QuickBooks Could Not Open Data File

QuickBooks Unable To Open Data File

QuickBooks users are already aware that QB stores the data files, including backup files and company files, in different types. For instance: QBW or QBB. Several interruptions take place while QuickBooks is accessing such data files. Such as QuickBooks won’t export to excel, company file inaccessible, QuickBooks could not open data file or excel import error or QuickBooks Error 6189 etc. The presence of these issues generally fails to recognize the excel installed in the computer. MyOnePro team will help you resolving the data file errors in QuickBooks or if QuickBooks Won’t Open issue comes after export and import data . Also export, import process widely used for Transferring QuickBooks Data To New Company file.

When Does QuickBooks Export Error Happen?

This error often takes place while upgrading the QuickBooks application. The incomplete downloading of the update makes you unable to export transaction general or other transactions and fail the emailing report. Find out full details about QuickBooks Upgrade Errors and troubleshooting steps.

When QuickBooks Import Error Occurred ?

What are the causes of Export import errors in QuickBooks?

  • Corrupted MS Excel application
  • Damaged QuickBooks or QuickBooks Data Corrupted
  • Wrong entries in file registry or improper working of file registry

QuickBooks Excel Import Error

Excel Import Error:

Importing data is an essential feature in accounting software. It includes the import of journal entries, transactions, and invoices. At the same time, importing and exporting, there occur several errors such as incorrect mapping or wrong format. If you are getting QuickBooks IIF Files Import Error then you can fix it easily . Here are the steps to resolve the import error in QuickBooks:

  • Ensure you have selected the right columns in the mapping phase. QuickBooks might not be able to access the data. For ease of mapping, follow the below fields:
  • Date
  • Amount
  • Description
  • Modify the column name in the CSV to the title of the fields in QuickBooks
  • Check the formatting:
  • Every bank has a different method of creating the CSV files; you may require additional modification for the transaction. In this checkout, the below things:
  • Verify the currency symbols & commas: it is best to make the accounts-related column as easy as possible. To modify this, you need to outline the CSV column, right-click with the mouse, and choose Format Cells.
  • If the number category is set to Currency, modify this to General to delete the formatting and try uploading the file
  • special characters in the description field of the bank can prevent the file from importing
  • checkout these special characters if there then remove them before importing
  • Now use Ctrl+H to discover and modify the special character from the file
  • Verify the date format to ensure it matches the one you select at the mapping stage.
  • Make sure it is right; then you need to highlight the column named date
  • Click on the drop-down number that appears at the excel screen named Date
  • Give a click on the drop-down
  • Modify this to a short date

QuickBooks Can’t Access Company File Error

Company File Inaccessible:

Sometimes the firewall error message fails the Company file communication. This issue is due to the network firewall, which needs to be fixed you may see the warning QuickBooks Cannot Communicate With The Company File Due To Firewall . Here are the steps to resolve company file inaccessible errors:

  • QuickBooks tool hub to run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool
  • Update the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Verify the firewall setting
  • Ensure that the company file folder is set up to proceed with sharing files across the network
  • Run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server from QuickBooks Tools Hub
  • Make sure the systems were connected with the network

How to fix the Can’t Open Backup File error in QuickBooks?

Method 1- Check the QuickBooks desktop updates:

  • Initially close the QuickBooks and company files
  • Give a click on the Start button
  • Write QuickBooks desktop on the search box, right-click on the icon, and then hit Run as administrator.
  • It will display No Company open page
  • Hit on the Help button
  • Choose” Update QuickBooks Desktop”
  • Locate Options section
  • Click on Mark All
  • Give a click on the Save button
  • Hit Update Now option
  • Click on the checkbox named Reset Update
  • Once you are prepared, hit Get Updates

Check out the complete guide and details how you can easily fix QuickBooks Unable To Backup Company File .

QuickBooks Export Error

Method 2- Discover the cause of the unable to export error:

  • Give a click on the Start menu
  • Enter File Explorer into the field
  • It will display File Explorer window
  • Search the QuickBooks.exe file it generally appears in the QuickBooks folder.
  • You need to hold down the CTRL button on the keyboard
  • Double-click on the QuickBooks.exe
  • When QuickBooks open next, you need to company file
  • If you failed a second test
  • Open QuickBooks without opening the company file; rather click on Open a sample file.
  • If still error persists, then follow the below method

Method 3- Change the name of ND and TLG files of Company file:

  • Give a click on the Start option of the Windows
  • Write File Explorer into the field
  • It will prompt the File Explorer window
  • Find the company file folder
  • Search for the TLG & ND files with the identical name as the company file
  • The files appear like [Your company file name].qbw.tlg & [Your company file name].qbw.nd.
  • Give a right-click on these files
  • Choose” Rename”
  • Embed the word OLD to the name of the files
  • Once you are prepared, Open the QuickBooks and company file as well
  • It will automatically make new TLG & ND files

Method 4- Verify the file Properties:

  • Hit the Windows Start button
  • Open the File Explorer page
  • Find and discover company file
  • It appears .qbw
  • Give a right-click on the company file
  • Hit Properties button
  • Choose “Advanced option.”
  • Click to deselect the checkboxes Compress and Encrypts
  • Hit OK

What is QuickBooks UAC Windows User Account Control and how you can use to fix permission and file open issues and problem.

Support QuickBooks Desktop Excel Import, Export Issues

Here the article came to an end. Hopefully, it will help to fix the QuickBooks Could not open Data file error. If still error persists or you have problems related to any QuickBooks components, you can get connected with QuickBooks Support USA. The professional team is there to resolve the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I check the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Errors?

    Follow the steps:
    1. Choose Network issues
    2. Click QuickBooks database Server Manager
    3. If it is not found, then you will get a prompt asking you to install it
    4. Click Start scan if the Company file folders appear inside the QuickBooks database server manager
    5. It will start to fix the firewall permissions errors automatically

    Once complete, then hit Close

  2. How can I disable hosting on the workstation while fixing Excel Import Error?

    1. Open QuickBooks on the workstation
    2. Without opening the company file, choose the file menu and then click Utilities.
    3. If there appears the Host Multi-access button, so without choosing it
    4. Move on to the next system
    5. Choose the Stop Hosting Multi-user access button
    6. Check it on all the workstation
    7. Now move on the Server system and then reset the hosting settings with a similar procedure as done before

  3. Why check the Formatting issues in QuickBooks ?

    Formatting errors checking is to highlight the CSV file content, simply copy it into the blank spreadsheet. It will reveal the QuickBooks Errors you can easily correct to fix import errors.

  4. What are the primary symptoms of QuickBooks not opening data file errors?

    1. The program freezes
    2. The data file fails to open
    3. Windows run slowly
    4. The system freezes
    5. Delay response of the system

  5. How can I fix the QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel errors?

    Run repair software to resolve the error:
    Download the QuickBooks tool hub
    Open it and locate the Installation issue section
    Hit QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
    Let the software run a repair
    It will take up few minutes
    Once completed, now restart the system


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