QuickBooks Error Unable To Backup Company File

Storing backup of the company files ensures the critical information available at any time. Thus, every organization using QuickBooks Error Unable To Backup Company File for daily bookkeeping and accounting operations takes the backup option seriously. It let them restore the data if accidentally corrupted or damaged due to sudden factors. The below article is advantageous for troubleshooting the backup errors in QuickBooks, which is an often seen issue. Let’s proceed with the resolution; however, let’s know the significant causes behind the QuickBooks Error Won’t Backup Company file first you can learn all about How To Take QuickBooks Backup in correct and right way.

Causes Behind QuickBooks Backup Failed

What error happens with backup company failure?

Learn to troubleshoot QuickBooks POS Backup Failed as well as QuickBooks Backup Not Working Windows 10 issue in simple steps to identify root causes.

Why QuickBooks Error Unable To Backup Company File ?

Why is a backup error happening in QuickBooks?

Here are some significant reasons associated with Unable to back up a company file in QuickBooks:

  • At the time of creating a backup in QuickBooks, check the size of the File is less than 3GB; if not, it will pop up an error.
  • This type of issue is seen at the time of saving a backup of the company file to an external disk.
  • If some other application is executing in the background of the software
  • In the case of the software discovers. ADR extension in the company file name
  • If the backup File is restored over an already existing company file
  • The backup failure is due to the special characters in the company file

How To Fix QuickBooks Backup Company File Not Successful

Step-wise techniques to rectify QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company file error:

Method 1- Verify the company name with special characters:

Here are the steps:

  • Give a right-click on the Company file name
  • Click on the Rename tab
  • Write a new file name
  • Make sure you are not writing special characters in the name of File
  • At last, give a hit to Enter button

Method 2- Use the freely available QuickBooks File Doctor Tool:

This tool is beneficial to fix the company file damage; hence you need to download the QuickBooks tool hub. After this, use it to resolve the QuickBooks backup error. Follow the below steps:

  • Locate the Tool Hub and click on the Company file issues
  • Choose the option which says Run QuickBooks File Doctor; It might take some time to open
  • Click on the drop-down button to choose the company file
  • Hit the Browse and Search option to discover the File
  • Click Check your file button and then hit the Continue option
  • Write the Admin credentials and then click on the Next button
  • It might take your 5 minutes to complete the scan process
  • Once you are done with this, Open the QuickBooks and Company file as well
  • Select the options
  • Click on the Next button

Method 3- Check the Backup File is correct or not:

  • Make sure the File is more than 6MB. Hence the users are needed to check or cross verify the size of the File after backup. For this, you need to give a right-click on the button named File.
  • Choose Properties to view the file size.
  • If the size is below 6MB, it is not appropriate for a backup; you need to create a new backup file.

Method 4- Avoid existing File overwriting:

  • The user needs to save the File from the easy to access location
  • If the two file names with the same name are discovered in the folder, it will display a message that says, “The file name exists would you like to overwrite the File”
  • Click on the No option and then change the name of the File

Method 5- Use the Rebuild tool or Verify tool to fix issues:

  • Download the repair utility tool
  • The user needs to visit the QuickBooks file option
  • Click on Utilities and rebuild data
  • After this, locate the QuickBooks menu
  • Hit on the Utilities and Verify data tab

Check complete process QuickBooks Rebuild Data and verify step by step also find out troubleshooting guide QuickBooks Backup Error Rebuild .

Method 5- Try to back up the Company File to a flash drive/ an external drive:

  • Firstly save the company File backup to any local hard drive on the system by copying the backup to any external drive. Follow the below steps:
  • Initially, you need to go to the file option
  • Select the Save Copy or Backup button
  • Once you are done with this, you need to select the backup copy followed by selecting on Next button.
  • Select the local backup button
  • Click Next option
  • Now, the user needs to choose the Save it now button if prompted
  • After this, click on the Next button
  • Browse the location on the local drive
  • Tab Save option
  • Minimize the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Follow locating the file backup on the local drive
  • After this, give a right-click on the File and then choose the Copy button
  • Open the Windows Explorer Window
  • Hit on the driver-letter corresponding to the flash drive or external drive to open it
  • At last, give a right-click on any space in the window by clicking on the paste button.

What you can do when QuickBooks Error Update Files Missing comes and you are clueless .

Method 6- Set the QuickBooks Desktop to allow utilizing the company file name:

  • To do this, the users need to locate the File option.
  • Now give a click on Open or restore an existing file
  • Once done, choose to Open a company file and then click on the Next button
  • Now end the procedure by choosing the name of the new company file
  • Hit Open button

Support Can’t Backup Company File QB Pro, Premier , Enterprise

Hopefully, the article covers the information related to resolving QuickBooks error unable to the backup company file. If the steps do not sort out your issues, it is recommended to connect the QuickBooks USA Support team. They will definitely breeze your load and help you to fix the backup error, QuickBooks Company File Error or any other technical or function glitches you face while using accounting software. You can use a live chat option to discuss the issue seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the causes of backup restore errors in QuickBooks ?

    1. Special characters in the Company file name
    2. The backup is being restored in an existing company file
    3. The backup restore with a network drive or USB flash drive
    4. Corrupted company file
    5. Outdated version of QuickBooks
    Find out more about QuickBooks Company File Error and troubleshooting Guide by a team of MyOnePro

  2. What are the backup preferences while scheduling automatic backups in QuickBooks ?

    1. Save Backup files in
    2. Overwrite the last backup
    3. Attached document library backup
    4. Backup files in saving
    5. Automatic backup company files every x hours
    6. Automatic backup company files while closing

  3. Is there any procedure available to back up the company file manually ?

    Yes, follow the below steps: 
    1. Open your QuickBooks
    2. Click File option
    3. Hit Backup
    4. Choose the folder for storing backup
    5. Click on the Start Backup button

  4. Can I backup the company in multi-user mode in QuickBooks ?

    Absolutely! You require creating backups via QuickBooks server in multi-user mode.


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