QuickBooks Database Server Manager Connection Sharing Not Allowed

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Connection Sharing Not Allowed contains countless options to earn the trust of business owners. It is the most widely used software to enhance functionality. It includes a database server manager which permits you to share your company files across the network. You can easily organize work with the ease of monitoring multi-user. However, some errors like QuickBooks Database Server Manager Connection Sharing are not allowed may occur when you set up a system. Here in this article, you will get information regarding troubleshooting issues associated with the Database server manager.

Error: “Cannot Communicate With The Company File Due To Firewall” QuickBooks

What are the possible causes behind connection sharing failure in the Database Server Manager?

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Solve Database Server Manager Connection Sharing Issues QUickBooks

Solution 1- Check and Fix Hosting Issue On the Systems:

Ensure that QuickBooks Database Server Manager is correctly installed on the Server. To do this, here are the steps:

  • Press the Windows Button of your keyboard and enter QuickBooks in it. If the Database Server Manager is absent in the list that means it is not installed. You are recommended to perform installation
  • Apply the Hosting Settings

The setting of a Host system with QuickBooks:

  • Open the QuickBooks
  • Click on File option and then choose Utilities and then follow the below instructions:
  • If Stop Hosting Multi-User Access is present in the menu, then hosting is enabled; now you can begin the proceeding step
  • If Host Multi-User Access display in the menu, then choose it to turn on the hosting in the system

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    Host System Without QuickBooks (Server-only installation):

    MyOnePro QuickBooks Server Hosting proper setup required so no issue will come during connecting two computers using QuickBooks software.

    Locate the QuickBooks Database Server Manager option appearing in the Windows system tray then follow the steps:

    • Discover Start
    • Click All Programs
    • Hit on QuickBooks
    • Select QuickBooks Database Server Manager
    • Discover the Database Server button
    • Check the Company File displaying in the window under active connected company file and logged in users. If it is not available, then hit on the Scan Folders option and then give a click on the Help option for the guidance related to embedding the company file
    • Once done, Close the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

    Discover the .nd file, delete and re-create it:

    Perform the scanning of the folder with the stored company file to generate the Network Descriptor file. This .nd file contains information about the system hosting the file. You can check all about QuickBooks .ND file .Follow the below steps:

    • Press the Windows button of the keyboard
    • Write QuickBooks Database Server Manager
    • It will display the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, Hit on Add Folder and discover the folder with company files
    • Once all folders are added, hit on Scan then here are the steps:
    • The data files will display below QuickBooks Company Files found.
    • Hit on Close.
    • Find the folders with company files and ensure the file .band was generated for each company data file
    • If the QuickBooks Database Server Manager does not appear in the programs list, then you need to uninstall QuickBooks and then re-install

    Settings on Workstations:

    • Ensure that hosting is switched off:
    • Open the QuickBooks
    • Select File and then Choose Utilities
    • If Stop Hosting Multi-User Access is found in the menu list, then choose it to disable hosting on this system and then start with the next step. If the workstation appears Stop Hosting Multi-User Access, hit on it to resolve it.
    • If Host Multi-User Access displays in the menu, it means hosting is off, and you can proceed with the proceeding step. The workstation must say Host Multi-User Access. If it does, don’t modify it.
    • Open the company file with a UNC path:
    • UNC is used to determine the location of a network resource.

    How to open the company file with the UNC path?

    What you have to do when QuickBooks POS Workstation Won’t Connect To server .

    • Open QuickBooks.
    • Select File, and then click on Open or Restore Company.
    • Hit on Open Company file and then choose next.
    • Locate the left pane of it
    • Hit on My Network Places
    • Do a double-click on the Entire Network and discover the location on your Server with the company file
    • Choose the company file and then hit on Open.

    Solution 2- Turn off Server’s power management settings:

    • Locate the system with company files; locate the power management settings through the Control panel. Here are the steps:
    • Hit on the Windows button
    • Write Power Options then choose Power Options
    • Switch off all modes i.e. standby, all sleep, and hibernation on the host computer.

    Solution 3- Verify your network:

    Here are the steps you need to follow:

    • Open the file on the Server to ensure you have required access
    • For checking, create a file on Microsoft Excel and delete it

    If it does not permit you to create a non-QuickBooks file, then you need access permission.

    QuickBooks does not support wireless networking. If there is a network problem, then call the IT professional.

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    Support QBDSM Problem, Errors

    The above-provided information helps you to rectify the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Connection Sharing, not Allowed error. Expectedly the guide is enough to start sharing the company files in QuickBooks. MyOnePro Toll Free. The professional QuickBooks Technical Support team helps you resolve all the barriers that might come across operating the QuickBooks. You can do a live chat or send an email MyOnePro with a question for getting assistance from the MyOnePro team.


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