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From tracking inventory to managing sales and customer details, your QuickBooks POS software helps you in dealing with almost every possible organizational function accurately. But like other software products, it also comes with a few issues.One of the issues is with the establishment of proper connection i.e. QuickBooks Pos Can’t Connect to the database server. This is a technical problem that needs immediate attention and instant action.

Quickbooks POS is an enterprise-level retail software that integrates with other software like Quickbooks, Payroll, and others. It comes in three versions: Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store.

To help you understand and resolve the issue, there are MyOnePro QuickBooks POS Support executives always available to assist and guide you.

Also MyOnePro What user can do when QuickBooks Server Connection Error has been come .

What is QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server Error?

  • If you are still not sure what a QuickBooks point of sale is, read this section to get more information.
  • QuickBooks is a retail software. It integrates with hardware and other software. It can be understood as a POS system that offers you successful software integrations such as QuickBooks, Payroll, etc.
  • The QuickBooks POS client cannot connect to the server. We will quickly understand why this is happening with the many versions of QuickBooks software that are available.
  • There are three different versions of QuickBooks, their name is Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store. When the QuickBooks POS client doesn’t connect to the server, it might be because of a multi-user technical error.
  • There are more causes for the QuickBooks POS client cannot connect to server error to happen. The following section will further furbish on what might be the reasons for the QuickBooks POS client cannot connect to server error to happen.

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    Causes QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server.

    Because of the multi-user mode error, you’ll see an error message that resembles the following:”The reason you face this issue is because of the multi-user mode error and you will see the following error message:”

    Error: Elaborate the Company Data File & the Server

    • The root cause of the error is the issue with the server. If your SSL is at fault, it may lead to the connection problem with the client workstation. As a result, you find difficulty in retrieving the data from the client computer.
    • The rebooting of the POS server workstation while the POS system is still running on the client workstation also leads to the QuickBooks POS will not connect to server problem. As a result, the connection between the client and server workstation is lost.
    • Your server is not set for multi-user mode.
    • Windows Firewall or any other third-party application interfering with the connection.

    Solution For QuickBooks Point of Sale Unable To Connect To Server Error ?

    There are multiple ways of fixing the QuickBooks Point of Sale client cannot connect to the server error. If you cannot connect the QuickBooks Point of Sale client on your network, it is most likely because you are running QuickBooks on a server that does not support multi-user mode.

    First of all, it is recommended to reboot your client system to fix the issue. In case, the error continues to display, you can opt for the other solutions.

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    Solution 1: Switch to Multi-User Mode

    • Visit the QuickBooks Point of Sale application.
    • Tap on File.
    • Under the multi-user mode, press ‘switch company file’ to open a new document for yourself.
    • If you want to fix an error, close the QuickBooks POS application and start again.

    Solution 2: Network Discover Option is to be Turned ON

    • Click on the Control Panel
    • Go to the Network and Sharing Center
    • Click the Share Advanced Settings button on the left side of the window.
    • Network with new people.
    • From the Network discovery section of your browser toolbar, click on the Turn on option Network Discovery.
    • To check for all available networks, select the setting option to All Networks.
    • Go to the Protected Sharing pane, click on the Turn Off Protected Sharing
    • Close the window.
    • Press the power button and restart your computer.

    Solution 3: Change the WSActivity file Name

    • Find the folder in which you would locate the stored WSActivity file.
    • Right-click the file and select a new name.
    • After you are done, close all running apps, including QuickBooks, and re-open it again.

    Solution 4: Install QuickBooks Point of Sale on Client Workstations

    • Close the POS system on the client workstation
    • Reboot server workstation
    • Now reboot the client workstation
    • Restart the QuickBooks POS application on the client workstation first
    • Make sure the POS data file gets automatically connected on the server workstation

    Did you checked 101 situation & causes when user face QuickBooks Abort Error message .

    Solution 5: Installing the Server Workstation

    This is the solution that is meant for POS Merchant Account Services users who come across this error in version 3 and 4. The reason behind the occurrence of the error, in this case, is the expiry of the security certificate. The steps to be followed to resolve the issue are as following:

    • Close POS system running on all workstations
    • Then download a replacement security certificate from the official source
    • Click Open as soon as you get a prompt
    • Select Run
    • Select Overwrite files without prompting
    • Choose Unzip
    • Click OK
    • Click Close
    • Now try and open POS app again

    Have you ever faced QuickBooks Not Responding issue, well, we had posted earlier, this issue with wide discussion.

    • Use ODBC Driver
    • The tool enables you to connect with the live data from your POS system if found compatible
    • You will be allowed to read, write, and update QuickBooks Inventory, Accounts, and Transactions using standard ODBC Driver interface.

    Solution 6: Download Security Certificate

    For the users of QuickBooks Point of Sale merchant account services who encounter this error.

    • Exit the Point of Sale on all workstations.
    • Download a replacement certificate from the official website.
    • When prompted, click ‘Open’ and then ‘Run’.
    • Choose ‘Overwrite files without prompting’.
    • Click ‘Unzip’, then click ‘OK’ and ‘Close’.
    • Open Point of Sale again.

    Solution 8: Read, Write and Update QuickBooks POS through ODBC

    Defining QuickBooks ODBC Driver is a highly potential tool that authorizes you to directly connect with the live data from QuickBooks Point of Sale.

    • This should be compatible with ODBC connectivity.
    • You can approach QuickBooks POS data as a database – it means you can read, write, and update QuickBooks Transactions, Inventory, Accounts, etc. via the standard ODBC Driver interface.

    Support for Connection Issue QB POS V18, V13, V12

    While QuickBook Support Number always trying to give instant solution to QB user . Either they are using single user QB POS or multi user POS Software . With the advance tools QB experts easily scan the software and will resolve any issue related to using Point of Sale Software on Windows 10,Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista or even Mac OS . .

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    Being an owner, you will definitely need to keep a watch on the company file and its operation from time to time. To make sure you get an access to the file 24*7, you can opt for the cloud hosting services that are available only for you. This will let you enjoy access to your important files from anywhere at any time through any device.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the most common problems that QuickBooks POS Clients encounter

    There are several causes of connection loss, like never setting up a database server before, or having QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM) not work because of the server’s condition.

    The QuickBooks POS Client compatibility is limited if the presence of a window firewall.

    If there is a presence of a third-party application or Window Firewall, the QuickBooks POS client might get an error connecting to the server.

    How to change settings on Webmail to help fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Client Cannot Connect to Server issues.

    1. Go to the Edit menu >> Preferences.
    2. On the left pane, select “Send Forms”.
    3. Choose an email account and then edit the preferences under the My Preferences window.
    4. Set the name of the SMTP Server.
    5. To change your email provider, you must first log in to your account.
    6. From a list of SMTP servers and Ports, you set up an email service in QuickBooks Desktop.

    What is the Configuration of the firewall related to this Quickbooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server issue?

    You may need to fix a third-party Firewall to resolve the issue. You can find those steps below.
    1. Open the Run executable or press the Windows + R keys
    2. Open a Run window and hit the key.
    3. Choose a firewall icon.
    4. Click “Advanced Settings” and then “Inbound Rule” to choose who you want emails from.
    5. Next, click on the New Rule
    6. After that, select Port followed by Next
    7. When you enter the port numbers, click “Next”
    8. Select Allow Connection and then hit Next.
    9. Configure your firewall rule and hit the Finish tab.
    10. First, to create a new Outbound Rule


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