QuickBooks 2019 Problems

Problem , Issues With QuickBooks Desktop 2019

With every new release of a stepped-up version of QuickBooks 2019 problems, MyOnePro QuickBooks team of experts works comprehensively to identify issues and common bugs associated with the release and educate users to be aware of the challenges so they can avoid any last moment situation. Also you can easily calculate QuickBooks 2019 Upgrade Cost and pricing with the guide brings my MyOnePro team.

In this article, we have tried to collate a list of new and improved changes, features and common QuickBooks issues associated with QuickBooks version 19.0. The aim of the exercise is to suggest possible fixes that will help business owners or bookkeepers to quickly resolve an anomaly.


Error 1328 : This error occurs during repair, installing/uninstalling the latest version of QB 2019.

A config.msi folder is a temporary file for storing scripts with the help of which the system can be rolled back if an installation fails. Once the program installs correctly, the contents of this folder are deleted automatically. The folder can get stuck and cause problems with the QB repair and update process. The easy way out is to rename the temporary (.tmp) files in the config.msi folder and let the update progress. Even full checkup list available on QuickBooks Installation Support .

2019 Update problems: Unrecoverable Error

Unrecoverable Errors can be encountered in different instances and the codes you get may vary too depending on the situation.

An unrecoverable error may occur in numerous situations like:

  • Attempting to open/close a company file
  • While creating a company file or closing an open window in a company file
  • Creating a backup or a portable file
  • Downloading a payroll update or Unable to Update QuickBooks .
  • Saving a transaction
  • Using the “Open Previous Company” feature

Solution 1: It’s based on whether a regular user is damaged (setup user with all necessary customization) or if the Admin is damage (then run the QB file doctor).

Solution 2: Suppress your QuickBooks Desktop while opening the company file

Solution 3: Open a sample company file to find out if the problem is with company file or QB itself

For more details, call the MyOnePro support team on how you can open the file from a different location or run reboot.bat.

IIF Imports: Issues with importing data and re-imports , IIF Files Import Troubleshooting will help you .

The 2019 version of QuickBooks offers a new and improved IIF Import interface to make sure that importing and exporting QuickBooks Desktop data, into and out of Company files and various platforms are done accurately. However, at times it results in creating of multiple files, it also has a history of corrupted files due to imports happening from non-compliant sources or due to recurring errors in formatting.

For better validation and verification, you can use a Software Developer Kit (SDK) to import, connect data from different data sources reliably. Contact the MyOnePro QuickBooks help team to discuss the possibilities and whether you should stick to the IIF format to exchange data.

Other Issues with QB Desktop 2019

There may be other instances where things may not be as smooth like entering invoices and then paying for them later. It’s not easy to remove an invoice from the bill pay window; a credit has to be created using the same info in the current date. Or, take for example, while copying or transferring the data files, users have to replicate data to some other location. Sometimes the file gets locked, indicating a stuck QB server manager and Directory monitor.

Another most common accrual is that QB runs slow in Multi-user mode which needs a larger amount of RAM and hard disk to handle the heavy multi-user load or better still a migration to the online cloud platform a permanent solution.

Resolve QB 19.0 Installation , Update & Upgrade Issue

In case you are facing any issue related to your QuickBooks 2019, make sure you contact MyOnePro QuickBooks support team who are committed to providing a genuine solution and the latest information related to your query. We provide quality QuickBooks support Services. Our QuickBooks experts have years of experience in implementing and providing support for QuickBooks across verticals and industries and know the best solution available.


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