QuickBooks Server Failed To Restart

Restart Failed QuickBooks Server

QuickBooks Database Server Failed To Start Error

You are using QuickBooks Server Failed To Restart while working with your account and suddenly it won’t start then you have to look into it. To resolve this you must take care of what you do before it apart from that situation the server is working or not. Then go to the solution below and get it resolved. Moreover if you are using QBDBSM first time then you need to explore all about QuickBooks Database Server Manager including where to download , how to install , how to setup and how to connect with QuickBooks desktop .

Reason QuickBooks Server Won’t Start Issue ?

What is the cause of this issue?

In QuickBooks software, the QuickBooks and the server both have to be updated one after another. The QuickBooks Database Server Manager failed to restart when you update it on the server system. It also happens when the QuickBooks is updated but the server is not then it won’t work sometimes and cause the error.

7 Steps To Fix QuickBooks Server Not Running Problem

User needs to perform all below mentioned steps to resolve QB Database server manager Unable to start or unable to connect issue.

The solution to fix the QuickBooks Server failed to restart

Step 1 is to uninstall the Database Server Manager

  1. Open the Run window then type the appwiz.cpl
  2. Then press the enter button
  3. Now click on the QuickBooks Database Server Manager from the list
  4. Click on the option Uninstall/Change then follow the displayed instructions.

Step 2 is changing the name of the installation folders

  1. Open the installation folder in your system
  2. Then copy the location of the folder
  3. Open the Run window again and paste the location in it
  4. Then press Enter key
  5. Go to the folder and then right-click on it and click on the option Rename from the list of options
  6. Then write old at the end of the folder name.

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In Step 3, reinstall the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  1. Download the QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  2. Install it in your system
  3. Then do the configuration of it by search and open the Services from the Start menu
  4. In Services, open the QuickBooksDBXX (in this XX is the version of it)
  5. Click on the General tab then locate the Service status section
  6. If it is running or started then you have to stop it
  7. In the Startup type menu option click on the Automatic
  8. After that, click on the tab Logon and select the option Local system account
  9. In the Recovery tab, click on the Restart the service
  10. Again, click on the General tab and select the Start button for restarting the Database Server Manager

After installation and setup, you have to do some further steps to didn’t get any other issue

Then step 4 is to configure the permissions of the firewall

  1. Open the firewall and go to the Advanced settings
  2. Select and right-click on the option Inbound Rules and click on New Rule
  3. You have to select the port and click on the Next button
  4. Check that the TCP is selected
  5. After that enter the specific port for QuickBooks in the field of Specific Ports
  6. Click on the Next button
  7. Then click on the Allow the Connection option and press Next button
  8. Create the rule and give the name as QBPorts(year) and click on the Finish button.

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Step 5 is to update the Database Server Manager

In this, the server updates automatically when you do the update of your QuickBooks software.

Step 6 and the last step is to use the Database Server Manager

  1. After installation and all the setting, you have to scan your folders
  2. When you open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager in your system
  3. Here is the tab named Scan Folders
  4. In this click on the button Browse and locate and select the company file
  5. Then click on the OK button and after that click on the Start Scan button
  6. The file is shown in the company file found section
  7. Now monitor the drives by clicking on the Monitor drive tab
  8. Select the checkbox that is displayed in it
  9. Manage the Database Server Manager using the database server and system tab.

After this, if the error is not encountered again and everything is good then restart the Server again. For this, the steps are given below:-

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To restart the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  1. On your server system, open the QuickBooks Desktop software
  2. In this, click on the File menu option and from further options click on the Open or restore a company file
  3. Then further click on Open a company File
  4. Browse and select the file to open and then click on the Next button
  5. You have to take care that it is opened in the Multi-User mode so tick mark the checkbox and then click on the Open button
  6. Now log in to your company file
  7. Click on the File menu option then click on the option Close Company file or Log off
  8. Go to the Start menu button and click on it
  9. Then in the search bar type Database
  10. After this, from results open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  11. Now that is all and everything is work properly without facing any error.

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Support QBDBSM Unable To Start Issue

Above, you get to know how to restart the QuickBooks Database server manager if it fails in any situation. Here is all the information from uninstalling to reinstalling and set up it properly.

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