QuickBooks Microsoft Office Integration

Integration Of MS Office With QB

The best feature of QuickBooks is the ease of integrating different applications in it to enhance functionality. A simple integration procedure is there to connect the program with QuickBooks like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft office, etc. This documentation software’s after being integrated with QB results in an ease of job costing, time tracking, and payroll management. MyOnePro team compile details with information related to QuickBooks Microsoft office integration. Also, if you want to charge customer for your small product and services, then find out details Microsoft Invoicing QuickBooks uses and setup information.

Why Integrate MS Office Suite With QuickBooks Desktop?

What are QuickBooks Microsoft Office Integration?

Who does not want to extract more benefits with the tools? Hence people used to combine two applications for getting
more advantages from them. The QuickBooks is combined with Microsoft office for better payroll
and other optimistic features. This process is known as QuickBooks and Microsoft integration.
This integration allows the users to operate office 365 in QuickBooks altogether. Probably, everyone
likes to use the Microsoft Outlook application with accounting features for faster and effective tasks. Also Outlook
will make QuickBooks Email Invoice process smoother and easier for you.

The integration of office in QuickBooks, meaning that when you open QuickBooks you can access the components of the office directly in it. Click on the Excel menu button on the QuickBooks homepage and use excel to export data and perform other tasks.

What is the use of Microsoft office in QuickBooks accounting software?

Microsoft Office suite is generally used in the accounting systems for general purposes and email interactions with the client across the internet. It contains office 365, Microsoft excel to coordinate meetings, and exchanging emails. Many big enterprises using MS services for QuickBooks Email Exchange Server, you need to check out full setup details.

Advantages Of Microsoft Office And QuickBooks Integration

Advantages of Microsoft Office and QuickBooks integration:

  • Microsoft office in QuickBooks in collaboration helps the business not only in managing bookkeeping but also
    in-depth assistance in performing daily operations. It improves cash flow and productivity
  • It allows with ease of using the Microsoft outlook for email function to improve interactions
  • The Microsoft Office and QuickBooks integration provide the enhanced security options to protect the email
    account from the hackers
  • The office in accounting offers the users to easily use the financial reports, invoices, time entry, generate
    sales orders, and other financial tasks quickly and seamlessly
  • Simplify the import and export of the excel reports in the QuickBooks for deeper analysis of the reporting
  • It offers a simple interface to create invoices, process payments, maintaining balance sheets, and processing
    banking transactions
  • After QuickBooks and Microsoft office integration the users can use the enhanced features like financial
    charges, fixed asset management, inventory management, etc. Moreover, they can use the many extra financial
    reports, and the report customization feature to grow business.

How To Sync Contacts With Microsoft Outlook?

The initial step is to download the contact sync for QuickBooks. here are the steps:

  • Choose the download option
  • Save the downloaded tool on the location where you can easily find for example Desktop or Download folder
  • Start the installation of the QuickBooks contact sync
  • Ensure that you close the Outlook
  • Locate the setup.exe and double-click on it
  • Now follow the instructions that appear on the screen
  • Start Contacts sync
  • Open the QuickBooks and Outlook
  • Make sure you back up the Outlook contacts and QuickBooks files
  • Open the Outlook and then click on Synchronize contacts option
  • Now follow the guide to proceed with syncing and start mapping the contacts

Do you know about Microsoft Cloud services , if not check out MyOnePro step by step instruction for How To Move QuickBooks On Microsoft Azure .

How To Process Outlook Email Integration In QuickBooks For Mac?

Follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Edit button, choose preferences and then hit Send Forms
  • It will display an email, webmail, or an outlook option
  • In case the option fails to appear the here are the steps:
  • Locate the C:\Windows\win.ini
  • Choose and then go to the C:\Windows\win.ini
  • Now embed the line at the end of the file
  • The next step is to open the registry editor and key

How To Access QB Data Into Excel After Integration?

Steps for accessing data after QuickBooks and excel integration:

  • First of all, authenticate both QuickBooks and Microsoft Office 365
  • Select one of the Apps to start the automation process
  • Click on the resulting process from the other app
  • Start choosing the data you need to send from one app to other

Excel plays significant role specially while you can want to Import All Bank Transactions In QuickBooks for doing reconciliation.

Error While Integrating MS Office Tools With QuickBooks

Error Issue during Integrations:

When integrating outlook with QuickBooks there might trigger any type of Error Message QuickBooks. They will suddenly interrupt the integration. The specific error message may vary with different unsupportable conditions the one of such error is QuickBooks Could Not Open Data File . You need to know the core of the error to troubleshoot it. You can easily view the integration error on the notification page of QuickBooks. Just click on the view details button for the specific integration.

The QuickBooks Microsoft office integration errors are generally stable. However, on some occasions, there might encounter many errors like wrong configuration, incorrect permissions, corrupt outlook, etc.

Fix registry key in Outlook integration:

  • Hit Start button
  • Choose Run tab
  • Enter Regedit and then hit enter option
  • It will display the Registry Editor
  • Choose the below subkey in the registry:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Clients\Mail\Microsoft Outlook
  • Choose the subkey, and then hit Delete
  • Give a click on the Yes button
  • Close the Registry Editor
  • Click on the start Outlook tab
  • Hit on the Help button and then select Office Diagnostics
  • Now follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the repair

Get Experts For Microsoft Office Integration QB Pro, Premier, Enterprise

Here the article about QuickBooks Microsoft office integration completes! Use this option to manage the reports in the QB. In case you fail to understand any concept in the post or need to know more then get connected with QuickBooks professional team. Use a live chat or email address to reach the experts. The QuickBooks Support team members are there for you to resolve all your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Do You Mean By QuickBooks Integration Compatibility Issues?

    1. It is very important to check the compatibility of office 365 with QuickBooks for running smoothly.
    2. If you use the unsupportable version to integrate with QuickBooks then there might be prompt error messages. Get full details about QuickBooks Compatibility with 3rd party software and Apps.

  2. What If I Need To Turn On Contact Sync After QuickBooks And Office Integration?

    1. Open the QuickBooks
    2. Locate the preferences button
    3. Choose Contact Sync
    4. Click on Use Contact Sync
    5. Hit Ok tab


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