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QuickBooks Error -6120, 0

What is QuickBooks Error -6120, 0

QuickBooks software is generally employed by many small and medium sized business owners for managing the accounting part of their business. With this software you are ensured of swift work, lesser mistakes and complete control over the incoming and outgoing of your business. With QuickBooks you can complete mundane tasks like sending invoices, employees’ forms and salaries, printing forms etc in just a smooth fashion at a very quick pace. However, just like every other hardware and software which is based on coding, QuickBooks also ends up in undesirable situations like company file not opening, inaccessibility of software etc. To combat these situations you should get in touch with QuickBooks customer support. All these issues are categorized and further given codes to help identify them. Take following error for example:

You are getting error -6120, 0 while opening a company file or setting up hosting.

• This problem can be due to some network or firewall ports issues. There are several ports which we need to add while accessing data file over network. We can run one of tool which is called “QuickBooks File Doctor”.

• May be client has hosting on in QuickBooks which can create same issue. We need to make sure hosting is off on client PC’s.

• Look for one of specific port which is “TCP Port 8019” if it is blocked.

Fix Resolve QuickBooks Error -6120 Online

To fix this issue we would have couple of options available, as we discussed earlier try to download “QuickBooks File Doctor” tool. You need to download, run and install this tool.

Few more steps we can try:-

• Update QuickBooks on latest release. You can go to Help > Update QuickBooks > Update now > Click on reset updates > Get updates. Now once it is done close QuickBooks and reopens it.

If you are getting any message to install now or install later then click on install now and it would take some time to get that update complete.

• You can try configuring Firewall or system security for QuickBooks. You need to manually add firewall ports as per version of QuickBooks you are working on.

• You need to make sure folder which contains company file has been shared with full access and database server manager has been added under security with full control including other users.

• You need to add QuickBooks company file under QB Data base server manager and then scan it. At the bottom it should say file added successfully.

If you would not have QuickBooks data base server manager under list of programs then you would have to install it. You would have to uninstall QuickBooks and reinstall it by choosing an option “I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer and I’ll be storing our company file here so it can be shared on network.”

• Hosting should be turned on only on server PC, You need to go and check on all PC’s by clicking on file > Utilities and it should say Host multi user access instead of stop hosting multi user access.

However, if you still face issue you should contact the customer support of QuickBooks and get technical help from the customer support team. If for any chance you are facing delay in getting the required help, you can contact QuickBooks247, a support agency for QuickBooks, and get advice from their Intuit certified ProAdvisor, by calling on toll free number ☎ +1-516-494-3146

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