file:

You require a folder scan with the company file to generate the Network Descriptor (nd) file. Following are the steps:

  • At the keyboard, you need to press Windows
  • Enter QuickBooks Database server manager
  • Hit Add folder button
  • Discover the folders with company files
  • Once all folders are entered then hit the Scan button
  • The data files display below the QuickBooks company files
  • Hit Close button
  • Search to the folders with company files
  • Ensure the file .band was generated for a particular company data file

Method 4- Resolve all Computers Hosting:

  • Ensure the QuickBooks Database Server Manager with a host computer (Server)
  • Press the Windows button from the keyboard and then enter QuickBooks Desktop
  • If QuickBooks Database manager failed to appear in the list then it specifies the not installed program so install and setup the QB database server manager
  • Perform hosting configuration if QB is on the host system
  • Launch QuickBooks
  • Select File and then click “Utilities” button
  • Check the menu if appears “Stop Hosting Multi-user access” then there is enabled hosting and if there displays “Host Multi-user access” in the menu then choose it to turn on hosting on the system

Method 5- Perform the Workstations Tasks:

  • Ensure that hosting is disabled
  • Now open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Select File button
  • Click Utilities option
  • If there appears to Stop hosting multi-user access in the menu then choose it to turn off hosting on the system and then go further
  • If the workstation appears “Stop hosting multi-user access” button
  • Hit it to resolve
  • If you view the host multi-user access in the menu then hosting is turned off and you can begin the further step. The workstation should appear” Host Multi-user Access. If it failed then don’t modify it.
  • Next, use the UNC path to open the company file with the below instructions”
  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop
  • Select File button
  • Click Open Company
  • Click on the option which says “Open a company file”
  • Hit Next button
  • At the “Open a company window” left corner hit on “My Network Places”
  • Locate the Entire Network button and double-click on it
  • Click on the server location with the company file
  • Choose the company file and then select the Open button


Hopefully, the information helped in fixing the QuickBooks Connection lost error. In case of any other query get connected with a professional team. Use a live chat, phone number, or email address to talk to the experts for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I am Unable to view the QuickBooks Database Server Manager in the Program list?

    Uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop and then reinstall choose the second button “I’ll be using QB on this computer & I‘ll be storing the company file to share across the network.

  2. How would I fix the lost connection if QuickBooks is not installed on the host system?

    ● For this give double-click on the icon which says QuickBooks Database server manager in the Windows system tray
    ● Hit the tab named Database Server
    ● Check the company file displays in the window under Currently connected company files & logged in users
    ● If there does not appear then hit on the option named Scan folders
    ● Hit Help tab
    ● Next, close the window

  3. Can I get the connection lost error if the system is connected to the different data files and networks in the system?

    ● There may be a non-wired connection
    ● Turned on power-saving mode
    ● The firewall may not permit network access
    ● The company file may require additional permissions
    ● Unstable network connection issues

  4. How would I check the portable drive to fix the QuickBooks connection that has lost error?

    Verify the portable drive with the below steps:
    ● Make sure that the portable drive is being connected for this you can disconnect & reconnect the portable drive
    ● Locate the My computer
    ● Discover the QuickBooks company file on the removable drive from
    ● Now save other system files on the drive and then check if it’s working
    ● Verify the space availability in the drive
    ● It should have enough free space for company file storage

  5. How can I verify the network to fix the QuickBooks connect lost error?

    ● Open the QuickBooks on different system files on the server to ensure the desired access
    ● Make & delete MS Excel/Workpad file on the system
    ● If you are unable to make and delete the non-QuickBooks file in the folder then setup the windows access permissions required for QuickBooks


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