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Intuit Money by QuickBooks is one of the free mobile applications beneficial for freelancers or new businesses. It contains an FDIC-insured bank account to get paid through request or processing bill payments. Originally, the app was announced in 2021. It is compatible with both Android and Apple platforms. The below article is rounded up with the info related to money by QuickBooks App for expense management using bill payment capabilities and debit card.

Working of Money by QuickBooks:

After mobile app downloads, the user can use the QuickBooks account to apply for the money app without giving any monthly charges or minimum balance requirements. Once activated account users are eligible to accept and request payments via ACH transfer, credit card, or debit card. There does not require any app to receive this payment

When Did You Require Money by QuickBooks Account?

  • For a new starter as a sole proprietor or freelancer, the Money by QuickBooks allows you access to the advanced options that are not available while using specific businesses. It lets you easily view the business transactions and handle expenses using a clean interface on the smart device.
  • The money by QuickBooks allows handling the small business bookkeeping system marketing to ease in integrating the financial transactions from Money via QuickBooks
  • It simplifies the tax time much simpler and allows them valuable insights to enhance the cash flow and in performing better strategic business decisions.
  • If you are a business startup and do not know about future productivity then this Money by QuickBooks is an ideal tool for assisting new entrepreneurs in starting a new business.

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What are the Major Perks of Money by QuickBooks?

  • Money by QuickBooks contains an FDIC-insured bank account by Green dot bank. This bank makes sure that the Federal Reserve protects the balance of up to $250,000. This protection includes if the bank ever fails then the money is protected, u.s verification accounts.
  • The Money by QuickBooks mobile app lets entrepreneurs get quick insights into the business performance
    It can display the expenses and earnings monthly, quarterly, or annually. Moreover, you can send a payment request from any location both inside or outside.
  • The customer won’t require the app for payments. So during request payments, the customer will get an email link to let you perform payment using Apple Pay, debit card, credit card, or ACH transfer.
  • There is flexibility to let the customer invoice or provide them features for payment
  • The bank account let you the same-day deposits in some cases. This service allows using the payment at any time for receiving payments. Even on an instant base.
  • The users can receive money in the account up to three times per day
  • Many bank accounts provide financial services to let users make regular payments set up via an online banking option. Great news! Money by QuickBooks also presents the same features to make sure the on-time bill payments are without missing a due date.

That’s all for today! Hopefully, the info helped you to keep track of the earnings. In case of any doubts about the ACH, Credit card, or Daily ATM withdrawal limits or any other questions regarding the cost of the money by QuickBooks feel free to contact a professional team. Use a live chat, email address, or phone number to reach the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I request a QuickBooks visa business debit card using money from QuickBooks?

    Can I request a QuickBooks visa business debit card using money from QuickBooks?

  2. Is there any charge applicable for a non-all point ATM when using money by QuickBooks?

    A minor fee may apply in case the cash has been withdrawn using a non-all point ATM.

  3. To Whom the Money from QuickBooks is Beneficial?

    This app is useful for freelancers, new businesses, and entrepreneurs to ease the process of accepting payments and handling expenses.

  4. What If I need to access Money by QuickBooks without a debit card?

    Yes, you can use the Money by QuickBooks without ordering the debit card using the green dot bank. You can link the active bank accounts using the Money by QuickBooks and bill payments through the payment option. It also allows sending a request for customer payments.

  5. Do my contacts require Money by the QuickBooks app to send and receive payments?

    No, your contacts do not require the app for money payment or requesting money. Therefore, when sending the request the contact will get an email link for payment through an apple pay, debit card, ACH bank transfer, or credit card


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