Accidentally Deleted QuickBooks Company File

Retrieve QB Deleted Company File
QuickBooks Company File Deleted

Accidents or mistakes are uncertain; we cannot stop the errors but several methods are there to prevent the same. When accessing files in Accidentally Deleted QuickBooks Company File or its essential components, there can be a great disaster. Thankfully In QB, you can use the Restore option to recover deleted files from it. Therefore make sure you have created the backup of the company file. MyOnePro will discuss how to tackle the mistakenly deleted QuickBooks company file also you can go for QuickBooks File Recovery Services by MyOnePro if you don’t have to time .

Why Need To Recover Lost, Missing QuickBooks Company File

QuickBooks Missing Company File

When do you need to recover deleted files from QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks company files play a prime role in storing all the accounting records, Chart Of Accounts, customer details, etc. If you accidentally deleted the company file there will trigger error messages QuickBooks Unable To Access Company File which interrupt the access of QuickBooks. Hence you need to recover the company file as soon as possible. If you saved a backup file then you should perform data recovery immediately. The below section will contain the guide to Recover The Deleted Files In QuickBooks.

How To Restore, Recover QB Company File From Backup Folder?

Restore QuickBooks

The Backup company file (.QBB) is used to restore the deleted company file in QuickBooks Desktop. So, if suddenly your system crash or files get corrupted or deleted, or if you need to undo some modification? No worries! Follow the below steps for using a backup company file to restore the accounting data in QuickBooks.

  • Firstly check the location of the backup of company files because if it is stored in an external device such as a hosting service or USB then you require moving it to the local hard drive.
  • Now open the QuickBooks
  • Click on the File button
  • Choose the Open or Restore Company tab
  • Hit Restore a backup copy
  • Select Next button
  • Click on Local Backup and then click the Next option
  • Search your system for the company file backup it must be in the .qbb format
  • Now choose a folder for saving the restored company file
  • Hit on Open button
  • Once you are ready with this, hit on Save button
  • In case any message prompts on the screen you need to choose the option suitable to your requirement
  • Create a new company file
  • Now the company files get back in QB Desktop

You can go through the process explained by the team of MyOnePro for QuickBooks Won’t Restore From Backup if unable to get back all files .

Fix Deleted Files Restore Error When Trying To Get Back In QBO

Restoring data might create several types of QuickBooks Errors. Some of them are missing files in Backup, corrupted backup files, etc. Here are some instructions you need to follow:

Reset the password; some time failed data restore is when users use the wrong admin password.

QuickBooks Rebulid Data Tool

Use the Rebuild Data Tool to fix the backup of company file error:

This tool is used for fixing minor company file data errors. Here are the steps:

  • Open the File button
  • Give a click on the “Utilities” section
  • Choose Rebuild Data
  • It will prompt QuickBooks information window
  • Hit on the Ok button
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to save a backup file
  • Start to repair the file with the repair tool
  • It might take few minutes
  • Let the tool finish the repair process
  • Hit OK button
  • Click on the File tab
  • Choose the “Utilities” option
  • Hit Verify Data button
  • It will start check data issues in the file
  • If QuickBooks is unable to find any issues then give a click on the OK button
  • If the QuickBooks found the company file issue then hit on Rebuild Now tab

QB Desktop Pro, Premier, Enterprise Company File Recover Services

Hopefully, the above-prescribed information is beneficial for you to handle the frustrating condition if you accidentally deleted the company file in Accidentally Deleted QuickBooks Company File. If you experience any issue while implementing the above methods or seeking expert assistance, dial toll-free data recovery QuickBooks Support. The QB experts team is there for you to provide answers to your all concerns. Use a live chat for immediate assistance or drop an email with the concern. The team member will line up with you within few minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I repair the company file backup error manually?

    1. You need to click on the File menu
    2. Now click on the utility button
    3. Choose Verify Data tab
    4. Now the tool start verifying the data issues
    5. Go to the Expand All button on the Verify Results window to view the errors

  2. How would I resolve the damaged transactions in the company file backup?

    1. Open the corrupted transaction
    2. Add any item
    3. Hit on the” save and close” button

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